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Help on "Escape from School"

one month ago

I love puzzle games, and it's not often I ask for help on them. But one game, Escape from School has me stumped. And it looks like it has for a lot of people, as only 18 have rated it.

Now, I'm not looking for a complete runthrough, just help on one part, if anyone has it. Spoilers ahead.

I've collected 4 keys, the unnamed one, the office one, the 100s one, and the 200s one. I've unlocked 3 janitor's closets, and all the unlockable rooms in the 100s and 200s. I've collected the basketball, tap shoes, flashlight (on), battery, and flute. I've gone through the entire maze and found the door, tried all the keys. One comment under the game said you need 5 keys to beat the game, so I am missing one. I've gone through every room I can think of, and tried every item combination that made sense. I don't want to take the easy way out and get caught by the guard, but I can't see any way forward.

I searched the forums for mention of the game, and of the two, no help was found.

I would appreciate if anyone could help! :)

Help on "Escape from School"

one month ago
That game collects all the worst qualities of parser IF and is basically the kind of war crime even our sworn enemies at intfiction would balk at.