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Good Day, on 2/27/2024 8:09:15 PM
Please don't ask how everyone is doing after assuming they're having a good day. Thank you for assuming and asking though; it was very kind of you.

Infinite Craft - new timewaster on 2/17/2024 1:18:50 PM
*Cracks knuckles and takes a deep breath* Zombie penguin, penguin king, dark penguin king, dark penguin, penguin, pengtopus, Penguinman, octopeng, zombie octopeng, zombie pengtopus, dark penguin pharaoh, werepenguin, mummypenguin, werepenguin shark baby, zombie werepenguin shark baby, pengdra, octopeng Lilith, penguin queen, Happy Feet, octopengu, Batpengu, pengzilla, penguinzilla, taco penguinzilla, Penguasa, Penguincoolthulhu, penguin titan, penguin castle, penguin kingdom, penguin empire, penguin king taco, penguin taco, Penguin 007, James Penguin, James Penguin 007, ice pengzilla, king penguin, Dr. Penguin, prom penguin, prom king penguin, prom queen penguin, prince penguin, princess penguin, baby penguin, penguin princess, penguin prince, penguin King Kong, penguin Godzilla, donkey penguin, Donkey Penguin Kong, Penguin Park, Jurassic Penguin, pengzillazilla, Planet of the Penguins, penguinosaurus, penguinosaurus rex, Frankenpenguin, Penguinosaurus Pooh, Jewpenguinosaurus Pooh, Jewpenguin, Jewpenguasa, Jenguin, penguin butter, pengupig, bacon penguin, Optimus Penguin, Baconimus Penguin, Pengupimus, Jewpenguin Prime, Jewguin, Jewpenguinosaurus Prime, Jewguinimus Prime, Penguinimus, Penguinimus Prime, Jewguinpengupig, Jewguinpengupigimus, Jewguinpengupigimus Prime, Jewguinpengupengupengupengupengupengupengupengup, Baconimus Jewguinpengupigimus Prime, Pepenguin, bacon werepenguin, Jewguinpenguin, Jewguinpenguinimus, Jewguinpenguinimus Prime, Baconimus Penguinimus Prime, Pepenguinimus Prime, Pengupimus Prime, bacon Pengupimus Prime, Planet of the Werepenguins, Jewguinpenguinimus Prime of the Werepenguins, penguin King Kongzilla, penguin Kongzilla, Fallout 4: Planet of the Werepenguins, Penguinstein, Frankenpenguinstein, Frankenpenguinstein Kongzilla, Pengupimus Kongzilla, bacon Werepenguinstein Kongzilla, penguin Kongzilla Prime, Pengupimus Supreme, Pengupimus Kongzilla Supreme, Pengupimus Ultimate, Jurassic Werepenguin, Jurassic Jewguinpengupigimus Prime, Jurassic Pridepenguin, Jewrassic Pridepenguin, Jewpenguinzilla, Jurassic Jewpenguinzilla. And that's my penguin collection so far! :3

Infinite Craft - new timewaster on 2/15/2024 8:39:58 PM
Would you like to hear about my penguin collection?

How long are average stories? on 2/13/2024 7:16:44 PM
They're usually about an average length. Sometimes they end up a little shorter or longer.

Infinite Craft - new timewaster on 2/11/2024 12:50:21 PM
Favorites so far: ???, supertrumpulafula, supertrumpbamasquampire, weretrump, super darkest ice megalodon draculhu, super dark supernova snowthulhu. Penguin-related discoveries so far: penguin, zombie penguin, penguin king, dark penguin king, dark penguin, penguinman, dark penguin pharaoh, werepenguin, mummypenguin, werepenguin shark baby (and a zombie variant). Edit: Forgot about octopeng.

Endmaster's prompt contest writing thread. on 1/22/2024 10:36:39 PM
I haven't written anything in a week.

Gay Nazi Slapfight (Now with Femboys!) on 1/14/2024 7:45:38 PM
Oh, sweetheart, I obviously have your full, undivided attention since you just can't stop replying. My insults may be shit-tier, but they get under your skin. Why is that? See, I don't think you're as uninterested as you claim to be. But repeated rejection hurts and you just can't take no for an answer, can you? Here's the problem with you, Cel, you aren't a real man. You'll never be a real man, and I'm not suggesting you're trans. You'll never be a real man because of your crippling insecurity over your masculinity. All any woman in a relationship will see when they look at you is a broken little boy needing to be fixed. Of course you'll just abuse them since you have no one else to take your insecurity and self-hatred out on except yourself. Quite frankly, I'm just neither interested in fixing pitiful excuses for life nor being abused because said pitiful excuses can't deal with their issues. I'm not sorry it had to come to this, but I can see why you have to cradle rob. (It's more than a personality issue.)

Gay Nazi Slapfight (Now with Femboys!) on 1/14/2024 6:33:54 PM

Lol, it's adorable you think neo nazis would accept an alt-right, weeb serbfag like you. Even the kind of autism you threw Darius in is less delusional than yours. But it's great that you acknowledge Ford's autism is vastly superior to your own. That's progress, and there might be the tiniest sliver of hope for you yet. The next step is therapy. :)

Gay Nazi Slapfight (Now with Femboys!) on 1/14/2024 12:53:17 PM
I can confirm Cel has a fetish for femboys amongst other, more disgusting/disturbing, fetishes.

Gay Nazi Slapfight (Now with Femboys!) on 1/14/2024 11:33:07 AM
You 'literally' never wondered? Hmm. Sounds like you do wonder. The only women that would fuck you either have a non-existent sense of self-worth (this is dependent on a lack of white trash) or think they could fix you (again, dependent on the lack of white trash).