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Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Week Five! For anyone who doesn't know: this will thread will contain a week's worth of writing exercises to be completed each day. I'll give out 5 points per regular exercise, 10 points per bonus exercise, and 15 per "super bonus" exercises. You may do as few or as many of the exercises as you want. Anyone is allowed to join up at any time, but please let me know in a PM if you want to be added to our tag and scoring list.  

Our goal here: Ultimately, fun, but I very strongly believe that the encouragement of your peers, a little friendly competition, and some light-goal setting combined with consistent practice is an excellent path to becoming a better writer.

ONE IMPORTANT RULE: DO NOT REPLY TO ANY OTHER WRITER'S POST. I will indicate where to reply to post your work and if you want to praise a fellow writer, please do it in the appropriate "feedback thread" that I posted. We don't want writing posts locked here, it isn't fair to people who want to edit later.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Monday! Today is the start of "building blocks" week, where we're going to attempt a few more 'practical application' style exercises to encourage you guys to write more of your own works.  We're starting off with: Summary Practice!

In 150 words or less, pitch me an idea for a television / book series. The genre can be anything, but you need a name for your series, a main character or short cast-list, a summary of the show's / series' concept, and a good reason as to why it's a big enough plot to justify making it into a series as opposed to one book or film.

Bonus: Show us the best scene of the series. No word limit.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

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Edit: For those of you who noticed the error in the initial post ... xD copy & paste got the better of me, but yes, it's week six.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

In a terrifying post-apocalyptic world where all manner of creatures have attained sentience, live countless beings who rule the forests of the midwest. 6 tribes, named after the elements they were forged through, unite in the name of their religion to protect one another from the abhorred monsters within it. Here we follow the stories of innumerable tribe hunters, doctors, and chieftans as they struggle to survive in this dark, harsh world, relying on one another for comfort while also getting caught up in the rising turbulence between tribes. Will they ever be able to put their differences aside, or will the ensuing power struggle tear down the last remnants of civilisation among them?

Best scene:

"OH YES, YESSSS!" Cried Brownstar, leaning into the ever-thrusting crotch of her mate, Goldenclaw...

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

War of the Gods.

Gods of various religions have started wars against each other once again. They choose champions among the humans to fight in an arena to prove who is the best deity. If the human accepts the call of the God he becomes an avatar of that God and the human receives armor which increase the human's strength, speed, and intelligence. On top of this the God grants the human special abilities that will represent their God. The show at first will have them fighting in an arena to see who is the strongest, but Hermes and Mercury decide to trick some of the other avatars to attack stronger opponents outside of the ring in hopes to weaken their opponents. This causes anger among the Gods and war erupts between the various realms of the Gods.

The major characters.

Zack- avatar of Zeus.

Paul- avatar of Poseidon.

Haley- avatar of Hera

Mary- avatar of Mercury

Mack- avatar of Mars


           "In the left side of the ring we have Zack-avatar of Zeus. In the right we Jace -avatar of Jupiter. Let the fight begin." Zack charges toward Jace and with an uppercut ten times stronger than the average man, he sends Jace straight into the air. Falling back down Jace lands on his feet and quickly dodges Zack's next punch. Jace lands a blow in Zack's face and sends him flying backwards. Angered Zack pulls a lightning infused blade out of its scabbard and speeds across the arena. He hit Jace's armor shattering it with just the sheer force of Zack's speed. Zack then lifts Jace in the air and stabs him with his sword when suddenly, a blade of lightning shoots out of the sky and kills Jace instantaneously. The thunderclap sounds a second later, with the boom seeing Jace fall to the ground. Zack stands up and yells a victory cry that shakes the mountains. 

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago
The name of the series of books will be Starborn. The Starborn are a proud race of humans living in the outer edges of the Saylon Galaxy, descended from Nauzu, the sole sole survivor of a supernova which wiped out dozens of inhabited solar systems. It is they who keep the galaxy safe from outside threats. They are blessed with an incredible intellect which allows them to survive under the most extreme conditions. The story follows one young group of Starborn, Unit Muzai, as they learn the way of the Starborn under the tutelage of Master Ze. The rookies are successful and learn quickly, but tensions rise within the group, leading some, including the main protagonist Runse to abandon the Starborn and start new lives elsewhere. The story will span multiple books to cover different stages in Unit Muzai members’ lives as their relationships and the universe around them changes.

150 words exactly

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago
That's a lot for only 150 words. Here's 146:

Series: Policing for Profit

Main Character: Tim Johnson

Concept: The police department of the future, suffering under various budget cuts, is forced to self-fund. The department gets a share of all fines and fees collected. To motivate their staff, the department also gives a share to individual officers. Officers who do not collect can be assigned to basic traffic duty and will earn minimum wage. Meanwhile, this entire process has to be kept from the public.

Tim is the main character, a policeman who does just knows this process is wrong. He does not want to quit, as anyone who exposes the pay-for-play salaries is immediately thrown in jail on various charges. So he has decided to work from the inside to attempt to destroy the system.

Series: Various episodes can focus on Tim trying to fight the system, avoid the system, and exposing the system.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

"Look, Officer Johnson, I don't really care what you think," Chief Zola said. He stood up from behind his desk and continued, "I do what I'm told here, and I'm told this is the way things are going to be. Are you going to be difficult about this?"

Tim looked around and replied, "Chief, come on. You know this just isn't right."

The chief started around his desk, "I don't think you understand how things are going to work. If you don't like it, that's fine, go sign up for traffic and earn your minimum wage. If you want more money, you're going to have to work for it. Either way, you keep your mouth shut, you understand? You know how former cops get treated in the jails, right? And that's if you survive to make it to the jails. Am I making myself clear here?"

Tim involuntarily shook a little as he nodded his head. "Yes, chief, perfectly clear."

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Wendall Davison, a psychology major, decides to take on the problems of our era from the position and perspective of the downtrodden. With the help of his closest confidants, he sets out to change the world from the bottom up and to document the results. Before he takes on a role, he researches it thoroughly and gives his initial take on it before he immerses himself in each episodal situation.


Bonus: From the Pilot: Wendall stretches through the rain-soaked cardboard box he has slept in for the last week and groans.

"Today will be the moment of truth..." he states to the camera, still a bit bleary-eyed. Shaking his head and mussing his hair as he scratches his scalp, he slowly stands and surveys the alley's remaining disheveled dwellers.

"We got some of them out, the ones that cleaned up good by helping them to find jobs. Now comes the hard part."

Still addressing the camera indirectly, he enthusiastically states "The rest I've convinced, albeit reluctantly, to scrounge in the dumpsters and local dump for items that could be cleaned up and sold for enough money to start a new business--a 'trash' business. Recycled Lives. After a week of petitioning the city for a building that was going to be sold at auction, and having raised more than six thousand dollars from others' discarded junk, I'm still a bit apprehensive..."

"Wake up, everyone!" he announces, "It's time to take the world by storm!"

Slowly, the grim faces of those that we've met during the episode poke their heads out of their makeshift shelters and come into focus.  They're still filled with despair, but now there is a glimmer of hope as they begin to feel like the world isn't out to get them.  Now, there is a strength in their eyes because someone is there to listen — to join in their plight...

"Good morning, Millie!"  His smile is greeted with a beaming toothless grin.

