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Users List Page on 10/5/2021 11:29:23 PM

Oh, okay! Those are indeed currently more useful. Sounds good! :)

Users List Page on 10/5/2021 7:37:01 PM

I wonder if any of the code wizards are online to give their opinion. I don't think I know any.

New here? Just the FAQS. on 10/5/2021 7:32:37 PM

Yeah, that's pretty much all that 99% of newbies ask (even though they can read articles, or previous newbies questions/answers). This is a nice summary. 

Irrational fears of retarded children on 10/5/2021 7:24:47 PM

If the government is not a threat, I'm sure half the world would be happier than they are now. For example Sudan and the Republic of of Congo that live in a dictatorship toady. Greed itself is an evil spirit I must say. It even lead Caligula, Emperor of Rome to weaken his own empire in order to fulfill his selfishness. I can see how those cannibalistic urges happen when greed's involved.

I would not want to be possessed by wendigo, that would not be good. Campuses truly are full of spies. The catacombs are full of the dead, not exactly ideal, and as you said easy to get lost in. I'm considering Gouffre Mirolda in France as it's one of the top 5 deepest caves on Earth (1,733 meters). But unless we make a map for ourselves, we'll get lost. We can also create/dig out a hiding place in the Sahara dessert or in the Arctic. Though both places have extreme weather, barely anyone goes there. And no one will suffer if we dig a hiding place underground and insualate our building. Hmmm...

I heard that they would how witches in water to if they float because some believed witches are made of wood.True, what makes a witch a witch seems subjective across different types of people. Do you think Dragons can transform shapes like Vampires? If they can, that would explain why some jewelers are so in love with their products, they don't want to sell them; or why some jewelers like to wear so much accessories. But if that's not the case, then maybe Dragons are the reason why some mountain travelers or planes go missing. Dragons apparently like dwelling in mountain caves and/or clouds.

Irrational fears of retarded children on 10/4/2021 12:39:43 AM

No need to feel too bad about it. We can stop anytime, and put this in the back of our memories.

Irrational fears of retarded children on 10/4/2021 12:38:22 AM

You are correct, sensationalism and propaganda are indeed responsible for the decline in native bee species. They make it seem like nothing important, and that honey bees are what only matters. Talking about non-renewable resources, plastic is the evil lead in this. In fact, there are 5 plastic waste islands just floating in the oceans. Indeed, solar panels are a double edged sword. I never knew about this disgusting exodus affair. People who just find any opportunity to make profits through other's bad times, they're corrupted from the core. Just like Ephialtes of Trachis who betrayed the Greek during their war against the Persians. 

Perhaps other Vampires just don't know about this awful crime, or they can't do anything about it. If many come together, we can certainly attempt to free the captured vampires. We'll have to find a safe place to hide or make a base somewhere where the government doesn't have much power or spies. I wonder if such a place can be found? 

I actually don't doubt you as I came across this witch determining method before. It was used during the Dark Ages of Europe to figure out women who were witches. However, I know some innocents fell victim to treacherous haters who wanted to be rid of those who oppose them. About a 1000 died in Europe as witches. Wether or not they really were witches, life was peaceful before the Dark Ages. Are all witches evil (because I doubt so)? 

Yes, if we can make an alliance with literate jiangshi, we will have a very powerful ally on our side against the government. If we can make some communication with the people fighting the good fight, we can probably gain more strong allies. It seems that this dark conspiracy involves more species than I expected. I think that griffins and dragons have a hand in this too. Though they are hidden pretty well in this world. This conspiracy might have played a role in the dinosaurs extinction more than 65 million years ago.

Irrational fears of retarded children on 10/3/2021 11:27:50 AM

Children are truly more open minded and responsible at times. Actually unlike viruses, Vampires are considered living as their cells reproduce quickly when they are injured. Also, they all need to consume something to stay alive (whether it's electricity, money, or blood). They can speak languages without doubt, and they can transform to different creatures so they have a working brain. 

Why people don't consider long term consequences is because they desire immediate benefit (just like what you said). But then innocent natives die, and the bumble bee species also declines! And not only the bumble bee species, approximately 20 000 other bee species are in decline due to the honey bee's unjust domination. Another long term consequence that people didn't consider in the past is Global Warming. Though they are dealing with it now by making electric cars and attempting to use reusable/recyclable materials, it's not enough yet.

