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The Clean Up

7 years ago

It's been a long while since I write stuff. In an attempt to get my butt back to writing stuff for my story or just to be more productive, I'm gonna write stuff.

Hope it could entertain some people. This one is my own mini-sequel to Mason's writing. I hope he's okay with it.

My writing might not be that good though. So I apologize for any error.

Please don't take any offense to my opinions of CYS in the writing. I don't mean to start an argument, just showing my thoughts and writing for fun.


Days after SwedishLemons' defeat...


"Come on in!" a voice from the inside yells.

The figure opens the door. He sees a robotic person sitting on a sofa. His body is almost entirely made up of mechanical components, but his head is organic. Well... not purely organic though. Most of it comes from extensive surgery. It's questionable if he has any purely original human parts.

That cyborg sitting over there is Raven.

"Oh... it's you," says the cyborg.

"So you're still alive after all the things you've been through," the figure answers.

The visitor appears to be a wolf-human originating from DerpBacon's Wolf God Empire. He has a gray fur and silver eyes. He is dressed in a black suit. He sits on the other sofa.

The wolf-human begins to speak. "So they hired you, and you did your job. Seems like you fixed your reputation."

"Mhm, I guess. Redeemed myself by contributing something to the modern adventure category."

"It's good to see you being a less shitty Cystian."

"Cystian? Y'know Max... I ain't Cystian anymore."

"Oh, right, right."

Max pauses for a second, before remembering Raven's affiliation.

"I know you're not as patriotic like us and you switched to a community which is better to you. But you're still here... and you fight for us."

"Some things I don't like about CYS, but I still like it. Just not as patrotic as I used to be."

"So tell me Raven, why did you kill some Cystian bounty hunters months before?"

Raven pauses for a while. Shit. He doesn't know what to say. If he does so, more patrotic Cystian would disagree and hate him for doing that.

"Raven, just say it. I'm not going to hate you."

"Fine," Raven agrees. "Be sure not to bitch about it."

Raven explains his reasons. Why he kills some Cystians. Why he hates some of them. Why he is cynical about CYS.

"I know some noobs are just plain dumb and only make trouble. But some others act good. The ones that act good should be treated well.

The reason I killed those bounty hunters? I felt like they mistreated Crescent and some other noobs that didn't deserve it.

Breezy... she didn't deserve that. Not to mention of how uncivil some discussions or debates can be.

It's like that we have to be sarcastic or dickish to be a part of the 'cool kids' or something. I hate that. Kiel might broke the securiry protocol. He deserved the demotion, but people should have treated him better. I'm expecting a some sort of bias.

But I'm glad that CYS gets better. Still... shits can still happen."

"I see... I have a similar reason why I don't like some things too. But that doesn't stop me from loving Cystia, unlike you."

"Good... finally someone who respects other's opinion."

Max summons a tablet with his magical power. The magical aura shapes into it and the tablet falls into his hands.

Max smiles at Raven. "By the way... if you are interested... I got a task for you. I think you'd like it."

Raven smiles back. "Show me."


Max views through the files and briefs Raven on the task.

SwedishLemons might have been defeated by the heroes of Cystia. But Cystia will never be always safe, and our enemies just won't give up.

Our scout units report stragglers still hiding deep in the jungle of this little continent near the sci-fi region. It is predicted that they are a mix of sci-fi and fantasy-based enemies. So be sure to be able to counter their mixed capabilities.

The scouts said that they're just bunch of ragtags. So it should be easy for you. But they are still unsure about their whole forces there. Don't take it lightly.

You will be inserted into the area of operation via a stealth aircraft and with the informations that we gathered, you will have to search for them and eliminate every single threat.

The numerous trees and jungle environment might render some of our info to be less accurate. So be cautious, and if you happen to encounter heavy resistance, you can either inform Cystian forces about it or just deal with it with your own mercenary force.

If you happen to see anything valuable, either keep them intact or bring them to us.

"You up for this, Raven?" Max asks.

"As long I get paid, it's a yes," Raven cheerfully says.

"Alright then. Come with me."

As Max and Raven stand up from their sit, Raven asks something.

"Can I let my force to deal with it in the beginning of the mission?"

"Of course you can."

"Thing is, I'll probably just observing my guys doing the job in the war room. I'm getting tired of all the action I've been doing."

Max raises an eyebrow. "I thought you always want to kick ass personally."

"Heh, not for this time. I'd probably invite a few friends for this one too."

"Sure... sure... I don't care how you do it, just be sure to get the job done."

"My commandos and some Cystians will teach them."

The Clean Up

7 years ago

I missed this. Good job, looking for more.

The Clean Up

7 years ago

Thanks. I'll be continuing this later.

The Clean Up

7 years ago

Am I gonna be in it? :o

The Clean Up

7 years ago

Not sure, but I'll be using the less-known members as characters too. So it's a possibility.

The Clean Up

7 years ago

28 hours later
In the jungle...


It's quite hot in this little continent. A lot of trees and bushes. The Robloxians, trolls, or whatever they are could have placed pesky traps in places like this. So the commandos have to be careful.

First Lieutenant Lynx, the squad leader of Raven's mercenary force commando squad, reports in.

"Central command, this is Nemesis. No sign of enemy presence so far. Any update, over?"

Raven, which is sitting in the war room far away from the area of operation, stop slurping his milkshake and responds.

"Central command to Nemesis. Our drones are jammed with a some sort of jamming device. So we couldn't give any intel at the moment.

See if you can find that jamming device. How copy, over?"

"Nemesis here. Understood. We'll sweep across the hill and see if we can find anything. Over."

"Good to know. Now proceed with the mission. Out."

Raven continues to enjoy his milkshake while witnessing the commandos from their camera feeds. Meanwhile, Lynx and other squad leaders turn to their own squad.

There are three squads of commandos. One from Raven's mercenary force. One from Mason's force, and another from WizzyCat's army of Kibbles. Lynx squad has the callsign Nemesis. Mason's commando squad is Mako. WizzyCat's commando squad is Salamander.

