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Favorite Sci-fi, and Why? on 10/28/2014 1:25:01 AM

One thing that I really adore about sci-fi is when authors mix a realistic theory or theories into the book. Some of that stuff can be really chilling. 

Favorite Sci-fi, and Why? on 10/28/2014 1:22:44 AM

@Malkalack What's that book about?

School Shooting on 10/27/2014 12:01:13 AM

I think that's a good point.

Favorite Sci-fi, and Why? on 10/26/2014 5:35:22 PM

@BerkaZerka Oops! Sorry about that!

Favorite Sci-fi, and Why? on 10/26/2014 12:05:32 AM

What's that one about?

School Shooting on 10/25/2014 9:50:32 PM

Good point.

This issue is getting more and more out of control. Students are afraid of attending school more and more. So, what do we do about it? What will make the murder rates go down and the school shootings go down? 

School Shooting on 10/25/2014 9:47:05 PM

Jesus Christ. How the hell are these people, if they even deserve the right to be called people, getting guns? 

I'm not totally against guns, but holy hell, how do we make it harder for people like this to get guns? 

Favorite Sci-fi, and Why? on 10/25/2014 9:39:38 PM

     So, recently I checked out book one of "The Departure" and I'm liking it so far. It's a science fiction and so that brings me to this topic among other reasons. What is your favorite science fiction and why? Even if you can't pick a favorite, why is it that you like a certain sci-fi so so much? Is it the freedom to experiment with mysteries of our universe? Is it the fantasy mixed with reality? Or a completely different reason? As writers, this may be sort of an important thing to try to figure out. What exactly do our readers want and what is sticking with them? 

The Bots are Coming on 8/16/2014 1:54:05 AM

@Madbrad200 If only I knew how... :3

The Bots are Coming on 8/14/2014 2:10:40 AM

Who knows, maybe the bots will come for that job too. Enjoy it while it lasts. Lol.