It's not hard to create mob mentalities these days. Perhaps the Vampires in the media input a hypnosis technique into their posts/words/news. Countries that we know are affected by Vampires so far are: Germany, Canada, U.S., China, Europe (and maybe France). These countries ether had many conspiracies, strange sects, sighted vampires, or caused invasions and propaganda. I think these governments might have secret labs where they captured some vampires and forced them to use their powers in communicating with other species and hypnosis to attempt taking over the world. I know that there are some good vampires out there that wish to make friends with other species (including humans) and don't want to kill/harm needlessly. Though these types of vampires are surely a minority. My friend, I'm afraid that world governments are certainly part of a worldwide conspiracy. 

Roofs were never safe. Even if your under them, they can relay damage to you. They break under 1 inch diametered hail, they fly away with tornado winds at 166-200 mph, they keep fire smoke inside, and they leak water at times. Still, they're better than having no roof. They just need modifications, and maybe slightly high fences that prevent people from getting the high place phenomena. Certainly being proactive has its benefits. "Better be safe than sorry", might as well set up the cinnabar trap, and a rope trap to capture any jiangshi that attempts invading your house. Invasive species are everywhere nowadays.

I don't think that demons and vampires are related, would you say that apples and oranges are related? Probably not. Just that they are both juicy fruits with peels. As for vampires and demons, they're both living supernatural beings that can communicate. Otherwise, there are no relations. Just like how some humans are at odds with one another, so are other species. Moose males fight each other to the death so they can lead the herd. Perhaps the demon wants to help you because it has some history with vampires. Also, you are the only person I know making an effort (other than that researcher acquaintance of yours), which is better than no effort. Though the experiment shows that the dagger has a bad aura, doesn't mean there's no chance that it can do good or change in the future.

Irrational fears of retarded children on 10/1/2021 9:06:16 PM

Surprisingly snakes have interesting personalities! Especially that outgoing anaconda, people will definitely freak out if she suddenly hugs them (especially if she does it tightly). I'm sure though that she has no malicious intentions behind it, she just wants to express her love to others (in a good way). As for the bacteria responsible for the plague, it's not even capable of understanding love without killing societies in the process (and still not understand in the end). I did not know of the other two tragic plagues that the Bubonic Plague bacteria caused. However, I do know that the despicable smallpox killed 90% of the natives in both Americas in less than a year. Unlike the Yersinia pestis that existed since 3800 B.C., the variola virus that causes smallpox existed for only about 3000 years. There are many things that plague humans including the bacterias and Vampires, but people just don't seem to notice (until it's too late of course).

My friend, I certainly see how Vampires have dawned on this planet for longer than we can imagine. I actually always doubt metadata and the media/news too. Today's world is sadly corrupt from within, even without the Vampires. Although there are people with their mind and honor out there (encountering one is rare). Regretfully it's not possible to tell if an image was photoshopped, or if a video was edited to remove the important/supernatural parts (unless you have really advanced technology, which I don't). Propaganda is a deadly weapon. It was even used by the German and Canadian governments to lead many people to their demise unknowingly. 

I haven't heard of this What We Do in the Shadows, I'll certainly look into it  as it seems like important evidence. Actually, it would be good if more people heard your rant and started thinking/observing their own daily lives, because as you said, society has become blind. I'm not sure if cinnabar is effective against jiangshi. They're an interesting breed between zombies and vampires (if jiangshi was not both of their ancestor that is). They have a paper seal on their face don't they? Can they really see colors and fall for the protective trap? We need to figure some defense against these jumping vampires, without doubt they're stronger than your average vampire species out there. If you use zinc in your smoke bomb with chloride, it increases the negative impact against the enemy. 

You see dear friend, demons don't necessarily like being out in the open in the middle of public spaces. They seem vicious, but some demons actually despise humans for mistreatment by them (and don't want to be near them). Also, not everyone is capable of seeing and feeling a demon possessed dagger. You might have the sixth sense of sensing the supernatural. Or it may be that it approached you because it happened to see your efforts in searching and making defenses against vampires, that now it wants to help. I think it wants to help you for some reason or another.

Irrational fears of retarded children on 9/30/2021 9:22:43 PM

I think that happened when I kept pressing tab and the words got highlighted. Nice catch!

EDIT: I thought I put in the missing word earlier, oh well

Irrational fears of retarded children on 9/30/2021 8:56:13 PM

I would say we're living and doing well.