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I'm John. I'm an occasional science fiction writer, player of Space Engineers, but more than that - I love the outdoors here in Northwest Ontario, hiking, canoeing or kayaking, skiing, swimming in the largest body of fresh water in the world.

Recently I've been making short Space Engineers video stories here and here - hope you enjoy watching.

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Equator City

I may be an orphan who lives on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, but I have my eyes on the stars. After all, it's 2101 and people are up there exploring other planets! Why should I be left behind?
Oh, you think I don't stand a chance, do you? Cos I'm poor. And black. And you think I'm ignorant, maybe. A fourteen-year old like me is destined to live a hard life of survival on these mean streets, right?
It's my dream, and I hold onto it through all the hard stuff that comes my way. But then one day the worst happens: my only real friend gets snatched by some thugs. I have to get him back!

This story starts on these mean streets, but if I make the right choices and don't give up, I may just reach my dreams after all!


This is an adventure-puzzle-story, with plenty of story at certain points along the way. It can be quite long, since it has quite a number of locations to visit. If you like to take your time and dive right into a tale, if you're willing to feel what someone else feels, then this could be for you. If all you want is some quick clicks, or meaningless violence, or lots of gold and jewels, you might try somewhere else.

Note: there's a small degree of randomness and some variables-moving-behind-the-scenes, so I hope that no two attempts to play the game will turn out exactly the same. Also... I've tested it to the point where I can't find anything more to fix, but you may find the odd glitch. Please let me know and I'll take a look!

It's listed as Sci-Fi, but this story mainly takes place on Earth, with not much Sci but plenty of Fi. 

EDIT: fixed all the path errors I could find, & play-tested some more. Should be good to play!

Star Traveller

see notes
open-map game with storylines

Recent Posts

'Uh oh you broke it' error in link on 4/15/2024 9:07:40 PM

You use monkeys? We always find a squirrel hits those keys pretty well if we keep throwing nuts at them

'Uh oh you broke it' error in link on 4/3/2024 9:04:02 AM

Sometimes I'm editing a page and when opening the Variables Changes in a link, this is what happens:


I'm still logged in and I can work around it by closing tabs and going back to the Advanced Editor » Properties page & starting again.

I have a hunch something's timing out or losing track of stuff. Any ideas?

CSS and Javascript Questions on 2/23/2024 9:15:18 AM

Thanks for that! Will try it.

CSS and Javascript Questions on 2/22/2024 10:24:39 AM

I'm quite a low-level JS person - I just dabble. So this may all be a bit above me. But when you say 'decode it with atob() you'll see' - how can I view the string when running the story? This is what I've tried so far-

const astring64 = document.getElementById('pbForm').elements.SS;
let decoded = atob(astring64);

document.write('String is : '+decoded);


but nothing shows up on screen with document.write this time - it works with something simpler on another page.

I think if I can view the string, I'll be able to manipulate it as you outlined.

CSS and Javascript Questions on 2/22/2024 9:38:53 AM

That is so interesting! Thank you.

However, in the meantime I looked up some JS & found the localstorage method to save variables on the player's computer & they persist until the cache is cleared or whatever (as long as it's not an incognito page)

I'll try the localstorage at least in order to learn something... then I can use your method to insert important values back into the ol' CYS variables if I need to.

CSS and Javascript Questions on 2/21/2024 7:15:27 PM

Thanks Ogre11, that's what I was coming to expect. 

I think this will encourage me to stick more to storytelling !

CSS and Javascript Questions on 2/21/2024 2:57:45 PM
I'm late to the party... Is it not possible to pass JS variable values back to a CYS %variable somehow? Failing that, I would try to save the js variables from one page to another, but I doubt that's possible. I'm attempting to build a simple orbital simulator as part of a sci-fi story. But it's looking like an impossibility.

Neat thing I discovered about images on the editor on 2/16/2024 12:37:32 PM

thanks, I'll give it a try at some point!

Neat thing I discovered about images on the editor on 2/14/2024 11:44:29 AM

On this topic, I found I was unable to set up a background image on pages using the instructions on Zikara's help article

which give $PAGETEXT := $PAGETEXT + "" to put in the global page script

or  at the beginning of a page.

Is this feature dead?

Email notifications? on 2/11/2024 8:38:06 PM

OK, no problem. For a free site, this place is amazing anyway!