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Press B to Bork Respects on 5/27/2024 2:53:39 PM

Ben's 500-word short story on 5/4/2024 9:59:23 PM
None of that was directed toward you. Are you using non-threaded view? Edit: You make a valid point in two though.

Ben's 500-word short story on 5/4/2024 8:11:35 PM
  1. You're a retard.
  2. When you need capitalized and bolded words to understand something isn't subtle you're a fucking retard.
  3. I'm not even going to bother with the technicality of formatting and style...feels like it would go over your head.

Ben's 500-word short story on 5/4/2024 12:21:32 PM
Unless they were all textured like this, they wouldn't be any worse than this. If you generated monochrome noise in an image editor, lassoed a random part of it (make sure no options for edge smoothing are selected), and gaussian blurred the selection, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between it and this 500-word cheese grater. Just because I'm feeling generous:
  • Caps lock: I don't recall ever reading anything that really needed all-caps words. An exclamation mark or and em-dash followed by an exclamation mark usually does the trick. That said, when caps is used very sparingly, it's tolerable and not as distracting.
  • Bold: The point of using bold is to draw attention and separate it from the rest of the text. By bolding and capitalizing the onomatopoeia, you've drawn attention away from everything else to focus on it.
  • Onomatopoeia: I fucking hate comic-style onomatopoeia in prose. In most, if not all, cases, it's childish and disruptive. You don't need a "Slam!" when somebody slams a door. You don't need a "Smash!" when somebody knocks a vase off a table. You don't need a "Bang!" when somebody fires a gun. And, for the love of God, I never want to see a "SQUIRT, SQUIRT!" or any variation of it in somebody's writing ever again.
  • Italics: In my opinion, this is the only readable part of your... story. If you hadn't italicized Christine's text, I probably wouldn't have read it. Like bold, however, italics is used to emphasize text except it's not as abrasive as bold. It's still something you should use in moderation.

Ben's 500-word short story on 5/3/2024 9:50:24 PM
Well, I suppose this is the closest I'll ever get to rubbing sandpaper on my eyes. I doubt there'll be anything as soothing as italics in sandpaper though, so I would randomly caps lock some words in Christine's text and throw in some bolded onomatopoeia too.

WWE Tier List on 4/28/2024 7:49:11 PM
Normally, I'm not into chicks with dicks, but Bayley is the obvious choice here. I wouldn't touch Cody with or without a dick.

Good Day, on 2/27/2024 8:09:15 PM
Please don't ask how everyone is doing after assuming they're having a good day. Thank you for assuming and asking though; it was very kind of you.

Infinite Craft - new timewaster on 2/17/2024 1:18:50 PM
*Cracks knuckles and takes a deep breath* Zombie penguin, penguin king, dark penguin king, dark penguin, penguin, pengtopus, Penguinman, octopeng, zombie octopeng, zombie pengtopus, dark penguin pharaoh, werepenguin, mummypenguin, werepenguin shark baby, zombie werepenguin shark baby, pengdra, octopeng Lilith, penguin queen, Happy Feet, octopengu, Batpengu, pengzilla, penguinzilla, taco penguinzilla, Penguasa, Penguincoolthulhu, penguin titan, penguin castle, penguin kingdom, penguin empire, penguin king taco, penguin taco, Penguin 007, James Penguin, James Penguin 007, ice pengzilla, king penguin, Dr. Penguin, prom penguin, prom king penguin, prom queen penguin, prince penguin, princess penguin, baby penguin, penguin princess, penguin prince, penguin King Kong, penguin Godzilla, donkey penguin, Donkey Penguin Kong, Penguin Park, Jurassic Penguin, pengzillazilla, Planet of the Penguins, penguinosaurus, penguinosaurus rex, Frankenpenguin, Penguinosaurus Pooh, Jewpenguinosaurus Pooh, Jewpenguin, Jewpenguasa, Jenguin, penguin butter, pengupig, bacon penguin, Optimus Penguin, Baconimus Penguin, Pengupimus, Jewpenguin Prime, Jewguin, Jewpenguinosaurus Prime, Jewguinimus Prime, Penguinimus, Penguinimus Prime, Jewguinpengupig, Jewguinpengupigimus, Jewguinpengupigimus Prime, Jewguinpengupengupengupengupengupengupengupengup, Baconimus Jewguinpengupigimus Prime, Pepenguin, bacon werepenguin, Jewguinpenguin, Jewguinpenguinimus, Jewguinpenguinimus Prime, Baconimus Penguinimus Prime, Pepenguinimus Prime, Pengupimus Prime, bacon Pengupimus Prime, Planet of the Werepenguins, Jewguinpenguinimus Prime of the Werepenguins, penguin King Kongzilla, penguin Kongzilla, Fallout 4: Planet of the Werepenguins, Penguinstein, Frankenpenguinstein, Frankenpenguinstein Kongzilla, Pengupimus Kongzilla, bacon Werepenguinstein Kongzilla, penguin Kongzilla Prime, Pengupimus Supreme, Pengupimus Kongzilla Supreme, Pengupimus Ultimate, Jurassic Werepenguin, Jurassic Jewguinpengupigimus Prime, Jurassic Pridepenguin, Jewrassic Pridepenguin, Jewpenguinzilla, Jurassic Jewpenguinzilla. And that's my penguin collection so far! :3

Infinite Craft - new timewaster on 2/15/2024 8:39:58 PM
Would you like to hear about my penguin collection?

How long are average stories? on 2/13/2024 7:16:44 PM
They're usually about an average length. Sometimes they end up a little shorter or longer.