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Yikes I'm back

It's been a long time since I was here, I can't believe I even managed to remember my account. Impressive really. 

Alrighty then guys my account needs some updating! I'm WintersDaughter (oh my young self, you had shitty username taste) and welcome to my profile.

I'm not a good writer nor am I very active, I'm kinda just around here and there. I went from here to wattpad so that explains my absence a tiny bit. 

Anyways let's see here, what are some things about me?

Age: 15

Country: 100% Aussie

Hobbies: Fangirling over weird shit, gay shit, gruesome shit, and anything really. I just love fandoms. 

Dislikes: Seafoods, real life drama, shitty dubs, high pitched noises, not having a fan or aircon on.

What do I do with my life?: Being a sloth and joking around with mates is really all I do, and I love it. I'll be starting senior high school next year and I'll be doing non op subjects cause I dislike the idea of Uni. Subjects for next year are going to be: senior english, dumb math, art practice, home economics, drama and study of religion. Does this give you an inisght to my personality? I had to tweak my subjects since I accidentally choose an op path, since I liked the op subjects, but I don't plan on Uni :/ dumbass. 

I'd love to see notifications when I log on that I have messages, so if you think I sound interesting and you'd like to muck around message me maybe. We might get along. I'm kinda picky about friends. 

I'm not real active on the forums. They make me nervous :/ So you might not see me around much. I'll probably silently be working on some story that'll never get published. 

Righty-o then lads, cya laters.


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Nearly every decision you make will heavily impact your progress. In the beginning the starting point may be similar but in reality it's not. There are differences in a lot of options, all options leading to different stories and different ends based on that particular theme that you developed. 

My point is there are a variety of options, and if you find that the ending didn't suit your style then one of the others may, so perhaps try various routes :) Even the very begining is an important key to your characters development. You may be setting yourself up to lose from the very start. I'm sure you'll decide how to handle things. 


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Hello! =) Love your profile pic. Welcome and enjoy your stay.... lol ;D

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I was just saying. At least I know you're a college guy now. 

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-I mean, uhhh, hi.