"Hopefully, this will be the last time we see them without a sparkle in their eye — without a glimmer of hope..." he trails off as the camera fades into the next scene.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago


Let's move along with Building Blocks week into an idea pitched to me by Playa. Sometimes when you fill a world or flesh out a character, you can end up rambling ... and while some critics discourage the concept of 'studying one's navel,' I think there's an interesting sort of passion that can come from truly contemplating the mundane. Finding inspiration in simple reality is part of what makes us writers. In that spirit, let's try this...

Write a 300 word (minimum) rant about something absolutely trivial.

Bonus: After you're done, examine the rant you've created, ask yourself why you ranted about that particular topic. Answer that question for us and the following: was it the first thing that came to mind? Does it have deeper meaning for you? If yes, why?


Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

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Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

                           Have you ever seen someone eat food and just go over and start touching your mouse and keyboard? Well I have, and I have seen people eat the most greasy food ever then just go and touch your controllers. They will eat sausage, chips,  and McDonald's signature hamburgers with extra fries. They will eat pizza, fried chicken, and ground beef. Then those people will decide to check Facebook about a freaking dress, and get your mouse completely greasy, or they will rub the screen to get a speck of dust which leaves big oily marks on the screen. Then you know sometimes they will get their hands wet, but forget soap. So now their hands are greasy and wet where they start messing with your kindle fire tablet. This is where they leave smudges, water drops, cracks from dropping it multiple times. They then decide they are hungry again, and go eat leftovers of ham, turkey, and bacon. Then it's the Xbox's turn, and they plug in the controller and turn it on.  They touch every button and move the joysticks around ferociously pull the triggers till they break, throw the controller around when they lose, and worst of all bending the cord. They touch the tv remote and lose the batteries. They lick their fingers non-stop with this loud slurping noise right in your ear of all places. And then they decide to do the dishes and like their fingers they forget soap. So when you pull your cast iron pan out it is slimy, slick, and just plain disgusting. There you look in the dishwasher, where to your horror food is left in the drain of the dishwasher effectively clogging it. Finally they leave, but you now have to rewash the dishes, pick up the trash, ungrease your devices, and make sure your tablet is not broken forever. Moral of this story clean up after yourself, and please please please do not touch devices after eating.  


This is the first thing that came to mind, and it has no deeper meaning other than, I hate greasy devices. Yes this has happened to me before but not all in the same day.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago
Have you ever noticed how some electrical outlets are right-side-up, while others are upside-down? I mean, some of them have the two slots on top with the little, sort-of-round hole on the bottom, but others have the little sort-of-round hole on the top with the two slots on the bottom. Everyone knows that the only way they are supposed to sit is with the two slots on the top and the little, sort-of-round hole on the bottom, so that it looks a little like a smiley face. If it doesn’t look like that, then it really doesn’t look like anything. What has a little dot on the top and two vertical lines? That’s right, nothing does. Nothing except an upside-down electrical socket. And don’t even get me started with sockets that are installed sideways!

Now I checked with the electrical code systems in various countries, including the US and Canada. Now in the US there are literally hundreds of different electrical code standards, because each unit of government is capable of setting up their own code standards (and most do). In Canada, however, there is a “Canadian Electrical Code” that sets out the standards for all electrical systems in homes and businesses. That code does not address which way is actually “up” for electrical sockets, even if it should. I even read that the chief electrical inspector from Newfoundland said that there is no official electrical standard way to set up the plugs, but that he tells people that it is better for flat cords that are designed for the ground wire to go down, because it puts less strain on the cord.

I have also read that some electrical contractors will only put in the sockets upside-down because that way if the cord is only partially plugged in and some moron drops a fork on the exposed part of the plug, that the fork will hit the ground cable first instead of hitting the live cables, causing a short. I’m not sure why that’s a big deal because first of all, it takes a special moron to slip a fork in between a plug in an outlet, and even if you do short out the outlet, isn’t that the entire purpose of having a circuit breaker?

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Why did I pick that topic?
Because I was trying to think of something insignificant and I looked down, and there was an electrical outlet staring at me.

Was it the first thing that came to mind?
Pretty much. I looked at the keyboard first, but the keyboard looked away, so I let it go.

Does it have deeper meaning for you?
I'm not an electrician and I don't play one on TV. But I do plug my TV into an electrical outlet, so there's that.

If yes, why?
Oh, so you're so high and mighty with your house without electricity, are you?

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Have you noticed how many people (English speaking people, mind you) transpose the words "than" and "then"? The internet is flooded with these ignorant hicks. I've also noticed it in the forums and on their profile pages! And this from people who are members of a writing site, no less! How hard can it be to use the proper term, for Christ's sake! They may look similar, but they are worlds apart, they don't even sound the same. C'mon people, wake up! It's not that hard to comprehend. "Then" refers to the past and "than" is used for comparing two different things, like 'then and than.' How am I supposed to read stories written by these people and maintain a suspension of disbelief when I get slapped in the face with a wrong term right in the middle of a heartfelt or passionate scene. Perhaps I'm hiding from a zombie horde, holding my breath and trying not to make any sudden moves, or I'm in the middle of a 'cloak and dagger' scenario where I have to get evidence to prove who the guilty party is and then "THAN" right in the face. Maybe I'm taking a quiz or trying to solve some riddle that will allow me to progress, when I'm confronted by the enigmatic question of "Would you prefer apples rather 'THEN' oranges?" How old are these supposed oranges? Are they green with age?  Are they shrivelled up and look like feces from some domesticated livestock animal?  Or maybe they could be just a bit over ripened? I just can't comprehend the depths of ignorance that seems to be prevalent with these people... How are we supposed to pass the torch ... feel secure in the face of this relatively newfound knowledge ... leave our very future in the hands of these, — these idiots!?


Bonus: Hmm... I guess it was the first thing that came to mind because it is one of my greatest pet peeves. Not this specifically, but the concept behind the transposition of terms that turns someone's potentially thought provoking argument into a jumble of ridiculousness.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Wednesday! Yesterday was interesting. As always, you guys, I welcome any ideas for exercises you have. I'd love to hear what kind of essentials you think should be addressed in our build-blocks theme. Feel free to PM me anytime. Also, I was going to put up a competitive exercise today, but I'm holding that off at least for today in the interest of gaging participation.

Character building is, as most of you've probably noticed, one of my favorite subjects in writing. I love to see them develop, to grow, change, and form a bond with their audience. At times, a truly good character feels like they have a life of their own, and seeing what potential they can have is why seeing a character who is totally undeveloped is such a shame to me. While big details are important, people so often forget how important the little details can be. 

In the interest of truly developing a character ...

We're going to do a character bio, (of a pre-existing or new character, your choice) but aside from all the common details of name, age, sex, appearance, orientation, and history, I want you to delve deeper. In addition to common details, please add all of the following (as far as they can be applicable to your character) :

Favorite food/drink, least favorite food/drink, and some sort of physical weakness / flaw / personal problem / odd quirk / or fear that can hinder them in everyday life. (Can be small, even something like an allergy or a weird compulsion will do) doesn't have to be a recognized disability--unless you want it to be.) Also, add a brief list of their talents, list at least one thing they are terrible at/cannot do, one big ambition/dream/goal of theirs, their favorite color and a reason for picking that color, (simple reasons are fine) favorite childhood memory, proudest achievement, greatest regret, what about other people they like or dislike, and a brief list of strengths and weaknesses of their character. (Character as in their personality.)

Protip - When you make the list of strengths and weaknesses of their character, answering these questions may help you fill it out: What is it about who they are that make them strong or weak? What makes other people like or dislike them? What is it about their character that makes them "only human"?