The leader of Mason's commandos is MasonCzarGuzzi. He has been resurrected from his grave to help Raven do his job. Great Father EndMaster would be angry when he finds out about this, but Raven hopes that he can convince him...

Nah, EndMaster would probably whack him for this.

Second Lieutenant Felin is in charge of the Kibble commando squad.

Each squad has five members, and one of them is the squad leader.


The commandos move through the jungle for more than five hundred meters in their search for the enemy. Finally, they found a tiny village up in the hill.

Lieutenant Felin climbs on a tree and observes through her binoculars. She sees several enemy guards in the village, with a few weapon emplacements being set up. The guards guarding the village are mostly Robloxians armed with assault rifles and light machine guns with sci-fi like outfits. The patrols walking around the village have various melee weapons on their back, such as swords, axes, and polearms with knight-ish armors. Some of the fantasy guards patroling probably know magic as well.

"I see more than twenty. Taking 'em all out silently won't be possible, so we have to go loud for this one. But we can give them a nasty surprise first," Felin suggests.

"What else did you find?" Lynx asks.

Felin toggles magnetic vision on her goggles and she can see through the houses. A few unarmed people, could be either guards relaxing or civilians. But one thing that has her attention is an armored vehicle in a garage. She sees several figures getting out from the vehicle, all heavily armed with guns and blades.

Then, the heavily armed enemies spread out and two of them are having a conversation. With the help of a long-range recorder, Felin listens to their talking.

"Sir, subject nine's body has been transferred to the main base. The forensic engineers will be working on her," a male voice says.

The other man laughs, before saying "Good... good... I can't wait to see those bastards cowering before the might of our latest biotic engineering. Soon we'll have an army of powerful beings that can tackle on anything the Cystian army bring to us."

Shit. Sounds like a bad indicator. Who the hell is Subject Nine? Who is she? Felin wonders...

"Now prepare the documents, lieutenant. I need to go see the man soon."

"Will do, sir."

Central command and other commandos also hear this since the commandos' HUD and interface system are shared with their comrades, and the central command is watching them.

Well... time to pay them a visit and find out who is actually Subject Nine.


To be continued soon...

The Clean Up

7 years ago

Okay then. Keep writing.

The Clean Up

7 years ago

MasonCzarGuzzi and his commandos activate their stealth devices. Their jar helmets produce a cloaking field, rendering them to blend with their environment. The men get to a high ground and crawl beneath the bushes. They ready their automatic weapons, which can decimate the patrols in a matter of seconds.

"Mako in position," MasonCzarGuzzi reports.

Squad Nemesis is hiding on trees. Their commandos are armed with battle rifles and sniper rifles, thus they support other squads from long range.

"Nemesis in position."

Squad Salamander get in closer to the village and crawl near the tall grass. Their stealth camo make it almost impossible for the guards to see them. Their flamethrower and arsenal of close-range weaponry will annihilate their defenses.

"Salamander in position."

All squads are ready. So Lynx signals the attack.

"Engage in three... two... one!"

Bullets with red tracers are sprayed into the guards. The patrols go down in a matter of seconds. The guards don't manage to crew the weapon emplacements set up as they are dead before they can fire their guns. The surviving enemies hide in nearby cover, being confused where the commandos' fire come from.

Squad Salamander get up and assault their positions with grenade launchers. One of the Kibbles pulls out a flamethrower and burn the houses and cover.

Bodies flying across their hiding -- sometimes without legs or arms. Some Robloxian soldiers running around screaming as fire catches them.

"Pour it on them, lads!" MasonCzarGuzzi orders.

Squad Mako fire their automatic weapons against the burning soldiers. It is unnecessary since they are already burning to death, but MasonCzarGuzzi is just... ruthless.

The squads regroup by the entrance and proceed to sweep across the tiny village.


Meanwhile, in a shack where prisoners are being held...

"Sir, why can't we just kill the prisoners?!" A Robloxian sergeant yells.

"No! Major said that they are of importance for our secret project!" The lieutenant replies.

"But they're getting closer!"

"Fuck! Fine... kill them! We'd rather not to let them have their guys."

Alas, it is too late for the Robloxian soldiers. The door has been kicked, and a grenade is tossed inside. A Robloxian corporal sacrifices himself by lying on top of the grenade. The grenade explodes, tearing the soldier's chest to shreds. But the lietenant and sergeant are still alive thanks to him.

Still... the corporal's sacrifice is pointless.

The Kibble commandos storm in and kill the sergeant with a shotgun blast to his head. The lieutenant pulls out his pistol, but a Kibble commando disarms him and knocks him down to the floor. He ties him up and let the other commandos to search for the prisoners.

With their magnetic vision mode on their visors, they easily find where the prisoners are. They head to the basement and find six figures having their whole body tied with ropes and their mouth covered with duct tapes.

From left to right, Felin identifies them as:
- Seto
- Charaxes
- Eshpoyeofdoom
- Gatman
- Kingler1140
- TharaApples

They kidnapped some members of the CYS Weekly Newspaper staff (and one non-staff)! How dare they...

The Kibbles use their knife to untie the ropes before ripping off the duct tapes.

"Ouch!" One of them grunts when a commando rips the tape off from his mouth.

"Who are you guys?" Gatman asks.

"We're special forces from the joint operation between the Cystian army and Raven's mercenary force. We're here to get you out," a commando answers.

"It's good to see you guys!" Eshpoye cheerfully says.


Somewhere in the village...

Raven's commandos are having a fierce battle with the royal guards of the Lemon's army. The commandos are more capable, but the royal guards outnumber them from two to one. Although not as capable as the commandos, they prove to be challenging opponents.

A royal guard charges toward Lieutenant Lynx with his greatsword. Lynx dodges his attack and parries the second before slashing him in the chest. His sword cut deep through his body. The royal guard takes a step back and falls to his knee. Lynx finishes him off by cutting his body in half.

