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Hi!  I'm an aspiring author and love storygames like the ones on this site.  So, I combined the two and, well, here I am.  For those of you who don't know, Neal Shusterman is a fabulous author who is the author of DissidentsThe Shadow ClubUnwindSpeeding Bullet, and Downsiders.


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The Unwritten Jedi

This is the story of Gabri Joo, a young Jedi Padawan. He torn between his loyality for the Jedi and for the power of the Sith. Will he stay a Jedi and save the galaxy? Or will be be drawn into the Sith's power-hungry grasp? It's up to you. May the Force be with you.

Crash Landing

You are part of the Intergalatic Protection Program. As you're flying, something goes wrong and you crash land (hence the name) onto a strange planet. You must escape and there's more ways to lose than to win, I think.

In the Caverns

The kingdoms Malish and Groga are caught in a horrible war. Ten Malishian warriors have been captured, imprisoned, and tortured by a horde of Grogaians. You, also a Malishian warroir, has come to their rescue. There are two main endings and, hopefully, I'll prepare a sequel for both. Now, go into the caverns and free your fellow Malishians.

In the Caverns II: Captured!

For those who won by the boulder way, here's your sequel.

In the Caverns II: The Tribe

For those who won by the river way, this is your sequel.

Infinate Darkness

This is supposed to be like a video game.

You must stop the leader of Project Darkness. You do so by advancing to each level-maybe.

The FRED Quiz

See how much you know about FRED, the #1 YouTube star!!!

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Page 20, Sentence 2 on 9/28/2009 8:07:10 PM

What books are those from, guys?

Page 20, Sentence 2 on 9/27/2009 11:06:49 PM

For all those out there who are booklovers (which you must be because you're in this forum), I want you to pick the book closet to you, go to page 20, take the 2nd sentence, and type it in as your reply.  I got this from another website.  I thought it was a pretty interesting idea, so I posted it here for you guys to enjoy.

"Sure, later on, after the doctor tells them that your brain has not turned into yogurt from the head-splitting crash, they will give you a long lecture on safety and make you wear a helmet for a while, but in the end they are just worried that you might die, or be permanetly ruined in some way."-I Am Not Joey Pigza, fourth in the Joey Pigza series by Jack Gantos.

Inkheart on 9/27/2009 10:53:35 PM

Yes, a movie has come out.  I haven't seen it yet because I'm not finished with the series yet.

Inkheart on 9/27/2009 6:11:32 PM

I love INKHEART!  It's certainly a "booklover's book".  And I love books!!  Who here loves the Inkheart too?

YES: 1

NO: 0

Big Brother on 8/28/2009 5:05:26 PM
For those who came in late and read JJJ-thebanisher's entry explaining what's going on in the house right now, that's old. I'll fill you in now: From what I've seen, Jeff has HOH, Russell and Natalie are on the block and the others still in the house are Jordan, Kevin, and Michele (you forgot her,by the way, JJ-can I call you that?). My opinions on the houseguests are: Jeff: Nice, smart Big Brother player, athletic=thumbs up. Jordan: Nice, friendly, not too smart though=thumbs up Kevin: Funny, friendly, needs to make better friends though=thumbs up Russell: Hardcore player, argues a lot, has been backstabbed a little, falsely accused of betraying Jeff=50/50 Michele: Drifter, SUPER-smart (seriously, she is brainy) doesn't have many allies=50/50 Natalie: Backstabber, power-hungry, b-word=thumbs down Anybody feel differently????

Big Brother on 8/17/2009 3:52:12 PM

I like it a lot.  The big blowouts between people are the really entertaining parts. :)

Picture library on 8/17/2009 1:00:17 AM

That sounds like a real cool idea, koolgai.  You should tell alexp (I think he's in charge).  Maybe he'll consider it.

Funny Thing About my Picture. on 8/17/2009 12:56:17 AM

That's uncanny.  The picture is actually kind of nice, a dreary, depressing kind of way. :)

Big Brother on 8/17/2009 12:53:15 AM

Who here watches Big Brother on CBS?  I love the show and there's one more person out there, the one who made the Big Brother Fan Fiction storygame.  The name I don't remember.  But...anyone else?

Best Michael Jackson Song on 8/13/2009 12:13:14 AM

I still say Michael Jackson is HACKIN' TALENTED, no matter what any of you say.  He's awesome (or was.  whatever)  Anyway, you have to have respect for him, even if you don't like his music.  He influenced so many singers.  I have respect for your opinions but, REALLY--Michael Jackson stinks?  I don't think so.