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Cabin 49

Cabin 49: The bedbugs will do more than just bite!

Ah, Mulegog Lake. A place that provides some much-needed relaxation. You've rented out a cabin on the lake, complete with a jacuzzi and a dock. This week is going to be awesome!

However, something about Cabin 49 seems ominous... Surely, it just has to be your imagination!

Author's Note: This story, at the beginning, will appear as some form of "vacation simulator," but as you continue to play, it will evolve into a horror storygame.

Fun Fact: This game was originally going to be a full-blown vacation sim with nothing scary whatsoever, but AppDude has the vacation concept covered with his outstanding "MyVacation" storygame.

Disclaimer: The characters, places, and events of this storygame are all made up. If any of the content is related to something in another work of literature, media, or just something in real life, it is a complete coincidence. (Especially the fact that the main character is Tom and his best friend is Jerry. I didn't even notice that until now.)


Furpocalypse: When humans go rabid...

It's a dull day in a dull small town. Life is normal. Pop bread into the toaster, get toast. Open up the fridge, get food. Turn on the sink, get water.

But turn on the television, all hell breaks loose...


This storygame is not meant to offend furries: it is to describe the ones that wear fursuits in public who will become infected with a disease strangely only affecting furries.

The Battlemaster

The Battlemaster: The storygame based off of the game based off of the game built on the game!

John Kiltin was a simple young man living in the kingdom of Narshen in the Middle Ages. He was a poor and lowly meat salesman, who, of course, was a bit unsuccessful. John still pushed himself forward in hopes of being a more successful person. And that's just what happened.

This storygame is both story and game, combining a fantasy story with RPG-like gameplay. This game uses variables to advance in the game.

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