Another royal guard carrying a longsword fights him. Lynx fires two rounds from his pistol, only for the royal guard to deflect the shots. Both get into a swordfight until Lynx manages to get the upper hand and shoots him in the head.

The other commandos are struggling against the royal guards. They use any mean of necessary to defeat them, such as using gun and sword at the same time or planting a grenade on their body.

After a while, Salamander eventually help them and finish off the royal guards with a hail of bullets from their automatic weapons.

Squad Nemesis have a man shot in the leg by a royal guard. His nanomachines and combat suit help him to mitigate the pain, but he won't be as good as when he is uninjured. So one of the members of the squad ends up tending his wound while the others check around the village.


"Czar, where's that officer who talked about Subject Nine?" Lynx asks.

"Don't worry... he's not getting anywhere," MasonCzarGuzzi grins.

"What did you do?"

"Shocked him with a million and a half volts. He's a major by the way."


Suddenly, an armored vehicle breaks through a house. It's that APC that transported the major and the royal guards. Looks like a few soldiers managed to crew it.

The turret swivels to the commandos.

"Get the hell out!" Lieutenant Lynx yells.

The commandos run to the side to avoid the deadly autocannon firing. The wounded person is carried by a quick-thinking friend. With their agility and speed, they go faster than the autocannon can point at them and one of them plants an explosive charge on it. The explosive blows through the armor and rip the crews to shreds, thus destroying the internal compartment of the vehicle, rendering it inoperable and destroyed.

"That was so close. Good thing they're not good enough," Lynx comments.

"Yeah, these noobs are no match for us," MasonCzarGuzzi replies.


The settlement is secured. No more Robloxians around. Their job here is done. They inform central command about it and two platoons of stormtroopers and a few armored vehicles are being sent to guard the village.

It is expected that Lemon's forces already know that they are here. So they are expecting a counter-attack. 

Meanwhile, the Cystians wander around the village helping the commandos doing their stuff while Lynx and MasonCzarGuzzi play around with the major... trying to get information from him.

The Clean Up

7 years ago

That's.....a lot of commandos.

The Clean Up

7 years ago

There's a total of fifteen commandos. A bunch of nameless guys against a lot of LemonAIDS' troops.

The Clean Up

7 years ago

I have been saved! XD

The Clean Up

7 years ago

The trolls and troublemakers would never give up. They'll do anything to take down CYS for revenge.

The CYS newspaper staff have extraordinary abilities that would be very useful. And one of the bad guys is trying to get some Cystians to join him...

The Clean Up

7 years ago

I thought they just kidnapped me because I came from roblox.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Your 'beast soul' was defeated by the Cystian heroes. With that, you weren't corrupted anymore. But then, they kidnapped you to make you a 'powerful' being that will obey their command.

The Clean Up

7 years ago

I need to redeem myself for being so easily imprisoned. :l

Anyway, this was a pretty fun story :)

The Clean Up

6 years ago

The Robloxians were just too many...

And thanks!

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Awesome! Just had time to read through these threads. My squad would definitely be the ones with the flamethrowers and grenade launchers. :)

The Clean Up

6 years ago

In the war room...

Raven is pleased with the success. He lies back to his chair and relaxes. Before he could take another drink, a dark figure appears out of nowhere.

The figure pulls out a giant hammer of some sort. Raven tries to reach for his gun, but a mysterious force renders him unable to move. The dark figure smashes him with the hammer, breaking the chair and knocking Raven to the floor. It leaves several cracks on the floor.

The figure leaves a note and disappears. Raven, still aching from the big ass hammer, reads the note. It says,

"You'd better resurrect MasonCzarGuzzi for a good reason. Or else... you know what will happen."

'Mhm, mighty End,' Raven thinks. He's not sure if that person is EndMaster himself or one of his associates. It's clear that he has to get the mission done and proves him a good reason why he resurrected MasonCzarGuzzi for this.


In the shack...

Someone comes out from the door. The guy is First Lieutenant Lynx. He has medium-length black hair, blue eyes, and a fair skin. MasonCzarGuzzi is leaning on a wall beside him.

"How is it?" Czar asks.

"Bah..." Lynx sighs. "Shocked him. Punched him. Broke his arms. Injected a truth serum. And none of them work!" He mutters.

Lynx doesn't want to cut one of his arms or legs since it would result the major bleeding out to his death. He needs him alive until he spits all the he know out.

Czar raises an eyebrow. "I got something much more effective."


MasonCzarGuzzi opens his backpack. He takes two things from it, which are jars. But not the ordinary jars.

Lynx's eyes open widely. "Holy shit... why didn't I think of it?!"

"Mason jars... because why the fuck not?" Czar says. "You know it, buddy..."

Both men cheerfully say, "Shove a motherfucking Mason jar up his motherfucking ass! Fuckin' genius!"


20 minutes later...

Seto sits on the ground, drinking a bottle of water. It has been almost a day since the Robloxians gave him something to supper. He already ate a bread given by a commando, now he's relieving his thirst.

The sun begins to disappear. The night is coming. Seto wonders why the reinforcement hasn't arrived yet. So he talks to Felin about it.

"Umm... hey... Felin?" Seto shyly asks.

Felin turns around. "Mhm?" 

"When will our help arrive?"

"Their ETA is ten minutes."


"Estimated time to arrive."

"Oh, thank you!"

Not long after, Lynx gets out from the shack. TharaApples, who is practicing her magic as a witch, stops hovering apples around and asks the lieutenant.

"So... it went well?"

Lynx chuckles. "Shoved a Mason jar up his ass. He suddenly freaked out and screaming uncontrollably. 'Get that cursed thing away from me!' he yelled. He looked like he's in a great pain or something. So I pulled off the jar and he instantly told me everything he knew. After that, his heart suddenly stopped and... he died."

Thara smirks. "You're kidding me, right?"

"No. It WAS very effective!"

