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Hi! I'm annaisawesome! I don't make the best games but I love to read other people's.

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Fun Stuff (Part 1)

Have fun reading a short 2 minute story with a couple of fun things and remember, it might not be too exciting or too fun, but it's only part 1.

Fun Stuff Part 2

This is a really short game of riddles. If there are any problems please tell me in your comment. Also, if you have any good riddles please tell me in your comment and I will add them to the game if I like them (I will pretty much add all of them because I need them. You have no idea how short this game is).

How to make a story game

Learn to make a good story game. (Unlike most of mine.) I'm out of ideas. This is all I could think of. So it is bad but you can't blame me. Well maybe you can because it's my imagination.

I Just Happen To Turn Into A Flabird Part 1

Blue: my friend

Purple: me

This is funny and you will probably not get it in the beginning.
We explain a bunch of stuff to you.

Yes and if you want to see what anything looks like just tell us in your comment and we'll put a picture gallery in part 2.

Into the Woods Its Time To Go

Now it is your turn to go Into the Woods (where nothing's clear)...

I know it is super short but at least you have something to do when your bored. And there might be a part 2 if your interested. Now get started or leave! Also in your comment please put if you would like a part 2. Now get started or leave.

Jumping Team

You just joined this club called Jumping Team. You are not the biggest fan of jumping into the pool but you want to give this club a try. After all, the other clubs all sound extremely boring.


The sequel to Try to be a Basketball Star.


In this game you are on a road and you can go along the road to all of the shops and houses.

The (Not So) Fantastic Vacation

You and your friends go on vacation. But it’s not what you expected...

Just a short little story game for y’all. There is only one way you can win this game so choose wisely and have fun!

Trivia Game 1: Minecraft

It is now time to test your Minecraft skills and abilities. Want more than this super short storygame? Give me some ideas.