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Class project tag additions!

11 months ago

Wow, I tried to write this several times, but it kept crashing on me. Well, anyway, I found that the class project tag is still pretty empty. Eh, yeah this is more a message to any admin who happens to read this message. So I scoured a bit through the site and the stuff I already read to find storygames that are indeed written as school projects! These are the ones I can find.

Deep inside the forest

Nami & Lili's Firefly Adventure

Rain, Rain, Go Away 2

The Dark, Smelly, Fatal Prison

These are speculated/somewhat confirmed to be school projects, but  don't really remember the exact details of the surrounding events anymore. They were also released shortly after each other. 

A Pirate's Life for Me

An old face

Squirrel Life 1

Homework girl

College dropout

Some stuff I plucked out based on the story description

The Second Battle of Bull Run

Forensic toxicology

Historical Misadventures, Served Two Ways

Arizona desert

IB English project

Underground to canada

ARFEC 2013

Julius Caesar: Stayin' Alive!

The Boy Who Died From Eating All His Vegetables

Appearance vs. Reality

The happiness game

My method for anyone who wants to help scour through it too. I covered the Edutainment, Family friendly and Historical sections already and I reckon that these three places probably have the most storygames to which these tags apply, but I could be wrong!

If you want any recommendations, I think that the Underground to Canada and the Caesar game were the most memorable in so far that I actually remember reading them. 

Class project tag additions!

11 months ago

Y'know, going by average rating, there's a good chance this might be the worst tag.

Class project tag additions!

11 months ago

We actually had a "Slice of Life" tag once that didn't even last a day.

Class project tag additions!

11 months ago

Wow, that was quick! There's also some untagged poetry stuff. I did remember that some of them were quite good. 

Adventures of a Cute Cat: A Poem

The ballad of the winter king

The Ballad of the Orchard

The sports tag also didn't last very long, very sad though.

Class project tag additions!

11 months ago

I could actually see a use for a sports tag if we actually ever had any sports centric stories.

I suppose Briar's gladiator story could potentially qualify, but we'd need more in general. Maybe next contest or at least a prompt. (Probably use the same one that SOMEONE flaked out on)

Class project tag additions!

11 months ago

It would be fun if you have a sports prompt contest, but the prompts will just be what kind of sports you have to write about. There are plenty enough sports to cover as much as fifty slots. Great variety too.

F.e. Tennis, basketball, ice hockey, bobsleigh, soccer, baseball, sailing, chess, darts, shogi, cycling, speedwalking, sprinting, biathlon (shooting and skiing), fencing, wrestling, climbing, chase tag, tug of war, wheelchair basketball, blind tennis, dressage, archery etc. 

Edit: and this year we also have the summer Olympics. So the timing would be pretty great.

Class project tag additions!

11 months ago

Amazing work as always, Sherbet.

And good finds by Darius as well.

Class project tag additions!

11 months ago

Now that I'm on a tag hunting spree.

When The Music's Over should have a previously featured tag. 

Mercenary too!

The path of death

Homo perfectus 7


A treatise on heartly manners

But wait a minute, Chris is banned? 

This is solely based on memory, but I believe that Kill amans mustache was once featured too.

Class project tag additions!

11 months ago
I've seen the Class Project tag used multiple times since I added it, the games always just end up unpublished. It's more meant as a helpful indicator to readers that they're dealing with confused and retarded children that they might want to speak to gently and with smaller words.

Or you know, maybe they want to do the complete opposite of that, whichever.

Class project tag additions!

11 months ago
People who intentionally bully busy schoolchildren are the lowest of the low

Class project tag additions!

11 months ago
Graduate students who are too stupid to even use a tag, on the other hand...

Class project tag additions!

11 months ago
It’s utterly therapeutic