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Hi there.

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The Maize Runner

The Maze Runner but an AU in which the Maze is Maize. Also, you get to control the main character, Thomas.

Spoilers for the 1st Maze Runner film, or book. I have only watched the film; I don't know how the book is different. But I assume they cover approximately the same events.

*The pun "The Maize Runner" is in no way original. Probably over 100,000 people have thought of it before. Many people already parodied it in videos or fanfiction. This however will be the first storygame "The Maize Runner".

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Contest:Battle in the Ruins of a Dead Civilization on 8/31/2019 11:47:11 PM

I am going to enter this, the twist makes it 100% more cool. It's a good inclusion (._.)b

I'm assuming no, but just in case: does the story have to fit with the contest introduction and include the statue of the leader made of a shining green element and the ones who strove and struggled and tottered and collapsed?

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 8/2/2019 11:56:39 PM

Not terrible!! That's pretty reassuring.

At first I misread that Fluxion included child rape as an inventory item and I thought that was pretty funny. (no not child rape, the thought that someone could make it into a portable object)

Congratulations Ogre, even though apparently he wasn't proud of his story (???)

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/31/2019 12:24:10 AM

Oh, thank you.

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/30/2019 11:58:28 PM

Not a hundred percent sure that this actually works, but at least I made it I guess....

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/29/2019 8:50:34 PM

One day I will become a seasoned enough writer to present a Snickers-length story with "here you go"

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/19/2019 2:55:20 PM

Actually netorare is just cucking. It doesn't have to be anime.

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/19/2019 2:18:01 PM

I guess I'll play it safe and avoid being explicit in general. Not like I'm qualified to describe sex anyway... 

The llamas were just an analogy for two humanoids. But if bestiality is below this site's moral standards, I guess I will also have to cut the admittedly quite random part with parent-child incest (Not described in detail obviously, but it happens.) Yeah, the story is probably better off without that anyway. Looks like I learned something today, thank you for that!

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/19/2019 12:08:58 PM

Huh, I thought only a "central concept" of pornography was not allowed according to minimum site standards. So you're saying someone couldn't publish a story mostly about the lives of Llama Perry and Llama Julie if they had a single page of explicit llama sex?