Thara and other Cystians who heard their conversation burst into laughter.

"Too bad Mason's gone. He should've made more of it!" Lynx says.

Lynx and the Cystians end up bantering about Mason jars, and the one true king of jars, MasonJarGuzzi. His soul would be proud.


The reinforcements finally arrived. Groups of stormtroopers drop out from the VTOL transports. Three main battle tanks are dropped by the village by the transports.

The stormtroopers are the backbone of Raven's mercenary force. Well-trained and equipped soldiers coming from various regions and realms to join as mercenaries. The bulk of them is mostly Cystians, but the PMC has been recruiting more and more soldiers from other worlds. Because non-Cystians would be less hesitant to do things what Raven did.

It's not like Raven will destroy Cystia or something. But Raven mostly operates out of Cystian military protocol and he does some things that some Cystians don't like. That's why he prefers to recruit non-Cystians for his private force.

The stormtroopers occupy the village and set up their base of operation there. The tanks park in the garage used to store the Robloxian armored vehicle (which is now destroyed).

Two of the VTOL warships land on an open ground in the village. Then, the stormtroopers carry things out from the aircrafts -- mostly supplies and important equipment for setting up their base.


Eshpoye greets Lieutenant Lynx and asks what he got from the major.

"What did you get?"

"He revealed the location of Ryder's hideout hidden deep in the jungle. He also showed the locations of their other places and details on their forces."

"Damn, that's a lot of information."

"It sure is. Anyway, we also got the documents which contain information on Subject Nine."

Eshpoye rolls his eyes. "Hmm... sounds interesting."

"So here it is."

Subject Nine is confirmed to be KitKatKaity's remain. Ryder plans to resurrect her and makes her even more powerful than before. Same as the Cystians that he kidnapped, but KKK... will be much more powerful.

Somehow KKK managed to get the essence of several Cystian heroes. The documents said that everyone who combatted her would give a very small part of their power to her. This is a mysterious magic of some sort. It's not sufficient for KKK to obtain their powers. But their plan is to get her back to their underground base and extract the Cystians' power essence.

In fact, KKK intended to get those heroes to fight her. Now they are carrying her remain back to their secret base.

If Ryder knows the secrets and powers the Cystians hold... it will be a really bad day. It could be possible that he will create an army of supersoldiers that are much more powerful than the Cystian heroes. We can't let this happen.

Also, Lynx wonders about Ryder...

"This sounds really bad," Eshpoye worries. "Can I put this in the news?"

"No!" Lynx argues. "The whole Cystia won't be allowed to know about this, and the operation itself. You'll write about all of this later when our business here is done."

"Hmm... I understand," Eshpoye replies.

"Only certain groups of people will be told about this. So don't tell the common folks."

"Got it."

The Clean Up

6 years ago

"gray fur and silver eyes"


Nonetheless, nice work!

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Derpino! :D

Anyway, the wolf-human is actually not you. But he comes from your Empire. A fictional character.

I'll be using a lot of fictional characters for this one. And more emphasis on the less popular members (and non-Cystians).

The Clean Up

6 years ago

The stormtroopers set up defenses including barriers and shields. The shield generator will produce a large circle of energy barrier surrounding a large area that protects the trooperd from various projectiles, though its active time is limited so the shield generator is only to be used when the situation deteroriates.

The deployable barriers act as the troopers' cover, acting like sandbags, but powered by kinetic barriers that can deflect projectiles.

After the barriers are set, the stormtroopers take up fighting positions, waiting for the enemy attack.

The tanks are parking behind the troopers. Taking a step back from science fiction engineering, they use threads instead of hovering vehicles technology. It lets the tank to absorb recoil better and supports more weight, thus allowing it to mount deadlier armament and better armor at the expense of mobility.

The main battle tanks are still maneuverable enough in the jungle though.

The three tanks are commandeered by soldiers originating from the realm "War Thunder", known for their proficiency in armored warfare and dogfighting. Aside from being vehicle crews, they also make for good soldiers too.


"Wake up! Report said that they're expecting four platoon-sized infantrymen and some monsters attacking us soon," A commando from Nemesis squad urges Charaxes to get up.

Charaxes gets up from her sweet dream that she had for a while. Ah, too bad she doesn't have much time for a break. Ryder-Lemon's army about to retake the village back ruins her rest.

She eyes the female commando who alerts her. Dark brown hair pulled back on a ponytail, brown eyes, and brown skin. On her back is a collapsible powerful anti-material sniper rifle that an average human wouldn't be able to handle, but the commando's enhancement allows her to do so.

"Sorry for the incovenience, but we got a company to deal with. So we need you to get ready," the commando says.

Charaxes, feeling that she should prove her worth, volunteers to fight. "Can I join the fight?"

The commando gasps. "You sure about that? We don't want you dead!"

"But I need to redeem myself. I haven't proved my worth much to Cystia and its people. So please, let me."

The commando tries to convince Charaxes to not join them, but she insists. Eventually, the commando lets her to join.

"Alright... alright... you're in. Try not to get yourself killed, though," the commando says.

"Thank you... and I don't think I know you."

"Oh, right. You can call me Raccoon."

"Cool," Charaxes praises. "Though I wonder why you guys are named after animals."

"That's just how the callsigns work in our units," Raccoon says.


After talking with a commando for some time, Seto notices the scratch on his armor. It leaves a small gap on the leg, presumably a wound.

"What happened to your leg?" Seto worries.

"Oh..." the commando glances at his wound. "One of those 'elite' bastards managed to shot me. The wound will be gone soon though. You know... we're all enhanced soldiers."

"Let me fix that," Seto says.

Seto puts his hand on the wound. His hand glows a purple aura. The commando feels a warm, sweet touch. Eventually, the wound is suddenly gone.

"Healing magic? Are you a healer?"

"A sorcerer to be precise, but I also know some healing magic."

"Thanks, buddy! I owe you a drink," the commando gratefully says.

