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Hi! You can call me Alexis. :^)

I am currently working on: The Festival of Dreams and Memories for EndMaster's 3rd prompt contest.


Festival of Dreams & Memories
When Cleo Yang goes missing in the middle of the night, her fiancée finds herself (and her cat) spirited away to the land of the fae. Once there, she has until dawn to find Cleo and get them all home. The alternative is to become the newest denizens of the fae world... permanently.

Come, traveler, and experience the Festival of Dreams and Memories!


Written for EndMaster's third prompt challenge.

Prompt: A story involving a major festival within the fairy world.

Loneliness of the Stone Giant
Artist. Seer. Dreamer.


Play as Zarkada, a stone giant.


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Endmaster's prompt contest writing thread. on 2/19/2024 6:16:30 PM
I mean… the dinosaurs COULD be mechs… it’s your world, we’re just reading about it. Does making the dinosaurs sentient count as “furry faggotry” or no? Who’s to say? …Also, I think that veers slightly more into ~scalies~ territory). Also without knowing anything about you or your story except that there’s dinosaurs, I think you’re being too hard on yourself. Because after all… whosgonnaknow.mp3. And tbh, it sounds like you’re trying to make it too big. Maybe try scaling (haha) it down, especially if it’s your first or second cyoa story. Which is not what you want to hear, but if you can’t even commit to an angle…idk chief. Does not bode well. And I get it, I do. What are your current ideas that you feel the most interested in?

Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post on 2/14/2024 7:54:50 PM
Drop them then!! Way to gatekeep, smh.

Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post on 2/14/2024 7:32:41 PM
I actually read Inseparable a couple days ago, and I think you’re within your right to toot your own horn a little bit for that one. When I tell you I gasped at that twist, lol. I’m also going to have to read the Natalie one tonight or tomorrow, I knew it existed but haven’t gotten around to reading past the first couple pages yet. Hope you feel better soon!

Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post on 2/14/2024 3:34:33 PM
Read this during lunch, immediately got intense stomach cramps - I’m blaming it on the story. Thank you for this horrible horrible recommendation. I hated every word of it, but somehow it kind of slapped. 10/10, really got me into the Valentine’s Day spirit. <3

Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post on 2/14/2024 2:13:10 PM
Like… raw cabbage? Or cooked? What kind of cabbage? Napa… green… red…? Honestly can’t think of a better plan though, cabbage is a superior leafy green.

Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post on 2/14/2024 1:51:04 PM
Happy Valentines Day everybody! <3 Anybody have any fun plans for the day or, if you’re like me and you’re working until the end of time, in the upcoming weeks? Any good Valentine’s adjacent stories you’ve read, or think about this time of year? Or does anybody have any underrated romance story games to recommend?

Storytelling: One Sentence at a Time on 2/8/2024 3:45:23 PM
Unfortunately, other ideas had his wife, Eos.

new guy in town on 2/6/2024 12:45:36 PM
Hi Jordan - welcome! :^) I’m interested to see your take on the classic trope of knight vs dragon. It also seems like you’re willing to hear feedback, which is always good! There are a lot of good writing resources in the “Help and Info” section, along with the more writing oriented sections of the forum. Since you mentioned grammar being difficult for you in the stories summary, you might want to check out the ‘Intro To Grammar’, ‘Dialogue Punctuation’, and ‘Proofreading’ articles. Are there any books or other types of media that really inspired you while making A Knights Tale?

Endmaster's prompt contest writing thread. on 2/4/2024 9:20:04 PM
I've found that sometimes if I really can't get anything out in a chronological fashion, I'll hop between scenes I'm more excited to write about. Definitely wouldn't recommend doing this all the time, or you might just end up with a pile of the less-thrilling-to-write scenes, and drag your feet even more on those, and it can be easy to write yourself into a corner. However, I think it sometimes help just to be writing something different, but still in the same project, so you're at least making some progress on it. Alternatively, maybe you could try writing in a different area? That helps me sometimes too. Regardless, you know what must be done. :^( Keep pushin' my testudunic acquaintance.

Endmaster's prompt contest writing thread. on 1/31/2024 8:57:23 PM
At least you’re self aware (can I say that yet?) Godspeed.