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I am Sophaderp, a young girl that goes to Knox Gifted Academy. I want to be a writer when I am older, and I love games. Some of the games I like are Five Nights at Freddy's, Roblox, and Minecraft. I also love to read books. I like to work on multiple things at once. I am currently making a story, called ????. Go ahead and look at my stories! I am very good at writing, too. I love being funny, and I am fifth grade. My best friend is a girl named Jennifer Kao. I also love to draw, and I am best at drawing wolves.



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My Stuff on 10/3/2015 8:02:37 PM

So, I'm making a new game, and I wanted to know what people would think about it. Here's the first page :


As your paws touch the new snow, the coldness makes your body shiver. You can feel snow from the trees dropping onto your fur. Your leader, FeatherStar, comes out of her den. She was just made leader last week, and has all 9 lives still. You jump in surprise as you hear CloudPath landing in the snow. His white fur makes it hard for you to stop him, but you soon see his yellow-green eyes glowing in the white snow.


As dawn rises in the camp, more cats wake from their dens. You suddenly feel the need to make dirt, and you go over to the place made just for that. You soon make your dirt and then are hopping back into camp. You see FeatherStar heading over to CloudPath, and then the two go into CloudPath's den.


You are about to follow them when your best friend, WolfPath, comes out of his den. The black tom stretches and goes over to the fresh-kill pile, and you follow. ``Hi, GingerStep.`` He meows. ``Have you realized how well the name suits you?`` And he's right. Your ginger pelt stands out in the glistening snow, and your brown ears and stripes.


``Your right!`` You meow. A queen looks toward you, glaring. You recognize her as BlackDove. She thinks that every she-cat should have a mate if they can, and you are one of the exceptions. She has taken on the habit of glaring at any she-cat without a mate or kits when she can, except for FeatherStar.


Getting her out of your head, you look back to the fresh-kill pile. It's completely empty, and neither you nor WolfPath have had any. ``Want to go hunt?`` WolfPath meows.