Bonus: I want you to write a scene about you, as yourself, meeting this character you made. Do you two like each other? Dislike each other? Hate each other? Feel indifferent? Do you fight, argue, laugh together, hug, or is it more of a quiet meeting? Why or why not? What would you talk about, if you spent an afternoon together chatting? If you could ask them or tell them anything, anything at all, what would you say?

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

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Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Is it a regular character sheet, like the ones in rps, or a paragraph(s)?

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

I'll (reluctantly) accept either, but I strongly prefer the former due to it making it much easier to sift through the information and score the entries. @Wolfmist

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

I'm going to do my new wolf character, Seeker. I feel like a bio for him wouldn't be as difficult, because I've done a lot of the developing and roleplaying on other websites.

Name: Seeker

Gender: Male

Age: 6 years old

Appearance: Seeker has an ochre coat color with a tan underbelly. His muzzle is tinged with white, and his nose is black. His eyes are a heterochromatic blue-brown. Seeker is tall and muscular, similar to a "brute." His tail tip is red. Among his normal appearance, he has gear on him. Metal claws, red tattoos on his legs, a brown leather cape, and a bear skull cap with a feather are all the gear that he had.

S.O.: Straight

Personality: Often, Seeker's personality, temper, and mood change. He is friendly to his pack, mate, and pups, but outside the pack, he is different. He is aggressive, fierce, violent from time to time, and sometimes truly insane.

Species: Seeker is a mix of Gray Wolf and the extinct Dire Wolf.

History: Born into the Sai Clan, Seeker grew up with a stone heart, as he was abused. Escaping the "clan" was a relief for him. He often spent his time in search for a pack that would accept a shady wolf such as he. Just a month later, Seeker was nose-to-nose with the alpha of Dusk Pack. He was accepted into the pack, and proved to be a fine adolescent. No other records of his history is known, other than he killed his first wolf at age 3.

Favorite Pastime: Seeker loves to run through the forest and watch as the other wolves stare at him in fear.

Mate: Celeste

Children: Prince Sandstorm, Dusk Jewel, Seeker II

Favorite Food: Elk

Least Favorite Food: Frogs

Current Pack: River Pack

Current Pack Rank: Alpha Male

Talents: Strategizing, battling, misleading enemies

Strengths: Intelligence, strength, cunning

Weaknesses: Too much pride, rage, insanity from time to time

Favorite Color: Aqua or light blue

Goal: Seeker's goal is to crush his enemies and grow a bond with his pack. He wishes to expand his territory further, far enough to build a second camp for visitors and a third camp for "prisoners."

Greatest Achievement: Seeker had many achievements, but his best of the best was managing to take leadership from River Pack's first pair of alphas.

Greatest Regret: Seeker regretted not paying attention to his first child, Prince Sandstorm. Because of this, Prince Sandstorm was captured by rogue wolves from Death Shadow Pack.

People He Likes: Seeker likes wolves who aren't afraid to shed blood when needed. He also wants to be friends with those who are loyal to their pack and respectful to their dominant.

People He Hates: Seeker dislikes wolves who hardly use their brain, such as the wolves residing in Death Shadow Pack. He also hates the "killer" type of wolves, as he thinks there are too much, and it is too overrated.

Favorite Memory: Seeker stared in horror as Current took a shaky breath on the ground. This was during a time when he was a normal wolf- no metal claws, no leather cape, nothing.

Jasmine, the alpha female of River Pack, and Current's mate, thudded against the black male. Seeker frowned and cried out, "No!" The leaders of the pack were dying painfully.

"This must be," Current muttered. "This is my end. Seeker...?"

Seeker nodded. "Yes?" he answered.

"Carry on the river," Current muttered. "I choose you, Seeker, to lead River Pack and become the alpha male." Just then, the male slipped away. Seeker buried the alphas and turned to his pack.

"We've got work to do," he declared. "Expand the territory, and check the hunting grounds for food. Top it off with a patrol. It's time for my reign to begin."

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

(Don't want to be added to tagging/scoring list. Just doing this for fun and to chase away boredom. I'll do the History and Bonus in a moment.)

Name; Nataline Birdwing.

Age; 17

Sex; Perhaps. *sly smile* Female.

Orientation; Straight.

Appearance; She has a stance of five foot seven, and is a very slim, small breasted, narrow hipped, long limbed girl. With long black hair that shimmers in the light and falls loosely down to the middle of her back, emerald green eyes that sparkle in the dark, and a very pale skin tone, she is usually found crouching in a tree and looking below for someone she recognizes. A cheerful countenance occurs just as often as a sly one. Dark long sleeve shirts and dirt-streaked baggy blue jeans dominates what she wears most of the time. Occasionally, she wears a stunning black, and slightly revealing, dress with stiletto high heels. Often, there will be a complex pattern done in black sharpie that crawls from finger tips to elbow that spirals from the front and back of her left arm to cover up some of the scars that hide there, and occasionally she does it on her right arm to make it match when she can get someone else to do it. Her eyebrows are thin, her eyes almond shaped and slightly tilted, her nose small, her lips full, but not too thick, her ears small, her jaw narrow and loose, freckles nonexistent along with zits or pimples. Delicate hands often clasp a .5 lead mechanical pencil, and arms wrapped around a drawing pad, notebook, or a thick novel - or a combination of the three. Her stride is graceful, her lean build moving over the ground almost as though floating. 

Favorite food; Strawberries.

Least favorite; Mushrooms.

Flaws/weakness; Scars on her left arm, not very strong.

Talents; Climbing, running, drawing/writing, intelligent, flexibility, acting.

Something she can't do;  Swim.

Goal; Become a known visual artist.

Favorite color, reason; Midnight blue. Likes the night.

favorite memory

Shrieking with joy, Nataline ran up to her mother who was holding a small lumpy object wrapped in colorful paper. She lifted her tiny hands, opening and closing them rapidly, repeating the same phrase over and over again.

"Give it to me! Give it to me momma!"

Laughing, mother put it down on the table and recited an old rhyme, "Give me give me never gets, don't you know your manners yet? Now, what's the magic word?"

"Pees!" Nataline answered, already scrambling up on a chair to get at the object.

"Don't you mean Please?" 

Nataline gave her a momentary embarrassed look before reaching out for the object again. She couldn't quite reach it. Hurumphing, she looked at mother for help. She smiled and pushed it towards her. 

She grabbed it and started tearing at the paper. A sliver of black showed. Excited, she tore at the paper faster. Two slim leg-like-things with many joints and a strange tiny four-toed thing where a foot was supposed to be was visible now, along with lots  of short little black hairs. What is this thing?

"Be careful with it Natty, you don't want it to break before you even get to open it."

Sparing her only a glance, she slowed down a bit. Another leg appeared. Each leg had that weird tiny four-toed thing on the bottom of the leg instead of a foot. What were those things? Finally, she uncovered what appeared to be the head, but it had pointy ears on the top of its head, and a long nose-like-thing that had the mouth on it, and the eyes were black. What could this thing be? It looked so strange.

"Momma, what is it? It's looks funny." she gave the figure a puzzled look before turning towards mother.

"It's a figure of a black wolf."

"What's a wuf?" she asked, giving mother a confused look.

"A wolf is a very majestic creature, and very dangerous. Dark beauty."

proudest achievement; Winning a drawing contest.

greatest regret; Not entering into track.

