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what are you listening to?

one year ago
In Vain of Mizal's "what are you watching?" forum I would like to know what music you all have been listening to.

One of my current ear itches is Death Grips, The three piece experimental hip-hop group has had my heart with their boundary pushing sound. The album Ive been really digging on lately is The Powers That B, its my favorite project the have released due to the Vocalist MC Ride's lyrics during the B-side of this album (also known as Jenny Death) everything just hits so hard for me and stimulates my brain with all of its extremities that are somehow relatable. My favorite song on this album is On GP it is a very personal track for me because it details a lot of feelings i've felt and it sounds good doing it.

As a musician (A Bass player in a punk band) the stuff thats been influencing my playing the most currently is Neutral Milk Hotel's Fuzz Bass That creates a wonderful blanket that fills the blank spaces wonderfully. I Bought a Fuzz pedal and Im still woking on getting the sound just right to get the NMH Fuzz Bass feeling (may need another pedal to get the rest of the sound sadly).

what are you listening to?

one year ago
With the recent sunny weather and vaccination efforts, there's been a stark increase in 2017 Hardbass I've played. Speeding in corners with classics like Tri Poloski maxed out on the speakers, my car bobbing up and down with the party of the four mates that barely fit in the backseat on our way to terrorize some unsuspecting nearby city. Somewhat lesser-known but still great examples of the genre are:

Perestroika, Monstro, Tsar Bomb, Nash Gimm, Ravestyle and Idi Nahui.

Pretty much the only genre you can both vibe out to and get hyped by, depending on the room. Also works wonders for pulling all-nighters before great deadlines.

If that doesn't suit your taste, you can't do wrong with 2010 pop where Pitbull, Taio Cruz, LMFAO, Mohombi, and Usher just shat out positive banger after banger. Really missing that upbeat confident feeling in today's top 40.

If you really want to chill you can't go wrong with the smooth voices of Frank's Channel Orange or Weeknd's Trilogy. While nothing can perfectly live up to the legend, these two come closest to being the modern Marvin Gayes.