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Hi! You can call me Alexis, or Al if you dont feel like typing an extra four letters. :^)

My top three genres to read are science fiction, horror, and dark fantasy.

Feel free to shoot me a message, I like to yap.

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Festival of Dreams & Memories
When Cleo Yang goes missing in the middle of the night, her fiancée finds herself (and her cat) spirited away to the land of the fae. Once there, she has until dawn to find Cleo and get them all home. The alternative is to become the newest denizens of the fae world... permanently.

Come, traveler, and experience the Festival of Dreams and Memories!


Written for EndMaster's third prompt challenge.

Prompt: A story involving a major festival within the fairy world.

Loneliness of the Stone Giant
Artist. Seer. Dreamer.


Play as Zarkada, a stone giant.

A bit of an experiment in writing different genres within a larger story. A ?-in-1 CYOA pack, if you will.

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2024 Summer Reading Comp Progress Tracker on 7/13/2024 7:31:26 PM
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The Curse of Thunderdome 13, Duel B on 7/8/2024 9:54:38 PM
Congratulations to Raven & Wizzy for their wins! Excited to see what you both put out for the final match, especially since Raven now has a taste for sweet sweet blood. Alien & Yummy, nicely done and props for submitting where other challengers had fled. For future reference, are you allowed to vote for yourself? Seems kind of dishonorable.

The Curse of Thunderdome 13, Duel A on 7/7/2024 12:27:25 AM
Honestly I liked both of these equally, and would love to see more for both of them. However, story B made me laugh, so my vote is for story B.

The Curse of Thunderdome 13, Duel B on 7/7/2024 12:24:10 AM
I vote for story C. It was wholesome, albeit a little hard to read. Basic proofreading is your friend. Story D gave me heartburn and quite frankly I don’t know where to start to give constructive criticism. Whoever wrote this has to be trolling. It kind of reminds me of the time somebody I played D&D with insisted on giving his character a Jamaican accent despite not knowing how to do that accent beyond calling everyone “mon”. Very hard to listen to for 3 hours. This was like that. Anyway, overall an interesting premise with mid at best execution and overall too disjointed.

A Little Birdy Needs A Mentor on 7/5/2024 10:57:49 PM
Tbh I know it's not what you want to hear but the only way you're going to get better at writing is by doing it, and being receptive to feedback - good & bad. It seems like you've been working on that, so keep it up. It doesn't help that you haven't written much in the past few years, but if you're consistent you'll get back in the groove, as it were. For what it's worth, there's not really a one size fits all approach to writing. Best practices, sure, but any "rule" can be broken if you have the foundation down. I think it would benefit you more to get a strong handle on grammar and story structure (start with the help and info section), write write write, and share these attempts with the masses. Most people are happy to provide their opinions, and deciding how much stock you take in it... you just have to be able to intuit for yourself. That only comes with time. Patience with yourself is a virtue, for any skill you want to get good at. I think there's a quote from ... well, multiple people, actually, about just writing to get all the bad shit out first and learn how your personal style develops before you can write anything "good." ETA: I'll also send you some links to some resources that I think were the most helpful for me when I was starting to write as a wee sprout later.

I would also like to participate in this. (^:

POV modes on 7/3/2024 9:31:21 PM
I haven’t really ever read anything in that pov at all, let alone good. However it’d probably be a fun writing exercise! Please hold, lol. To be honest though, I feel like it might be sort of tedious to read in a longer story, but maybe I’m just uncreative. Do you have any examples in general, that isn’t like some sort of political text?

All Dogs Go To Heaven on 7/3/2024 8:14:04 PM
I'm sorry for your loss, especially so young. My family has always had big dogs (primarily GSD's), and bloat is unfortunately one of those things that comes with the territory with them and something nobody tells you to watch out for until it happens. That's a hard thing to watch, especially if it was due to something traumatic like bloat, when it's totally out of left field. Like Dire said, I'm sure she was comforted just by your presence. We've had to put numerous animals down over the years, and it never really gets "easier" so I do really feel for you right now, and if you'd like to talk about it more feel free to shoot me a message. :^) Some stories/anecdotes: - We adopted Velma & Daphne a couple years ago from this cat shelter, they were sisters & a bonded pair so of course we got them both, lol. I was working from home at the time, so they really got spoiled attention-wise. Daphne used to play fetch, and loved playing with hair ties, to the point where she ran outside one time and the only way I could get her to come far enough out from under a bush was to take the one out of my hair and snap it onto the front step (obviously way funnier in retrospect, I was so stressed out during). She was also super clingy - constantly attached at the hip. She also was super food motivated, and would wake me up by batting me in the face so she could have breakfast. Which is fine, except she'd do it at 4 in the morning and wouldn't give it a rest until I got up, lol. Even when she got sick & didn't have the energy to really do anything she perked up at those dumb hair ties, lol. Like not even anything special, just the black ones you can get a pack of 50 at the store of for like... $3. - Velma is about equally obsessed with playing with those laser pointers, to the point she'll bring you pens, lighters, markers, really anything that is approximately the same size and shape and meow pitifully at you. Except she only chases it for 2 minutes and then lays there and watches it. She also likes playing "shadow puppets" which is about what you'd expect, and she also screams until you push her around in the laundry basket like its a boat. She's a menace. She also has this little pop up tent she's had since she's a kitten, that's raggedy as hell and she bites your feet and shit if you get too close to her while she's in it, smh. - We got two other cats from a crack house (allegedly) about a year ago, named Orange and Philomena. Phil is even more of a menace than Velma (she learned from the best) and Orange likes going up to our German Shepherd and smacks her until she puts his head in her mouth (gently) and then he screams like he's being murdered... but then will go back and do it again. So idk what's up with that. He also refuses to eat dinner if it's any form of wet food that isn't pate. Like he won't eat shreds, etc. He also refuses to eat dinner if it's not chicken flavored. SMH.

Brainbreak Bar: Brain Broken on 7/2/2024 3:21:52 PM
Are you in a cult? Blink twice if you need help.

Brainbreak Bar: Brain Broken on 7/2/2024 3:19:50 PM
What kind of bugs? Multiple different kinds?