People she likes/dislikes; Likes; Hunter, Sarah, Saphire, and Jack. Dislikes; 

Strengths/weaknesses of character; Unpredictable, tendency to be annoying, obdurate. Strong willed.



(Oh god, I just realized how horrible my spelling would be without spell check. It found sixteen spelling errors in the appearance alone. x_XD)

Edit; I started this thing seventeen minutes after you posted the writing challenge...Apparently it took me five hours to get this far.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Name. Bojac

Age. 43

Sex. Male

Orientation. Straight

 Appearance. 6 ft tall with broad shoulders. Short black hair cropped at the base of his skull. Slightly overweight, but it does not show. His nose is round, eyes green, and mouth thin. Has a bad leg which gives him a limp.

Brief History. as a kid his one dream job was law enforcement. At the age of 20 he joined the local police academy and worked his way up the ladder for twenty years. During this time he had two sons, but his wife passed away during labour At the age of 40 a drug bust went bad causing him to take a few bullets to his right leg. The doctors did their best to repair his leg, but it never fully recovered. Stubborn to stay in enforcement the chief moved him to desk jobs, Bojack's least favorite work. This is where he has stayed.

Favorite food. Ziti pasta with extra cheese. Least. black eye peas.

Physical weakness. his bum leg.

Talents. Hand eye coordination. Writing, and Boxing.

Talent flaw. Public speaking.

Dream. Chief of the local police academy, or just to be able to train the new cadets.

Favorite color. Navy blue because that is what his room was painted when he was young.

Favorite memory.  His dad playing cops and robbers with him.

Proudest Achievement.  Raising his two sons.

Greatest Regret. Not being able to save his wife.

Dislikes. Cowards, lying, and greed. Really dislikes lazy people.

Character. Stubborn, Proud, bold, honest, and caring.

If we were to meet most likely we would have a good time and conversation. Talk about various subjects, maybe talk over drinks. Basically a sense of mentorship or comradery. If I could ask anything it would be for advice on how to better myself.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago
Name: Max Pike

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Appearance: 6’2” tall, athletic build, 220 lbs, short brown hair, blue eyes

Orientation: Straight up

History: Military/covert ops background. Engaged, but never married. Currently a computer teacher at a university in Southern California.

Favorite food/drink: Cheap beer.

Least favorite food/drink: Expensive wine.

Some sort of physical weakness / flaw / personal problem / odd quirk / or fear that can hinder them in everyday life: Scared of mice.

A brief list of their talents: Strong analytical mind. Physically strong and able to extend himself beyond usual limits.

At least one thing they are terrible at/cannot do: Creative disciplines, like creative writing and performing music.

One big ambition/dream/goal of theirs: To win. At everything.

Their favorite color: Gold

A reason for picking that color: Because gold is for winners.

Favorite childhood memory: Beating up a bully.

Proudest achievement: Teaching college students new computer skills.

Greatest regret: Not killing more terrorists.

What about other people they like or dislike: Dislike anyone who is sloppy, whether in dress or in attitude.

A brief list of strengths and weaknesses of their character: He is a typical action hero, with great power, physical strength, and strength of mind. He can continue on beyond where normal people would give up. One of his weaknesses is his desire to not follow the rules, even if they make sense. He is motivated by idealism and is extremely big-headed.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

I don’t see a way to answer all those questions in one scene unless it were around 2,000 words long. I don’t think that’s the intent of the exercise, so instead I’ll just answer the questions as listed:

Do you two like each other? Dislike each other? Hate each other? Feel indifferent?

We’re unsure. To me, he seems like a nice guy, he has charisma, but his big head can be annoying. It will take me some time to get to know him to make a real decision one way or another.

Do you fight, argue, laugh together, hug, or is it more of a quiet meeting? Why or why not?

We would certainly have some laughter as he told stories of his time in the military and talked about operations that he isn’t really supposed to talk about. It would be a generally quiet meeting, in that others would not likely overhear us speaking.

What would you talk about, if you spent an afternoon together chatting?

Lots of random topics. Common complaints about people who suck.

If you could ask them or tell them anything, anything at all, what would you say?

Nothing deep or meaningful, I’m sure.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Name: Dewey Culver
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Slight, wiry, and scraggly even after cleaning up
Orientation: Straight
History: Raised in the boonies and brought up by uneducated parents who didn't really care about him; the few friends he managed to make were only out for themselves and usually threw him under the bus before making personal sacrifices;
Favorite food/drink: Anything that takes little to no preparation and can be eaten on the move
Least favorite food/drink: Anything that requires a sit-down
Physical weakness/flaw/personal problem/odd quirk/fear: Very demanding and judgmental; critical of others who differ from him, and has yet to find anyone similar
Talents: Self reliance
Ambition/dream/goal: To be somewhere else, anywhere else...
Favorite color: Mood dependent; probably red or blue if you could get him to think about such trivial things. He is either passionate or full of sadness, there is no middle ground.
Favorite childhood memory: The time he and his cousin took that "city boy" on a "snipe hunt."
Proudest achievement: Never letting anyone down regardless of his mistreatment by them.
Greatest regret: A missed childhood. He had to fend for himself starting at a very young age.
People they like or dislike: Despises ignorance, stupidity and selfishness, especially those that blatantly disregard "common sense" and their personal responsibilities; loves anyone who does their best to help someone else in need;
List of strengths and weaknesses of their character: Feels resentment at some of the most mundane statements; very accurate on quick character analysis; deep-feeling but hides it behind one of the best "poker" faces;


While taking a leisurely walk and trying to cool my thoughts after such a hectic day, I chanced upon a young man sitting on the old wooden bridge, he was hunched forward and could have been studying something in the water below. I cleared my throat before stepping onto the dilapidated structure so as not to startle him as I walked past. He glanced in my direction and barely even shrugged.

As I approached, I couldn't help but feel that he looked a bit forlorn and lost in thought. I paused and asked "Do you live around here?"

"Yeah," he replied blandly.

"I'm just out for a walk. It's been one of those days."


I introduced myself and added "What's your name?"


"Well, Dewey, there are some good sized catfish in there, if someone wanted to try for 'em."

"I know. I fish here sometimes."

"I like to fish here, too. Maybe I'll see you around..." I smiled and started to walk away.

"If I just jumped in, nobody would even notice I was gone..."

"What!? What do you mean?"


I squatted beside him and asked "Would you like to talk?"

"No..." but his tone screamed Yes! so I seated myself beside him.

I didn't know what to say, but managed "Where do you go to school?"

"I don't anymore..."

"Why?" I questioned, trying to get more than a one word response.

"My parents... They don't care what I do so I just quit going."

I looked at his dishevelled appearance and couldn't help think that he was indeed telling the truth. "I'm sure it couldn't be that bad..." prodding him to say more.

"They don't care about anyone but themselves!" he snapped, "They just sit around doing nothin' and it makes me sick!"

"What did they do?"

He eyed me suspiciously, but relented "They don't cook. They don't clean. They don't even care that everyone thinks they are trashy scum."

I put my hand on his shoulder to give a gentle squeeze for reassurance and he flinched, so I let my hand drop limp at my side. "Things will get better, I assure you. Sometimes we have to experience pain to really appreciate it."

"You're probably right. It's getting late, I should go" he stated, getting to his feet.

"Look. If you ever need to talk, I just live right over there" I indicated by pointing at my house, "and I usually make more food than can eat. Drop in anytime..."

