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Equator City

I may be an orphan who lives on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, but I have my eyes on the stars. After all, it's 2101 and people are up there exploring other planets! Why should I be left behind?
Oh, you think I don't stand a chance, do you? Cos I'm poor. And black. And you think I'm ignorant, maybe. A fourteen-year old like me is destined to live a hard life of survival on these mean streets, right?
It's my dream, and I hold onto it through all the hard stuff that comes my way. But then one day the worst happens: my only real friend gets snatched by some thugs. I have to get him back!

This story starts on these mean streets, but if I make the right choices and don't give up, I may just get to my dreams after all!


This is an adventure-puzzle-story, with plenty of story at certain points along the way. If you like to take your time and dive right into a tale, if you're willing to feel what someone else feels, then this could be for you. If all you want is some quick clicks, or meaningless violence, or lots of gold and jewels, you might try somewhere else.

Note: there's a small degree of randomness and some variables-moving-behind-the-scenes, so I hope that no two attempts to play the game will turn out exactly the same.

It's listed as Sci-Fi, but this first story mainly takes place on Earth, with not much Sci but plenty of Fi. I look forward to writing the sequels which could get us into deep space and beyond.