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Words 2: Gay Disco Bugaloo on 11/25/2022 5:24:57 PM
Three finished novel-length manuscripts... all with various issues that I can't figure out how to fix. Give me a few more try-fail cycles and I might produce something I'm willing to query.

A Possibly Gay Question on 11/25/2022 4:48:55 PM
I see... XD Well, your writing is excellent and I'm sure ANY of those prologues would have kept me turning the pages. I hope you keep going, backtracking or no backtracking. The conventional wisdom is never backtrack, but honestly I think everyone has their own process. Msybe yours is just going to involve writing unpteen beginnings until you hit on one you really like.

Words 2: Gay Disco Bugaloo on 11/25/2022 4:38:40 PM
I literally critiqued a storygame of yours, Thara. It's still in my points log, because admittedly I don't crit much. "Never" is definitely overstating the case, however. As for writing a storygame... well, I'll refer you to your own thread, the one this was split off from. I considered how I wanted to invest my limited time, and decided that linear fiction was the better bet.

Words 2: Gay Disco Bugaloo on 11/24/2022 11:50:02 PM
A very thoughtful reply, thank you. And I'm either too old or too full of turkey to have the energy to argue the point further, so you may end up having the last word!

Words 2: Gay Disco Bugaloo on 11/24/2022 10:54:15 PM
I'll have to take your word for it. ^_~

Words 2: Gay Disco Bugaloo on 11/24/2022 10:48:21 PM

Words 2: Gay Disco Bugaloo on 11/24/2022 10:34:31 PM
My sensei would disapprove! Do you always wish death and/or maiming on people who critique your language?

Words 2: Gay Disco Bugaloo on 11/24/2022 10:22:59 PM
Assigned Gender At Birth. What they put on your birth certificate, basically, and then treat you as until you manage to convince them otherwise. IF you manage to convince them otherwise... >_<

Words 2: Gay Disco Bugaloo on 11/24/2022 10:16:31 PM
If only my gender matched my AGAB, you'd be half right! ^_^

Words 2: Gay Disco Bugaloo on 11/24/2022 10:02:32 PM
Interesting. I kind of think cringe is... not cringe, but something there might not be a word for. Lacking in empathy and/or imagination. And not, as you've pointed out, synonymous with gay. Nor is there another precise match. Language is fascinating! I'd still rather see the usage fall out of favor, and something that isn't linked to anyone's intrinsic and morally neutral traits arise in its place... we'll see!