He smiled faintly and gave a slight nod as he turned. In a flash he was out of sight, but I continued to sit there and contemplate what he had shared with me.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago


Well, I'm hoping for more participation today, since we're going to get a little competitive now. I'm going to give you guys a list of randomly generated story titles just below this post. Pick one and think up a plot to go along with it.

Tell me the beginning, middle, and end of your story, in brief summary. (I'm going to stress here that I don't want you to write me an entire story here, let alone a novel, just give me a brief explanation of the three main acts for it. Kind of like a detailed outline.)

The catch? Each title can only be used once. You cannot choose a title that someone else has already picked. To secure your pick, please make a post with the title in it as soon as you choose one. You can then, of course, edit your post with your actual entry. If you find that you tried to claim a name that was already claimed, please go back and choose again.

Bonus: Select a specific scene from the story you just made up entirely from just a simple title. Choose any scene at all, and write it for us, in-depth.   

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago


Please do not reply to this list, so I can edit it to scratch out chosen entries: 

Window in the Stars
Secret in the Serpents
The Mage of the Mists
The Cold Flame
Black Kiss
Tales in the Twilight
Cracked Legend
Final Spirits
End in the Stars

Azure Souls
The Ravaged Sword
Twilight's Edge
White Fire
The Voyages of the Dragon
Something in the Ashes
The Kiss of the Rose
The Flowers of Men
The Final Dream
The Consort's Flower
Forgotten memory
Return of History
The Laughing Flames
The Living Thought
The Hollywood Bookkeeper
Dying Touch

Azure Snow
The Vampire's Honor
The Great Demon
Urban Wretched

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

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Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

The Mage of the Mists.

Beginning. Two great armies battle for domination over the world, countries known as Granderean, and Aldereon. In those armies are mostly the common cavalry, infantry, archers, a few mages, and a couple mist dancers. The battle gets bloody and casualties fall on both sides.  The few mages on both armies being pragmatic, decide to make a treaty to save peoples lives. Only the Aldereon side of the mages fall back while the mages of Granderean continue to attack. Without the mages Aldereon falls and any survivors are prisoners of war. Except for a single mist dancer.

Middle. The Mist Dancer is known as Astel. As a mist dancer she has the ability to control the mist, turn incorporeal and become one with the mists. All Mist Dancers are trained assassins, and extremely intelligent. No one exactly knows how they are created, they just are. Astel begins to exact revenge against the leaders and soldiers who caused her fellow soldiers' deaths. She finds out while hunting down the enemy mages that they did not retreat because the tyrant of Granderean promised to kill every member of a deserter's family.

End. Astel hunts down the tyrant. After fighting her way to the tyrant the battle starts. The battle goes horrible for Astel, but right before the tyrant kills Astel she turns to mist. Years later after planning she shoots him with a sniper rifle. At the end of her life she gets a visitor. The visitor happens to be the tyrant whom she thought she killed decades ago. She then dies with the knowledge that her quest never finished.


Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Dying Touch

Beginning: A man by the name of Tharn is born with a curse into a world of fantasy and magic. He is born as a son of rich but greedy nobles. When his mother was pregnant with him, his father stole the lands of poor peasant farmers. Thus, the farmers turned to the witch of the woods and paid her to curse the child in the mother's womb.

Middle: Tharn grows to be a fine young boy, but he is hidden by his family because of his dark curse. Any who touch his skin will be poisoned and shall day within three days. So far, only one has fallen to the curse. . . the mother of Tharn. She died three days after his birth.

Tharn decides to escape his hidden hut in the woods and to travel and see the world. He does so while avoiding contact with anyone he meets. During his journey, he befriends a young lady named Aria who decides to accompany him around the world.

End: As they travel around the world, Tharn suddenly finds himself falling for Aria. He tries to fight his feelings but they only persist when he finds out that Aria loves him back. When they finally admit their love for each other, he also tells her about his curse but even though, Aria, driven by her powerful love for Tharn, still plants a kiss in Tharn's lips. As Aria's health deteriorates in the next few days, they continue travelling, spending each passing moment with each other, and making one another smile. After three days, as Aria lay dying in Tharn's arms, he gives her one last kiss, the Dying Touch.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago
Title Selected: Azure Snow

Beginning: The village starts at peace, but then the peace is broken by savage warriors entering the town, slaughtering nearly everyone in the village brutally. A boy escapes by hiding the in wreckage. He vows revenge.

Middle: The boy discovers magic while wandering, trains, and learns more about magic. He tracks the people that are related to the warriors the destroyed his village.

End: Powerful now, he finds the village of the people who destroyed his family – and in the end spares them from his vengeance.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

The sun was low on the horizon and clouds hid it from sight. The light was diffused through the moderate clouds, casting an azure glow on the snow of the fields and the trees. The fresh snow was undisturbed and the small village of huts sat peacefully in the clearing between the trees. Smoke spiraled up lazily from one or two of the small buildings.

The first signs of life were just starting to stir: a snore stopped abruptly. A person stepped outside a hut to relive themselves in the white snow. The quiet still of the morning was interrupted with the stomping of dozens of feet, crushing the snow underfoot and driving a clear passageway through the snow towards the village…

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Something in the Ashes

Beginning: Andy returns to his old home having moved away many years before due to a fire that nearly cost him his life and set him on a course of self destruction. His lifelong torment has resumed with full fervor and he begins to relive those last few hellish days sinking once again into his own nightmarish prison.
Middle: Trapped in his own despair, he decides that the only option available to him is to end his suffering by taking his own life, but the ghosts of his past refuse to allow him that avenue.
End: He finds a long forgotten article that leads him to the truth about what really happened in those dark days along with the strength to put his past to rest once and for all.

 He fitfully tosses, drenched in sweat and moaning, whimpering at the shadows that plague his slumber.

Andy! The children!  Save the children!
 The fire rages all around him, sucking the air from his very lungs.
Hold on, I'm coming!
 A cracking timber falls at his feet and blocks his hallway access. He stumbles back toward the door and crumples on the porch, coughing and retching.
 Gathering all his strength in one guttural scream, he lurches to his feet and around the side of the house. Supporting his weight on the vinyl siding, he drags himself along like something out of a horror movie to a window near the back of the inferno.
 Small hands beat against the pane, slapping with all their might. The glass distorts, but does not give way.
 Andy's vision blurs as he reaches the window and he reels back, intending to slam his beefy forearm through the barrier, but instead falls backward as his body gives in to the exhaustion.
...Andy! ...Daddy!  ...
Save the children!
 He lay there in a daze watching the flames lick the inside of the glass, the tiny palms slapping in futility and hearing his wife's pleas of anguish to save her babies gradually morph into distant sirens.
 His vision finally goes black — dragging along with it his sanity in his remaining years...

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago


Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

I'd like Final Spirits

EDIT: Argh, I forgot how I was going to make/introduce the different characters it in the midst of my math homework, and now it's all really stupid. Here's just the story (Summarised, of course) that I'm not a good enough writer to make the dialogue for. I must have had a pubescent mood swing or something, since I intended to write something funny about this situation before it went in such a serious and cliche direction. 

Morning: A man named Hans, down on his luck and sinking below middle class, goes about his business during the last day on earth, that is, before earth explodes. Everyone knows it's the last day on earth, and so, where there isn't anarchy and chaos, there's hedonism and prudes overindulging and chastising at every available turn. He sees a few others struggle to go about their daily routine, because it's all they seem to have left. He decides he would like to spend his final hours with his dying father, and heads to the nearest gourmet Italian place to buy a large, cheesy-crust pizza and share it with him as their last meal.