"I'm glad to help," Seto smiles.

"Anyway, you can call me Hummingbird."

"Sure thing, Hummingbird. By the way, are you a Cystian?"

"No. I came as a Thunderer, doing mercenary job to gain more money for the 'grind' and adventure. Getting tired of sitting in a jet too, so once more I taste how it is to work on the ground on foot."


The Cystians insist on aiding the mercenary force in their defense, willing to prove their worth for Cystia. The commandos urge them to not to since they are worried about getting the Cystians killed, but eventually they let them.

The Cystians grab weapons from one of the aircrafts and return to join up with the stormtroopers.

They wait for enemy presence. The commander of a tank pops out from the hatch and looks around with his binoculars. He toggles magnetic vision. Still no sign of enemy.

It's getting night already. A few minutes later, a red flare was shot to the sky. Then, hordes of Robloxian soldiers, armed with swords and rifles, charge into the stormtroopers.

The stormtroopers aim their guns. The tank commander returns inside and talks with his crews via the vehicle's intercom. "Hordes of troops below! Sprenggranate laden!" Yells the commander.

The autoloader loads a high explosive fragmentation shell. After a few seconds, it is loaded and ready to fire.

"Beladen!" the loader shouts.

The tanks bombard the hordes with high explosive shells. The enemy infantrymen who are not killed by the explosions or fragmentation eat leads from the stormtroopers instead.

Seto looks up to the sky. Arrows are coming out from the green scenery and about to rain down upon them. Seto, Thara, and Charaxes create barrier fields with their magic and protect the stormtroopers.

"Arrows!" Seto yells.

The stormtroopers activate the shield generators, producing even more barrier fields. The raining arrows bounce away from the barriers while the tanks continue to wreak havoc among the blobs of infantry.

Several Robloxian walkers walk in only to get destroyed by the APFSDS shells of the tanks. Their height make them easy targets for the tanks.

"They still think their walkers are superior to tanks?" The tank commander says to his crews.

"That's funny," the driver says. "A walker wouldn't be able to have as much armor and armament like us. Beside, their height makes them easy to spot and shoot. Worse, we're on a higher ground, so they won't be able to shoot our top armor."

The crews laugh as the gunner continues to shoot the remaining walkers to junk. And the walkers' guns couldn't penetrate the frontal armor of the tanks at all.

Seto, Thara, and Charaxes launch several bolts of elements into the advancing hordes. Gatman, Eshpoye, and Kingler shoot them with their machine guns.

Fire continues to exchange from both sides. None of the Robloxians managed to touch the stormtroopers' defensive line due to their rival's superior firepower and better positions. In the end, the leader of the attack orders the surviving units to retreat. Only a few stormtroopers are killed while the Robloxians lost more than two hundred men.

"We... we won?" Thara asks.

"I guess so," a stormtrooper sergeant says. "They're rushing like the Japanese doing banzai charges or Russian penal battalions."

From the sentence he said, Thara suspects that the stormtrooper comes from the realm 'War Thunder' just like Raven. These soldiers seem to be really determined in doing their duty, and they relate a lot of things to WW2 too since their world is full of WW2 stuff.

"They could be doing this just to find out our strength and positions... well... I'm not sure," Raccoon shares her opinion.

"At least we can take a break for now," Lieutenant Lynx says, putting off his helmet.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

War never changes ;c

The Clean Up

6 years ago


The Clean Up

6 years ago

In the morning...

September, 1 A.E (After EndMaster)

Central command decides to launch an attack before the Robloxians manages to gather up their forces. The 2nd Storm Detachment will spearhead the assault against Lemon-Ryder forces stationed at an airfield.

Soldiers from the 5th Infantry Regiment will lead the charge supported by the 3rd tank battalion. The tanks will provide cover for the advancing infantry while destroying any hard targets such as vehicles and buildings to clear the path for the stormtroopers to move in.

A squadron of fighters and bombers will also engage the air force of the Robloxians.

This battle will be fought in both ground and air. A large-scale battle, indeed.


Meanwhile, somewhere behind the enemy line...

MasonCzarGuzzi stabs a Robloxian knight in the stomach repeatedly and boots him to the ground. The knight succumbs to his wounds and dies a few seconds later.

"Well... that's the last of 'em. The jammers have been disabled, so the air force should have a much easier time now," Czar says.

"Now to clear this place," Lynx says, pointing at the underground lab. "I wonder what's inside."

"My men will stand guard here. You take your commandos and the newspaper guys inside."


Lynx rallies his commandos and the Cystians. "We have no idea what's inside. So stay alert," he says.

Lynx swipes a keycard he took from a dead knight and the door opens. The group raises their weapons and enter the bunker cautiously.


During the fierce battle on Robloxian side...

"Where the hell are the dragons?" A Robloxian captain says, ducking under fire from the stormtroopers.

"A few of them should have come any minute now! But most of them are fighting aircrafts in the air!" A soldier responses.

The captain puts his weapon by his side and sits down. He sighs as a bullet almost hit him in the head.

"You know what, sergeant?!" The captain says loudly.

"What is it, sir?!" The sergeant yells as loud as possible, as the exllosions and firefight going on make them barely hear anything.

"Why our leaders waged war against the Cystians? Is it really necessary?"

"For vengeance and glory, of course!" The sergeant answers.

"No... they should just... stop."


"The Cystians might have done something bad for them. But our leaders have their own faults too."

"I don't think they have, sir!"

"Nah... Lord Lemon started it. He just thought he's always right, but he isn't. Great Lord Ryder... I don't know much about the chronicle. Maybe some Cystians did something that made him upset, but he shouldn't blame all the fucking Cystians for that and wage war on them.

We, and the Cystians, all have our own mistakes. Y'know... why does it have to be a goddamn war? He could just... abandon Cystia and forget about it. Now he brings us all to this shit, and their hired 'mercenary' force.

This is fucking ridiculous."

