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Tom Petty about to die on 10/4/2017 4:58:08 PM
As I said, I don't know the raw data, and it might as well be an error of perception as you say, but I for one don't recall anyone of high note dying in 2015 while those three, for instance, died in 2016 (then again I am a big enthusiast of Leonard Cohen and David Bowie, so that may be the case). Perhaps people just have fickle memories and the same will be said every year, but again that didn't seem to be the case back in 2015 and I fail to see why anyone would be mistaken in this unless said people died in such a quick succession there seemed to be far more than there actually were, which wasn't the case. A statistical coincidence may happen, they constantly do.

Tom Petty about to die on 10/4/2017 4:58:07 PM
Well, for one occasion in the whole year in which I have time to waste, I might as well do it like a professional.

Tom Petty about to die on 10/3/2017 4:45:36 PM
People like Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, George Romero as End points out below, etc; all in the span of a year and a half? I don't know how many artists and actors die per year and if the number in the time period we are talking about is any higher or lower than others, but I don't think that is what people refer to and it is certainly not what I refer to. What I mean is that a larger than usual sum of highly known and influential people has died these two years, especially on 2016 and also what has passed of this current year. Sure, you could argue the level of "known and influential", and perhaps you are right and some people, including me, are just exagerating this due to forgetting the past few years as it usually happens with a lot of things, but I don't think it does in this particular case. The three people I mentioned, and they are not by far the only ones, were famous, symbols and pioneers in their art. I doubt the number of dead people that fit this characteristics was as high in 2015.

Tom Petty about to die on 10/3/2017 3:24:23 PM
Well, I was just mentioning it for the high number of famous musicians that died these two years, like Leonard Cohen or David Bowie. Sure, plenty of people die every day, but there has been a particularily high number of high profile casualties during this period, especially in 2016. Besides, three years is too long of a time for anyone to care about deaths, right?

Tom Petty about to die on 10/3/2017 7:41:49 AM
I'm afraid it's official now. He is gone, like many others these two years.

Music on 8/22/2017 12:40:36 PM
Definitely Johnny Cash.

Solar Eclipse on 8/20/2017 8:25:46 PM
I won't be able to see this one, but I have seen a solar eclipse before, and yes, I stared at it for a good while. I don't recall it being too impressive, but then again it was half cloudy so maybe I missed it completely. It happened some years ago now and I don't remember it well.

Music on 8/19/2017 6:53:35 PM
I can't write with music on, although some minimalistic tracks work for me on some of my stories.

Greetings on 8/10/2017 4:17:33 AM

Greetings on 8/8/2017 6:33:24 PM
That's good, then. I guess the problem would rather be when two accounts share the same IP, which in my case is not going to happen. Thanks for the welcome!