Working at the pizza place is the woman of his dreams. And, knowing that there's nothing really to lose, he asks her to join him. After all, what could be the harm in doing so? She hesitantly agrees, and when the pizza is ready, they box it up and take it with them, conversing and getting to know each other along the way. Her name was Jetta.

Midday: They trek across the now decrepit and car-clogged city, having hit it off very well and losing track of time, and direction. They walk into a dark alleyway they mistook for a shortcut, and ended up asking a gang of bandits for directions. They were mugged, and almost forced to give up their pizza, before a violent psychopath from the streets brutally attacked the robbers with a machete. He died of bullet wounds before he could get to the pair of protagonists, though.

They find a brochure map in one of the travel-bags on the bandits, and find their way again, this time holding hands. They'll have to have each other's backs in order to survive in these streets. And, for the most part, they do, facing all the challenges the anarchic streets have to offer.

As the sun begins to set, they reach the hospital, and find the Hans's father already dead. Distraught, he confines himself to another room and sits, staring at the wall and waiting for the world to end. Jetta tries to console him as best she can, and, realizing that this was the end of the world, and there was nothing left to lose, attempts to kiss Hans, who accepts it distractedly, and passionlessly. When one thing begins to lead to another, he politely refuses, insisting that there has to be something more meaningful to their existence. Jetta asks if he has any ideas as to what that might be, and when he can't come up with anything, they screw anyway.

Night: They lay in the hospital bed, unable to fall asleep, and in unimaginable horror of the end that awaits them. They talk quietly to each other, and try to soften the blow they know is coming to no avail. Then Hans remembers the pizza. The delicious smell fails to stir their appetite among their stress and anticipation, and they stare, wide-eyed, at the clock as it ticks and ticks and ticks toward midnight.

They walk, listlessly, around the hospital, carrying the pizza with them because it's what they've done all day, and it's all they have left, when they hear someone singing 'happy birthday'.

It was a nurse, singing to a child on her deathbed. Obviously, it was the little girl's birthday, and anyone could tell she was trying, really trying, to be happy about it. Hans and Jetta, having nothing left to do, brought the pizza to the girl's bed and opened it, joining in the song, and giving her a piece. The Nurse knew it was pointless to disallow it. And oh, you should have seen the smile that was just starting to creep up onto the girl's face, that glowing, day-brightening smile that was just in the making as soon as the world exploded. And everyone died.

The End.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

The Hollywood Bookeeper

?Start: A financially successful songwriter inherits his father's bookstore, in LA. At first he doesn't know what to do with it, and is about to sell it when his sister tells him that he should continue the family legacy.

Middle: He meets the girl of his dreams. She's an actress. He desperately tries to impress her with songs. The bookstore is going well.

End: They get married.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Title: The Kiss of the Rose

Beginning: George is softly nodding in the comfortable chair in front of his large window as Mary, his nurse, enters his room. She is holding a package, wrapped in faded brown paper. After Mary wakes up George, she hands him the package and an accompanying letter. In the letter, George reads that Bea, an old friend of his has passed away. Inside the package is her most prized possession: her picture book. 

Middle: As George motions Mary to sit down beside him, he tells her about Bea's and his history. Picture by picture, day by day, George takes Mary on a journey across the decades. From George's childhood all the way to the present day. In the pictures, the story of a childhood friendship slowly makes way for the story of young love. But then the two protagonists grow apart, Bea decides to explore the world, while George decided to stay behind in his hometown. Letters are sent between them, but the love slowly fades. As George finds a wife, the contact between him and Bea slowly but surely stops. For more than thirty years, George hears nothing from Bea, but the pictures and mementos in the book show that she never forgot him.

End: The last page of the book does not hold a photograph. Instead, a dried rose, wrapped with a small bow, is pressed between the pages. Seeing the token of his love he gave Bea so long ago, George weeps, and closes the book with a sigh. After Mary once more leaves the room, George falls asleep in his chair.



"And that is it. This is the last letter I sent her before we lost contact. Mary. have you ever realized you loved someone, when that someone slipped beyond your reach a long time ago?"

"Not that I can say, no. To be honest, I don't often meet new people, nor do I have the time to travel."

"That's a pity, Promise me you'll make time to see the world. To explore its many wonders, see all the distant lands and people. If you have learned anything from Bea's book, let it be that lesson. I, unfortunately, only realized it when it was already too late."

George lets out a sigh, and falls silent. Mary can see from lines on his face, the wrinkles that are tightening and relaxing besides his eyes, that George is lost in thought again. After a few minutes of leaving him alone with his memories, Mary coughs softly. 

With a jerk, George wakes up from his contemplation. 

"Ah yes, sorry, sorry. Where were we? Right, the final pages. Let's find out what Bea has been up to all these years!"

While George grips the thick, waxy paper with his trembling fingers, Mary once more realizes how frail he actually looks. If she didn't know better, if George hadn't always been the example of good health, she would swear she was looking at the hands of a skeleton. The wrinkled white skin fell so loosely around his bony fingers that, save for the occasional vein, they resembled sacks of bones. And as George fumbled with those final pages, she could swear she discerned a tremor or two fleeing through his hands. Were these merely the emotions of his past, taking their toll, or was it something different? 

"Ah, there we are! Damned thing was stuck, I swear you. Now, let's continue with our story. But... what... is this?"

Mary watches as those frail fingers move over the last page of Bea's book. On that last page, that very last entry of that wonderful adventure, there was not a picture. Instead, a dried rose was carefully pressed on the page, still as red as if it was still fresh. A small, pink ribbon was wrapped around its thornless stem. 

His hands shaking violently now, George clutches the rose between his hands, as gingerly as possible without dropping it. Mary can't help but shed a tear as the old man lifts the rose up to his nose, as if he could still smell it after all those years. The old man's face twists and contorts as he fights back his emotions, the thick wrinkles on his brow coiling like snakes over the parchment-like skin. 

"This... I... This rose. I gave her this rose before she went away. I... I followed her onto the runway, I ran after her as she walked towards her plane. 'Bea', I told her, 'I want you to hold on to this. Wherever you go. Keep it near you, as a token of my... my ever-last... lasting love for you'. And I hugged and kissed her then, as if I never would see her again. As if I knew, that this would be the e... the end for us."


"Oh, and kept it she did. All those years, all those travels, and she kept it with her! Even when... when we broke up she took it with her! Oh, if only I c... could see her one last time, could talk to her. If only I could turn back the time."

As George broke out into tears, Mary did not dare disturb him. However, maybe too small and finely written for George's old eyes to see, there was a note written on the page. And so she waited, as minutes went by, until George overcame his emotion. Then, finally, as the flood of tears running over the old man's cheeks started to subside, she softly spoke to him:

"George, I think there is something written on the page."

"Where? I cannot see it, why are these blasted eyes failing me now? Here, could you, could you read it to me?"

Even though trembling under the weight of the book, George lifts it off the table and presses it firmly into Mary's hands. 

"Let's see. The writing is quite faint, but it is most definitely there. It's just a bit hard to make out on this faded paper."

My dearest George,

Where has the time gone? Now, as I look upon these pictures for the last time, I realize just how old I have grown. What happened to those small children, playing in the grass during those long, warm summers. I wonder, has time been such a harsh mistress to you too? Do you still have that roguish grin, and that sparkle in you eyes? 