The captain looks to his right, only to see the sergeant lying beside him in a pool of blood. His chest is riddled with bullets.

"Goddamn it..."


Eight hundred meters away on Raven's mercenary force side...

"Where the hell is my air cover?!" Yells the Thunderer tank commander, Captain ChewyBarry.

The commanders of the four other tanks under his command hear him, but don't respond. His crew members wait silently for orders as the gunner fires another HE shell to the enemy line.

A radio message comes from the air force. "Red Star One, this is Katana One from first squadron. We are unable to provide any support. We're in a heavy fighting with Robloxian fighters and..."

"Katana One, come in. Katana One?"

"SHIT! It's a fucking dragon! Turn-"

An explosion is what Barry heard. After that, he loses signal with Katana One.

"Katana One? What's wrong? Come in, goddamn it! Grrr..."

Captain ChewyBarry turns his attention to his units.

"Alright, comrades. I think we're going to do this one the hard way. Show them what we got. All units, form on a formation and follow my lead."


In the underground lab...

Room after room they checked, and they haven't found anyone or anything interesting. There are stockpiles of weapons, ammunition, and magical gems in the armory. Most of them are conventional and inferior to the commandos' equipment, but there are certain things that caught their attention.

Custom-made swords and polearms...

Lynx inspects on a pair of what appear to be collapsible swords. He activates the swords and each of them produces a beam of plasma energy.

Collapsible plasma swords... how interesting.

Raccoon also tests out the polearm she grips. The polearm turns out to be a double-edged polearm, in other words, a twinblade. It's also plasma.

They find the plasma melee weapons to be superior to their blades. So they replace their existing blades with these plasma blades.

The commandos decide to take the custom-made melee weapons, the magical gems, and plant an explosive inside the armory and leave.

Two of them enter an empty room. Inside lays some badly decomposed bodies of human beings. Suddenly, the door behind them closes. The other commandos try to open the door, but it's too strong to be cut, even with plasma.

And the pair eventually face a powerful enemy...

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6 years ago

I want to fly on a broom and lob apple bombs and other apple accessories that explode as a power. Good work as always in writing these, it makes me want to try a hand at one of these things myself. 

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Seto and Thara raise their blades. Suddenly, they hear a morphing sound behind them. They turn around to see a figure in a black coat.

"Good... now that you two are here. Any more pigs to kill?" He says.

Seto looks to Thara."Who do you think he is?"

"Hell if I know."

The figure throws away his coat and reveals himself.

"B-Brennon?!" The pair says simultaneously.

Brennon wears a combat outfit that somrwhat resembles Raven's cyborg body. He has various weapons at his disposal, from twin swords to two machine pistols resting in his holsters. His combat visor covers his face.

"Lord Ryder brought me back to life. Feels pretty good," Brennon says as he walks in circle around Seto and Thara.

Seto and Thara spread out and take up fighting positions.

"Cystia? Cystia? All you guys glorify this world full of crap?" Brennon sneers.

"You did something very terrible, Brennon," Thara says. "As crap as Cystia can be, This world will always be unique and good in its own way. And you... are one of those people who ruined thid world."

"Why don't you join us instead? Kill all the mods, kill the famed people, and hog all the glory. It'll be fun!" Brennon says.

"Never, you monster," Seto replies. "Cystia is a world free for everyone. There might be some problems or assholes, but you just gotta deal with it. That's just how everything works. But overall, we're a good community, better than most cancerous places. But you, Brennon! You don't know that what you did is very unacceptable, do you?!"

Brennon sighs. "Bah. I guess you leave me no choice then," he says, pulling out his machine pistols. "Fuck chit-chatting, let's just settle this... with bloodsheds."

"As you wish," Thara says, preparing her arsenal of apple bombs.


In the air...

The dragons are very resilent and have destroyed many aircrafts. But eventually, hail of rockets fired from the mercenary fighters bring them all down. The mercenary fighters continue to fend off the Robloxian air force trying to destroy their bombers.

"Katana Five to Naginata One," a fighter pilot communicates as he evades from the dogfight.

"Go, Katana Five," Naginata One responds.

"We got more and more Robloxian fighters on our tail. We need your squadron to be here ASAP."

"Our ETA is one minute. Just hang on."


On the other side...
Naginata One - IronPanther

IronPanther, designated as Naginata One, leads his squadron to ambush incoming Robloxian fighters coming to intercept.

Iron has always dreamed of being a Star Scavenger. And he became one. In order to gain more money and prestige, he volunteered in the 2nd Storm Detachment as a fighter pilot.

Iron signals his fighter squadron to form in a formation. Then, he orders them to activate their stealth device. The fighters become nearly invisible, undetectable by radar.

"Let's do this, gentlemen."

Iron and his fighters climb to get to a better altitude, before they go down to strike the large group of Robloxian fighters coming to the bombers. The bombers must be protected at all costs.

Once they are close enough, the mercenary fighters open fire with their autocannons and missiles. The Robloxian fighters don't expect that. As a result, many Robloxian fighters are destroyed.

IronPanther's squadron bypasses the large group of Robloxian fighters and make for another turn and try to gain better altitude to their enemies.

Their stealth device has been automatically turned off. The stealth device needs some time to recharge.

"Nice one, Naginata One!" Katana Five praises.

"Rock and awe, Katana Five!" IronPanther replies.

Raven's mercenary force fighters have deadlier armaments, better protected, and faster speed while the Robloxian have superior manueveribility.

That's why it is not advised for the mercenary fighters to attempt to outturn the Robloxian fighters. Instead, they have to make use of their faster speed and stronger chassis to initiate 'boom and zoom' fighting style compared to Robloxian 'turnfighting'.

The Robloxians take more casualties, but their fighters have downed a plenty of mercenary fighters and a few bombers. The Robloxian air force fares much better than their ground force.

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I loved this, but now I'm getting curious as to why it seems like me and Seto are always paired up in these things. (Not just the stories made by you xc) Hmmmmm.

