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Wrath of the Spider Queen
Explore the city of the dark elves and free them from their slavery to this abominable creature of nightmare. Note that this is not a fanfic. Obviously the idea came from the Forgotten Realms setting but I don't even know much about it and will be creating my own world.

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WARLORD LARPER for POTUS on 1/12/2021 9:05:34 AM
Since I feel like this may not be as clear to other people, I wanted to spell it out: QAnon was a delusion sent because these people were arrogant and hateful and turned away from God, while misusing His name and the name of His son to back up their completely un-Christian actions. In addition to whatever they get charged with on Earth, all these "Christians" who attacked the country because of their insane worship of a president and of flags and symbols are guilty of idolatry. That put all their faith in the wrong things and will be going to Hell unless they humble themselves and repent. This is exactly how Hitler happened and how the Antichrist will rise to power. You may be reading this and not believe me now, but try to remember it later.

Is this fanfic? on 1/12/2021 8:29:34 AM
I just want to be sure before I start it. There will be an underground dark elf city, it's a slave holding society that can't stand sunlight and worships a spider goddess. I will not make them overly matriarchal except having a queen and priestesses, and not ~everyone~ will be super evil just because. But is this still too specific? I don't know if dark elves are generic enough that you can use them just anywhere like regular elves.

Things Fall Apart on 11/1/2020 4:40:35 PM
We were supposed to read in school a few years ago but I didn't and basically just bullshitted my way through because I was playing Red Dead Redemption all the time instead. I have decided to dutifully complete my education. Has anyone else read this? Am I supposed to hate the main character, because I do. I really really do. It's very well written though, I can see why it's a classic.

The Gambler broke even on 11/1/2020 4:33:45 PM
That sure was a different time...

The Gambler broke even on 11/1/2020 4:33:13 PM
I've been watching James Bond movies since yesterday.

Halloween Writing Jam on 11/1/2020 4:24:30 PM
I would've tried to write something for this, but she didn't seem interested in answering my question so I didn't bother. Are we going to get a list of the games soon? Most are on other sites, right?

Halloween Writing Jam on 9/26/2020 1:26:09 PM
I have a story I started when I first joined that could work for this. I've only written the first few pages, would it be eligible if I can finish it in time, or does this have to be a brand new story? Nothing of the main plot has been introduced yet.

Looting For Great Justice! on 8/28/2020 7:01:54 PM
Ship them all to Belarus.

Important CYS Invasion Assignment on 8/14/2020 11:44:33 PM
Thanks! I had seen that site previously when looking for CYOA sites, it's actually listed before this one. I don't know why I didn't make an account before now, although I'm enjoying using the story editor here already.

Important CYS Invasion Assignment on 8/14/2020 11:23:33 PM
I hope it's okay to necro the thread, but mizal told me I'd get points for this.