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Hmmm.. Not much to say about me really I'm a pretty boring person.

Facts of my Life:

-I am a human

-I am a girl

-I am 15

-I have blue green eyes

-I like things to be organized

- My hobbies include, but are no limited to, painting, drawing, reading, writing, making book sculptures, hiding in my room, talking to strangers, collecting antiques and sticky notes, calligraphy, and I also write a comic book with my friends... Yes I know, nerdy

- I have a dog and she is my artistic muse.

- I have a blind ferret and she likes to steal my erasers

- I have 6 older siblings and it sucks

Well that was fun. Anyways, I like to read story games and rate and critique and such, so you would like someone to read your story, I gladly will. Feel free to message me whenever, I can't promise I'll answer right away, because I don't spend very much time here, but i love random people. I don't currently have any published story games, but I am working on my first one as of now. I'm not really sure how to describe my style of writing, but I do know that I love wiring a story with LOTS of choices, I do not like being forced to do things and will try not to force the character to do anything

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The sequel to Try to be a Basketball Star.


"You had always loved rain. But as it pours around you, the sentiment is forgotten. Rain only bring pain now. 
As the rain mixes with your tears a memory floats into your mind." 

In this game you relive the memories that have caused you to hate rainy weather. (No, this is not copied from Snow. It's very different) Some are good, some are bad, but the choice is yours what you'll do with them. There are four main stories, but each of these has several directions you can go from there.
This is my first story game so sorry if it's bad, I'm trying to figure out everything. My next one will be a lot better, I promise. 

Please feel free to comment. I'm open to constructive criticism and suggestions, and would definitely like to be informed of any and all errors.

Wake up, little girl

You wake up facing two doors. Where are you? What's behind those doors? And will you ever get out? Try and escape your nightmare.

Hey everyone! This is not the first story I have written but it is the first one to be finished and published. Please, please, please comment (I'd love to hear your input)