I have wanted to write to you so very often. I can't count the times that I started to write a letter, only to throw it away again. I was afraid George, afraid that you did not want to see the woman who left you, who broke your heart, now you finally found someone to share your life with. 

And now I am too late. I am old George, I have lived a long, long live. But now my body doesn't want to go on anymore. I have seen so many things, had so many wondrous adventures, which are portrayed here in this book. But the one thing that I wanted to see the most, is you.

While I am writing this I realize that, when you read this, I won't be around anymore. This long, long summer is finally coming to an end. Before my time is up, I wanted you to have this book, to see our time together once again. And I wanted you to read these words. Because I want you to know that you were always in my heart, George. Wherever I went, you were there with me, just like you said. I never loved someone as much as I loved you. 

Your Bea


Before she closes the door, Mary takes one last, long look at George. She can't help but feel pity for the old man. After she was done reading the book to him, he fell apart. And Mary held him, comforted him, while the old man was sobbing uncontrollably. Now, he was sitting in his old chair once again, the one facing the window. Even though it was dark outside, Mary knew that this didn't matter. For she could see the little lines around his eyes moving, ever so slowly, as George was re-living his past. His bony hands were folded over his chest, the tremors no longer visible. And there, placed gently between his fingers, lay the dried rose. 

Without making a sound, Mary closed the door to his room, and never came back. 

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

(Dibs on Secrets in the Serpents)

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Secrets in the Serpents

Beginning: There once was a village, high upon a mountain. Not much to say, except that they have snakes. Lots, and lots, of snakes. This village is very well known for the slaying of snakes to make boots, belts, and whatnot. One day, a man slays a snake to find an amulet inside. He gives it to his wive, who gives it to her newborn daughter, Dracella. As she grows, her skin is somewhat weird feeling and her legs were shorter than usual. One day, she goes missing, and it is up to a boy named Aiden to find her.

Middle: Aiden goes on a quest to find and reclaim the serpent-girl, and comes face-to-face with an old man, who nearly kills Aiden in an accident. The old man tells his name, Drake, and a story about the Amulet of Dragons. When one wears it, the odds of the serpentines (Snakes, lizards, dragons, serpents, etc.) are in one's favor. Only five were ever discovered, one of which he had. He gives it to Aiden to help him on his quest. Meanwhile, in the village, it is hectic. Dragons burn houses and serpents crush buildings, in search of the secret sixth medallion, which had total control over serpentines.

End: Aiden wears the amulet and summons to him a dragon to lead him to Scale Cave, the beehive of serpentines. As they near, the amulet starts to glow and pull Auden into a crack in the Earth. As he is pulled in, the dragon clings to him, desperately trying to get him out. They both fall, right into the Chamber of Queens. Aiden sees Dracella, almost fully transformed into a dragon. Her scales formed on her like a dress and wings were like a bat's. A huge dragon stood next to her, scales as black as night. He was the King. She was the Queen. Her face was miserable, terrified, even, as she sat on a rock shaped like a chair or throne. A small white dragon was standing in front of them, reading from a faded parchment. They were being established as mates. Aiden, with translating help from his dragon, challenges the King dragon in a final battle. Aiden rides on his dragon and slays the King with his sword. He is recognized by the serpentines as King, and worshipped by the serpents. He and Dracella go back to the kingdom, restore peace, and recover the sixth medallion. They lived happily, slither after. *Dragon flies in as credits cone on*

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Bonus (The Big Battle Scene)

Aiden draws his sword. "I challenge you, King, to a battle for Dracella!"

Aiden's dragon starts to speak in serpentine, translating Aiden's words. The King grunts, and the serpentine kingdom backs up from the way of their leader.It is silent, until the King screeches at a high pitch, and the entire chamber becomes a battlefield. 

"Come'on, buddy, let's get 'im!" Aiden hops on his dragon and they fly. The King is much bigger now, and seems to be absorbing energy from the lava chambers below.

"Go!" The dragon swoops, and Aiden strikes the King in the tail with his sword. The King shoots back with a nasty bite, which misses. 

The fight continues to go on, Aiden striking the King and the King becoming weaker. Then, all of a sudden, one of the King's claws connect with Aiden's shoulder, and Aiden falls, landing with a large thud. The dragon screeches as he too is knocked to the ground, next to Aiden.

Blood starts to pool around Auden's shoulder.

Will I make it?

The King shoots a fireball and the dragon blocks Aiden with himself, nearly killing himself in the process.

Aiden suddenly remembers what Draco had told him.

"Remember, boy, sacrifice may be loss, but it gives us strength."

Aiden feels strength run through his blood, powering every muscle. He grabs his sword and runs to the King, stabbing it hard through his leg. "You're nothing but a traitorous reptile, you, hurting your own kind like that!"

The King shoots more fireballs, shooting Aiden into the air. Just at the right moment, Auden runs his sword through the King's heart, and red spews all around him. The King scrabbles to keep upright, and crashes to the ground, crumbling the earth. He falls into the lava chambers, doomed to drown in fire and magma.

Aiden drops his sword, runs to his dragon, and covers his wing as the King connects with the lava, causing a massive explosion. He loses consciousness as a stalagtite hits his head.


As he wakes up, he sees the bloodstained sword.

The deed is done.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

End in the Stars for me.

Beginning: A demon roams a dark forest, quickly growing his army. His plan is to invade the villages of a large kingdom, take over said kingdom, and soon conquer the world. Once the world is his, he can raise the undead and keep the humans and animals as slaves.

Middle: A young man practices fighting with his family until he hears about the demon. However, he also knows that the Star Keepers, which were an elite force that fought with both weapons and magic, would defend the world from this threat. The Star Keepers plan to capture the demon and enslave him into the constellations. The man soon falls into the grasp of the demon, and he struggles to keep his sanity.

End: The man who wanted to be a hero stays with the Star Keepers in hopes of protecting his mind from the demon. The demon finds him at a small camp in the mountains. The hero is placed under the demon's horrifying spell, and his sanity is lost forever. The man turns on the Star Keepers and kills two of them. However, the chief of the Star Keepers calms him down and tells him to fight against the demon, and not the innocent people and Star Keepers. After years of encouragement, the man finally turns on the demon, attempting to kill the beast. However, the demon slays the man. The aura of the man's true power during his death blinds the demon, and the beast falls to his death. The man was honored, and he receives a special place in the stars- a line of bright stars known as the Light of Courage.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Friday! I'm impressed by the participation on that last one. 9 entries. Considering not all of them have been finished (*cough*IAP*cough*) and I feel like giving both you guys and myself a break today ... Omnipresent tropes! Basic, accepted principals of stories. :P Like ...
   The Antagonist
    Background Music
    Back Story
    Character Death
    The Climax
    Distinctive Appearances
    The End
    Earn Your Fun
    Evil Is Not Pacifist
    Evil Virtues
    Fiction Never Lies
    Fourth Wall
    The Good Guys Always Win
    Happy Ending
    Hero Protagonist
    The Leader
    Like Reality Unless Noted
    Men Are Tough
    Plot Device
    The Protagonist
    Punch line
    Reality Is Unrealistic
    Rising Conflict
    Static Character
    Third Person Flashback
    Unique Items
    Villains Act, Heroes React
    Villain Antagonist
    Women Are Delicate

... Pick five and use them to write five sentences. Each sentence must pertain to at least one of the five tropes you chose, but you can mix and match as you want. (If you want examples: )

Bonus: Invert or subvert your chosen tropes in five more sentences. :D

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

@31TeV @ecoLyte @TheNewIAP @Ogre11 @SpartacustheGreat @Morgan_R @Swiftstryker @betaband @nmelssx @Sethaniel @Malkalack @Briar_Rose @MatGods @Wolfmist @bjhovey @AWarriorFan @FazzTheMan @Claw2k11 @Romulus @ISentinelPenguinI @GrottyStatute74 @WarriorCatsRPS @Confused @jamescoker1226 @pinkalily21 @NeoTheCreator @jaryeth @DerpBacon @Penworth

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Not a single entry, huh? >_>'

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Because it's not a very good topic to discuss or write about. Can you make something else?