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I'm curious about that too.

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I dunno, Coincidence, I suppose, But well... #SetoThara sounds great.

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Where did my people go!?

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Doing "commando" stuff behind enemy lines.

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Well, that's it. My originally fun, casual story has been fucked to bits. Literally, this could not be farther than my intentions.

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Whoops, I guess...

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But it's entirely up to you. This doesn't have to be canon.



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This is actually pretty good! Keep writing!

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In the war room...

"Raven," Max calls out.

"Mhm?" Raven answers, still looking at the interface to check the status of his units and the battlefield.

"Their defenses are tough. Looks like you'll take some losses," Max says.

"Yeah, I know. Their air force is quite capable as well, managing to down some of our bombers, which are tough nuts to crack.

I wouldn't sent forces from the other areas since they are heavily guarded with battery guns. It would be a waste of manpower and resources, so attacking them directly is the only option."

"Try not to lose too many units though."

"I'll try to minimize the casualties. That's why I'm drafting Penal Battalions. Those 'hated' and dumb individuals will redeem themselves for their land... with their own blood."

"That's why I like it. Better than banishment since we can put them to good use in times like this."

"Anyway, once we seize the airfield, we'll make it our second forward base. Then, I'll have the detachment to split into three groups. They will eliminate every enemy guarding around their main base before attacking them from all directions.

In other words -- encirclement."

"Yeah, not bad."


Seto gets pushed into the wall, and Brennon knocks Thara to the floor.

"Cystian bastards!" Brennon yells.

Brennon is a strong opponent indeed. But Seto and Thara have each other. As long they work together to exploit his weaknesses, they would win the fight.

Seto dashes to Thara with a lightning gaze and summons portals. Thara uses the portals to warp from various places to land hits on Brennon while Seto keeps him distracted with his bolts of energy.

As Brennon spray his guns at Seto, Thara jumps into the air and launches apple bombs at him. A few of the bombs managed to hit him, but they deal no significant damage. Brennon is just really tough.

Brennon throws a smoke grenad and the whole room is couded with smoke. Seto and Thara back up each other. Brennon pulls out his swords and attack from various sides, using hit and run playstyle.

Despite that, the pair still put up a good fight.


In the battlefield...

"AP. Five hundred meters. Fire!" ChewyBarry orders.

His tank fires an armor piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot filled with two hundred grams of explpsive into a Robloxian tank. It pierces through the hull and explodes near the engine, killing most of the crews and destroying some interior compartment.

The stormtroopers are taking some casualties from machine gun fire. They rely on the tanks as cover. Barry orders his tanks to form on a formation and move forward.

It isn't long until his tank unit encounters two enemy tanks, but larger and deadlier ones. Their rounds are unable to penetrate their frontal armor, but the Robloxians can destroy their counterparts.

Barry sees one of his tanks destroyed by the heavy tank.

"Blyat! We lost Red Star Three!" One of his tanks reports.

"I don't know what those tanks are, but flank them or disable them first," Barry orders.

Red Star tanks throttle faster and fire their main guns whilst on the move. Accurate shots from them hit the heavy tanks in the tracks and main guns, thus disabling their movement and breaking the main gun or its autoloader.

Then, they proceed to get much cloder until their APFSDS shells can penetrate the heavy tanks. One of the heavy tanks is knocked out while the other one catches fire and explodes into bits.

The stormtroopers eventually catch up with their tanks and demolish defensive positions with thrown explosives and flamethrowers.

"Only if Lenin could see us now..."


In the air...

Air battle is going smoother. Mercenary aircrafts eventually down a lot of interceptors and clear a path for the bombers. The bombers then proceed to the airfield to bomb it. After that, they fly to another places and wreak havoc there too.

With the carpet bombing, many Robloxians are killed and their defenses are vaporized. The Stormtroopers will have an easier time now.

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For some reason, the more I read these stories from you, I am reminded that there's only a few more weeks before Rwby volume 4 :D

I think it's because of all of the action and lack of rwby intake lately, not to mention that you also had Ruby as your profile picture before.


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6 years ago

Can't wait for volume 4! RWBY is one of the few cartoon-ish shows that I keep watching! :)

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Lol. Zag doesn't exist.

I'm kind of dissapointed. Raven, you remember the time we shared in the continue the story thread...

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Alright then, so ZagHero wants to volunteer for the battle. One more hero in the list.

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Thanks, buddy.

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I volunteer as tribute...

Oh wait... neva mind.

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Underground lab...

The swing of Brennon's sword almost catches Seto off-guard. Before Brennon could thrusts his sword, Thara pushes him with a wave of energy. Brennon gets slammed into the wall, but he quickly recovers and resumes fighting.

"Seto, we couldn't just fight like this. Think of something before he kills us all!" Thara says through her headset.

"I'm thinking..."

Seto looks around to see if he can fine anything interesting. There is a few combat walkers parked in here, but they're useless against Brennon.

A few APCs are also parked near the back door (which is also locked), but what catches his attention is a wolf-human soldier lying dead near it. What was he doing anyway?

While Thara keeps Brennon distracted, Seto dashes to the APC. Inside, he sees several canisters filled with nitrogen liquid.

"Thara, I got an idea."

"WHAT THE HELL IS IT?" Thara loudly replies as she almost got her head cut off.

"We'll fight near the armored vehicles there?"


"Just do what I say."

Seto joins back into the fight. The pair retreat to the APCs. Brennon relentlessly hacks and slashes the APCs to get to his preys. Unfortunately, he doesn't know what lies inside one of the vehicles.

Seto uses his telekinetic power to fly the nitrogen canisters up and throw them to Brennon. Brennon, being aware of their content, doesn't cut them apart and instead tries to dodge. But before he can run, Seto pulls out his handgun and shoots the canisters. The canisters explode and Brennon becomes frozen.

"Nice," Thara applauds.

"Now to finish this bastard," Seto says, punching the now-frozen Brennon. Brennon gets smashed into pile of ice bits.

