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Hi! I'm EmeraldMaster and I love gems! I also like animals of any kind, art, and geology! I don’t like bullies or bystanders.

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Bullies: How to Deal With Them

Day after day, week after week, you, Linda Roberts, have been the target of your school's biggest bullies: Nathan Trench, William Parr, and Jake Fall. They each have their own methods as well. Nathan will insult the tiniest fault he can see, William is a Cyberbully, except that everyone knows that “[email protected]” is totally him, and Jake is the sly type, stealing your stuff when your back is turned. Luckily for you, they are in completely separate classes. Nathan is in your band class, Jake is in Drama with you, and William is in Civics. You also have two teachers who actually take the problem seriously: Mr. Oak, the Drama teacher, and Ms. Cloud, the band teacher. Find a way to out smart them,  and maybe land them in OSS (Out of School Suspension).


Note: The characters are all based off of people in real life, except for Linda. This storygame is mainly ment to spread awareness of the bullies of everyday schools.