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

The topic is the basics of writing, as it has been for this entire week, and no, I am not making another exercise for yesterday. Today and tomorrow are my days off from hosting and week six is over. I'm a little surprised, though.

None of you have any interest in writing a sentence about a hero, or a tough guy, or about a dramatic climax? You guys can't make anything interesting out of these concepts ... ? If the topic is the issue, then I've said before, hosting this takes a lot of time and effort, and I'm a busy person. If you'd like a specific exercise or you have a good idea--as I said in all the previous weeks--tell me. I will see if I can use it. I would like help with this kind of thing.

Also, just as a fair notice: If enough days go by without an entry, I will stop hosting.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Dang it, now I wish my dad hadn't taken away my tablet yesterday.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Can we still post? I mean, will you still accept it? (wasn't able to post)

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

To be fair to people who just weren't available on the day, I usually consider the week 'open' until I've scored it. Haven't scored this one yet, so it's technically open. (That said, I do encourage new-comers to go back and do old exercises from 'closed' weeks, I just don't count them because that's purely for their benefit.)

Edit: @Penworth Bravo. Your entry was very good. :)

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

The Antagonist: Lord Blackwood was a heartless noble lord, who was feared by all his slaves, because of his harshness.

Backstory: Jarred Blackwood had not been always a heartless man; he used to be a cheery young man once but everything in him changed suddenly when the lady he had been courting for seven months died in a fire.

Character Death: The dancing flames of the burning house wrapped itself around him as Lord Blackwood remembered the very death of his first love.

Hero Protagonist: Daros was the young slave boy of Lord Blackwood who was sold by his own father to earn money for the family; he is harshly treated by the men of Lord Blackwood and because of this, he longs to find his freedom.

Happy Ending: Daros persuades some other slaves to join him in his escape but as they flee under the darkness of the night, tragedy strikes as a fire is created by their torches; three of them die in the flames along with Lord Blackwood.

(i made a story out of the tropes)

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago
Technically it still hasn't been scored, so even though I'm late, well, yesterday was busy...

The Antagonist: Carl's lip curled up in a sneer as he looked down from the balcony at the hero.

Fourth Wall: Because that's what happens when you are reading about such things, isn't it?

The Good Guys Always Win: Jim looked down and pulled the sword from the body of Carl, watching the life drain from the evil mastermind.

Punch Line: "No, I says, I says, you can't get aluminum foil here!"

Happy Ending: And they lived happily ever after.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

The Antagonist: He looked over and saw that the good-looking man with all the women was actually Carl!

Fourth Wall: Ok, I'm not really sure how to subvert this one. By NOT breaking the fourth wall and writing normally?

The Good Guys Always Win: Carl looked down and pulled the sword from the body of Jim, watching the life drain from the good guy.

Punch Line: Again, I really don't know how to break this one. Do I write nothing and forget the punch line?

Happy Ending: And they lived in misery all the days of their lives.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Men are tough. After three days of no sleep Rick continued to work on the wall.

The leader. Watching the soldiers fall an die antelas rose up from her position and roused the citizens to form a militia.

Character death. James survived the battle just to be stabbed by his friend.

Background Music. As the tension rose in the haunted house Dale heard humming coming from his back. "Jasper I don't know what is more scary this house or your background music."

Unique items. The champion of the war was given the legendary sword dragon's bane.


Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Hero Protagonist: Arch stood and picked up his sword from the fallen serpent.

Villains Act, Heroes React: Because of Black Star's death grenade creation, the heroes set out on a journey to deactivate it.

Evil Is Not Pacifist: King Silence had a dirty plan to plunge the world into World War III.

Men Are Tough: The men of the kingdom all trained with heavy weapons to become knights.

Character Death: "Remember me...." Prince Cristal muttered as he slowly disintegrated.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

(Bonus included)

Character Death: As he choked his final breath through a mouthful of blood, the world that he'd given his life for faded into oblivion. He shoved the image from his mind and turned away from the battlefield.

Distinctive Appearances: If it weren't for the deep crease across his scalp, awarded to him in battle, he might just be another face in the crowd. It's amazing what a helmet can obscure.

Happy Ending: The roar of the crowd trumpeted their return and their victory!  If only they were deserving of this high honor.

Men Are Tough: Grimacing through the pain, he threw his fist into the air and roared. Then his knees buckled and he crumpled into a fetal position, bawling like a little girl.

Women Are Delicate: She could feel that all their eyes were now on her, so she melted into a tiny ball. The Colosseum imploded in the background and she smiled to herself as she disappeared into the crowd.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

The Good Guys Always Win: The hero rises up and crushes the evil Vegetron with his mighty sumo weight.

Women are Delicate: She pricked her finger on the spinning wheel and fell dramatically, her arm splayed against her forehead.

Men Are Tough: With his hammer, Alec raised his arm and the hammer plummeted down, only to meet his fist in a bloody scene, but he kept on plummeting, and plummeting....

Character Death: After days of scorching, famine, and plague, Thomas died by the hands of his best friend Chuck, who had been overtaken with the terrible sickness that instilled insanity into his gentle mind.

Happy Ending: Elisabeth and the dragon rode off into the sunset, the sky streaked with soft rays of lavender purple.

Distinctive Appearances: Her sleek body easily melted into the crowd, those burning green eyes disappeared, and her jet black hair wavered in the wind as she stepped away, silent for a thousand years.


Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago


(Subtractions from regular 5, 10, and 15 point additions are made for missing sentences and incomplete scenes. Keep in mind, please, that you are allowed to work on scenes / sentences for the entire week, I will count exercises that you went back and finished, but once Saturday hits, the work you've done is judged ... with the exception of weeks where I am late in giving you guys your score.)  

@ISentinelPenguinI - 12
@jaryeth - 50
@31TeV - 5 
@Ogre11 - 70
@TheNewIAP - 75
@DerpBacon - 15
@Penworth - 10
@betaband - 5
@Romulus - 15
@Wolfmist - 15
@WarriorCatsRPStories - 6

Note: Not counting TacocaT, as she did not wish to be added.

This Week's Winner:  TheNewIAP! o.0 

Second Place:  Ogre11!

Third Place: jaryeth!

Bravo, all of you. Sadly, I cannot give out bonus points just because I especially like your idea or because you did a particularly awesome job because that's a little too subjective on my part. Nevertheless, you guys did great. Some of the entries were wonderfully funny, some were rather tragic, and some were honestly quite beautiful... I really hope these exercises are inspiring you guys to keep writing and to create full stories.

Important Note: I need suggestions or assistance with weekly themes. If you have ideas, please PM me with them.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six

6 years ago

Make more prompts! I'm so lonely and idealess now