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Hi! Im trolol.  If you like my games please let me know through messaging on this game.  If there is a game you want me to do message me.  Im always looking for support so if you notice any mis spells, grammar indirection, plot mishaps, and parts that don't make sense plz post comment.  Enjoy my stories!



"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" -Ben Franklin

"The only promise in life is death" -Kanyae West



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Nintendo Unites!

In this story, you can play as Mario, Kirby, Sonic, or Zelda, and embark on an amazing adventure. 


OBJECT: Make sure to keep ALL heroes alive.


DISCLAIMER: If you have not played most of these games, some content might not make sense.

Perel Island


In this game you are detective Giovanni. You are investigating a murder. Can you find out who committed this crime?

Trouble in paradise part one

This game is about a plane crash that leaves you and 13 other people on an island, can you survive?  Please do all choices for full experience.

Trouble in paradise part two

This game is the second part of trouble in paradise. If you read the first trouble in paradise then you know what's happening. If you didn't let me sum it up. You are on a plane that crashes. You find yourself on death island, an island that is controlled by evil masterminds.


You are John, an average teenager who gets captured by the evil Valkire. Valkires robots, A56D3YCJ and B67E4ZDK are killing machines (literally) and they too must be stopped. You will face many challenges along the way but if you succeed you will be able to escape the clutches Valkire.

Wizards and Warlock II

Wizards and Warlocks

This story is about the war of the wizards and warlocks.  You choose which one you are.  Who will win?  That's up to you.

Wizards and warlocks: The dryads

Expreince wizards and warlocks in the point of view of the dryads!

World at war: stronger forces

The human race has been taken and turned into slaves. But, when a secret organization called "Xu" tries to stop the others, you want to see if you can help.

You Can't Lock Up The Darkness
unpublished , coauthor

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Pure Immaturity on 3/22/2016 6:50:35 AM

thats stupid


Homo Perfectus on 12/8/2015 6:33:24 AM

Thx I beat teacher!  But that ending...sad

Homo Perfuctus on 12/5/2015 3:26:01 PM

Yeah, i used my cold power thing and speed, but it couldn't get the job done.

Homo Perfectus on 12/5/2015 6:38:43 AM

Gosh darn it!  I was up in fathers room when the teacher freaking killed me!  Can anyone tell me which powers to use?

More RPS signs? on 11/30/2015 8:22:30 PM

I feel like there aren't enough Rps signs.  Maybe add more?  Some ideas would be like freeze ray, heat gun, hypnotize device, and superhero.  Not saying RPS isn't cool (because its awesome) but it would even be more awesome if more signs were added. 

Copy and paste videos on 11/26/2015 9:32:05 PM

(If this isn't already a thing) I think it would be cool to add videos to your story.  You could copy and paste videos from youtube or you can make the videos yourself and then put it in your story.  The videos wouldn't be the actually story it would just be added like a picture.  If this gets taken into consideration please make this option in the advanced story mode.