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Just a pirate sailing the 7 seas of creativity. ^.^

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Hello! on 1/24/2021 5:49:59 PM
Thank you and I will! I'm learning how to code again and I see you all have tutorials on that for games. ^.^ It's been a long while since I've coded anything but I think I can dust off this bike and put it to use, lol.

Hello! on 1/24/2021 5:48:39 PM
Thank you! I appreciate it. ^.^

Hello! on 1/24/2021 12:37:11 PM
The wonderful search engine of Google lead me to this site while doing research for my own writing. Go figure! XD I didn't think anything like this existed so it was nice to stumble upon this place even though it was an accident. Nice to meet all of you and I hope you all have a nice day. ^.^