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Contest SHAME 16: SHAME Of The Noobs on 8/15/2020 7:50:46 AM
:( Didn't think it would work, but it was worth a try....

Contest SHAME 16: SHAME Of The Noobs on 8/14/2020 9:44:15 AM
Isn't there another way to get off the list? What if I wrote a feature worthy sci fi game? I don't think I'm going to finish the Break contest story in time. I keep adding ideas to it, but at the same time haven't had a lot of time to write. But I'm not sure if I'll want to enter another contest after this, turns out I'm really bad at this deadline stuff and there's just no way to plan ahead so far in advance.

Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/6/2020 3:22:05 PM
I haven't been able to keep up with this thread because I have been breaking my back in the hot sun like a poor oppressed Negro, but are the rest of your posts like this? How can you type something this cringe and not realize it? You just whine so much and nobody ever asked you about how you got bullied when you were nine or how mad your dad makes you, you are obsessed with yourself and how smart you are and you love to hear yourself talk. You told me you were going to explain why all Trump supporters were racist, and I knew that was stupid and impossible unless your next words were "because I'm a wizard and read the minds of millions of people." But I was going to see what you had to say and take you seriously, and now I can't. Lol. I'm glad I can't vote yet, everyone else has to make such an impossible choice and I don't want to be a part of it, it will be bad no matter what. But if a cat came up to me with two dead rats and said "eat the one on the left or you're a racist!" you know what I'd do? I'd kill that fucking cat becaUSE WHY IS IT TALKING?????

Break! (The Contest) on 8/6/2020 12:58:21 PM
Cameron, I'm following your advice and rewriting the intro. This was a good idea anyway because now I can explain more things about the universe. Originally this wasn't going to be the first story in the setting so I didn't plan for a way to work all that in. Now there are computers you can read from to help.

Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/6/2020 12:54:48 PM
Too bad you didn't have the initiative to kill yourself when you were 9. When was that, two years ago?

Shared Universes? on 8/4/2020 8:05:55 PM
Follow my heart, got it. .... ..... ...... It's just sitting here in my chest, Mizal.

Shared Universes? on 8/4/2020 8:03:53 PM
Get bigger balls, got it.

Shared Universes? on 8/4/2020 8:03:33 PM
But if the Aegis is important that's almost three completely different plots that would be needed. And if it's not important it might be better just not to bring it up at all. I've thought of several possible methods like this, including having time travel and parallel universes accepted in the story. Sci fi allows for a lot of possibilities thankfully. I know I just need to get the first story done and not let myself get distracted with the others yet, but I keep thinking about this stuff. Sometimes I have two ideas for a character that contradict each other completely (like an enemy they're always fighting, but I also imagine how cool it would be for them to team up) and with a CYS story I can do both, so that's at least one time when it's a good problem to have.

Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/4/2020 7:40:04 PM
@puddlebunni I'm not trying to get another argument started and I'm not disrespecting you, but I have serious questions about some of the things you said. You say "we" when you're talking about throwing statues in rivers so I'm taking that statement to mean you're out there rioting the same as your friends are. Is there any organization to what you or any of the others are doing? Did you ever write out any kind of statement that you all agreed to? Do you have goals and a point where you're all ready to agree that racism is fixed now and you're all ready to go back home? Are there rules about what the people with you are and aren't allowed to do? If you can't answer yes to those then its like Mizal said, it's just a bunch of people running around like rabid dogs causing chaos for the sake of chaos. You don't know the motivations of anyone with you or what they're capable of, and when they do things they shouldn't you shrug it off and act like it doesn't matter. You said you don't like it when people got hurt, but I bet that's what a lot of cops were saying every day before just looking the other way and giving a pass the same way you are. There are rioters that use any excuse to do harm because they know they can get away with it, and there are cops that do the same, and if all cops and the entire system can be blamed for what a few of them do then its the same for you guys. People are being shot and killed, a lot of them are children, and it's you guys that allow it by keeping all the chaos going while you also protect the killers. Nobody is innocent. And the reason people are angry at this if you really can't figure it out is because when a cop murders somebody, EVERYONE KNOWS WHO THE COP IS. He can be held responsible. And if he gets away with it, if there's a whole pattern of getting away with things, every bit of it is recorded and everyone knows exactly who is letting it happen, everything is public and in the open. If one person in a group of rioters kills somebody or does something else wrong, no one will ever be held accountable. That's how a mob works and why people hate them. It's a bunch of cowards where everyone hides behind everyone else, and depends on not being held responsible for their own actions while they lash out at others anonymously. There are always going to be people with no morals who do whatever they can get away with, they can't be an excuse for others to go out and do things just as bad and they can't be an excuse to just tear all of society down because it's not 100% perfect. If there's a leak in the bathroom faucet you fix it, you have tools to fix it. You don't douse it in gasoline and light a match because it just makes you so angry. I'm going to stop now because I feel stupid arguing with someone named "puddlebunni" and because I could just keep going on about some of this stuff. For one thing you hate people for voting for Trump and basically call them all racists, so are you saying you want them to vote for Biden? Biden and Obama deported more immigrants than Trump ever did. Lots more. Where were all the people crusading for them? Hint, they were all looking the other way and ignoring it because obviously a black president could only be criticized by an OH NOES EVIL RACIST. Most people are racist to some level, yes, including you and me. It's human nature and just how the human mind works, it's always finding differences and separating and labeling others. Like the way you already are casting shade on hipsters and people who support BLM, but not as strongly as you think they should and in not exactly the way you are. But you are imagining everyone as some secret SuperHitler when that's not the reality. Most people with racist beliefs are just poor and uneducated and haven't been exposed to much to challenge the way of thinking they grew up with. Or else (like you) they had bad experiences that skewed their thinking. Most people with racist beliefs also don't go around demanding people of other races be wiped out or shooting or lynching them "just for existing". I mean I feel silly even having to say this and I at least hope you don't really, REALLY believe anything that, well, dumb. It's just a set of assumptions and generalizations people form, a lot of times negative but not always. It's the same mindset behind sexism or anything else. It doesn't mean the OH NOES EVIL RACIST can't be in another room with a person they make these assumptions about without automatically insulting or attacking them like some deranged animal. (But I have a funny image of you meeting OriginalClamurai at a diner to talk about your differences. He says hello and you stab him with a fork and start yelling to everyone that he just admitted to being pregnant with Hitler's lovechild.) I think you were just upsetm but it's a sad and lonely way of seeing the world if you really believe this stuff to this extreme and can see yourself and your "people" as nothing but victims. But people's private thoughts can't be controlled, not even by themselves, and definitely not by anyone else telling them what they SHOULD think. Actions are all that matter, and more people need to start taking responsibility for their own no matter what their views are on anything else.

A Very Senty Dream Journal on 8/2/2020 2:51:32 PM
It may mean you should be writing books and not threads.