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Greetings on 3/6/2021 3:58:21 PM
tThank youu

Greetings on 3/5/2021 9:24:39 PM
Thank you very much, I'll make sure to check it out

Greetings on 3/5/2021 9:03:56 PM
Thank you ^^ I am currently binge-reading, but it is definitly tempting to try and write my own story at some point, when I will be more familiar with the whole CYOS process, see what I like, how it is done, the best ways yk.

Greetings on 3/5/2021 9:00:56 PM
I was looking for some IF and came accross this place, I find it amazing, it feels like a goldmine. I havent had the chance to read a lot but I know I will be spending a LOT of time here :). I think you were the one that wrote an article about some stories to read. I think its cool because sometimes there is so much to choose from that one can be lost, your article helped me! This site is great, thank you!

Greetings on 3/5/2021 8:51:14 PM
I think am doing well, thank youu. What about you?

Greetings on 3/5/2021 8:48:24 PM
Thank youu ^^

Greetings on 3/5/2021 4:17:25 PM
Hello, I am introducing myself. I am new, KalenAltman. I Like this place and its stories. Looking forward to our interactions. (Talking as if I am introducing myself in a workplace or sum lol)