"No, no... not like this," the remain of Brennon's transmitter says.

"Wait, you can still talk after being ice bits?" Thara surprisingly says.

"But... killing me... will not... end... this all. I... will eventually... return... and we... will... crush you."

That's his last word before his transmitter dies. Now that Brennon is dead, they csn get out from this big ass room. Seto bypasses the security lock and the door eventually unlocks.

The Cystians, Lieutenant Lynx and his commandos come in.

"I never thought you two will make it out alive!" Lynx says.

"Before Brennon was really dead, he said that he will eventually return," Thara says.

"I guess they really want to make a clone army of some sort," Eshpoye says. "We gotta stop that."

Before Lynx can continue to the conversation, he gets a call from MasonCzarGuzzi, which is guarding the lab outside.

"Czar here. I see a large group of knights, all on horseback aplroaching. Get your ass over here and let's get out of this place!"

"Copy that," Lynx answers and turns to his group.

"Alright, ladies. Let's get the hell out. Too bad we don't find anything useful here other than killing Brennon. I guess they moved all their assets and left Brennon here."


In the war room...

As Raven and Max discuss about the battle, someone knocks on the door.

"Come in," Raven says.

The door opens. It turns out that it's ZagHero and Chris. They enter the room and stand in front of Raven and Max.

"It's good to see you guys. What are you doing here?" Max asks.

"We'd like to volunteer for the battle," Zag says.

Chris' expression shows disappointment.

"Look, Chris. I know that you're getting pissed of all of this. But we need to save this world one more time... for Cystia," Zag tries to convince.

"Sure, mate. Once it's all over... we shall continue our roleplay."

"Alright, you two. Grab all you need from the armory and once you're ready, tell me," Raven says.

"You're not going into battle?" Zag asks.

"Maybe... but later."

"I thought you always wanted to go and kick ass personally," Chris says.


The airfield...

"Move! Move! Move!" A stormtrooper sergeant leads his squad to run to another cover, getting closer to the enemy position. Eventually, the stormtdooper with the flamethrower burns the nest. Several Robloxian soldiers run around in panic as fire catches them only to eat lead from a stormtrooper machine gunner.

The mercenary force presses on. Red Star tank platoon advances and take out many Robloxian soldiers. Pilots trying to get to the mechs and aircrafts stationed in the hangars are all shot by machine gun fire.

A few gunships managed to fly only to get shot down by tank's cannon and heavy caliber machine gun fire.

Despite being on the attacking side and suffering casualties, the mercenary force wipes out every enemy they see and seizes the airfield.

Several gunships transporting more stormtroopers are coming in to reinforce the assault force in case of enemy counter-attack.

These mercenaries who come from War Thunder are definitely determined soldiers who get their job done well.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

A quick follow up of the previous post.


In the airfield...

ZagHero and Chris just arrived in the airfield in a VTOL gunship. They disembark from the aircraft. ZagHero is wearing his paladin armor while Chris is wearing his vault suit as usual, but with add-ons such as ammo pouches and body armor.

The two meet with First Lieutenant Lynx -- the leader of Squad Nemesis who has just got back from a raid.

"I'm Zag, and he's Chris. Though I suppose you already know that," Zag greets, shaking his hand.

The special forces lieutenant replies. "First Lieutenant Lynx. It's nice to see more Cystian heroes like you joining in."

"Excuse me, but are you a Cystian?"

"I used to be. But now I'm a mercenary who abuses my multiple citizenships."

"Hah, that sounds fun."

"Anyway, we need people like you... and your friend to do what we do."

"What will we do?" Chris asks.

"Raid, sabotage, doing shits behind enemy line and kicking ass... that kind of thing."

"Oh, that sounds fun!" Chris cheerily says. "We'll show that they're scrubs compared to us elite level 420 combatants."

"Sure... sure... just don't get reckless. The troublemakers and Robloxians are better fighters than you might imagine."


"So how's life in Cystia?" Jackal, a member of Squad Nemesis asks.

"It is not umcommon for us to encounter problems. But that doesn't stop us from writing," Charaxes answers.

"I'm no writer myself. Beside, English isn't my first language. But I enjoy this kind of stuff. So yeah... I volunteered to fight. We'll show how good we are as a good gaming community. Beside, some easy research points and silver lions aren't bad."

"What are those?"

"The currency in our game."

"Okay. By the way, I'm happy to hear that. Your things might not be my things. But it's good to see you guys kicking their asses. I used to be one of them... until SwedishLemon made me mad."

"They want a fight, we'll give them a fight that they won't forget.


In a hangar...

ArcadianKnight sits on his tank as his crews load various shells into his tank.

"How many more?" Knight asks.

"A few more shells and we'll be done," A crew member says.

ArcadianKnight inspects his sword, which is made from Arcadian steel and enchanted with magic. He's an arcane knight anyway. But he is also a tank commander. He still has much to learn of how to be a good tanker. But he will be one.

"You know what? It's really interesting to see a guy like you -- a fantasy knight and a tank commander at the same time," one of his crew members says. "Why don't you chat with the Cystians? They would find you great. Beside, you seem to be a fine writer."

"Hmm... sure, why not?"

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When you're done link all of these together and put it in word count. Make yourself proud.


The Clean Up

6 years ago

A few hours later...

The night is about to come. Mercenaries are guarding in their posts, occassionally switching after shifts. A few units have been tasked to do patrols and scout around. ArcadianKnight gathers his unit for a briefing before they embark on their duty.

As he is about to enter his tank, he sees three figures approaching. He jumps off and greets them.

"Hunter," he says.

"Knight," Raven replies.

"Umm... mind if I ask who are accompanying you?"

"This is Shadowulf. The other guy is CrescentStar. I have come to observe the battle on the field, and they will be assisting me."

"I see..."

Shadowulf is a tall dark-furred wolf-human being with blue eyes. Not related to Maximus' Wolf God Empire though. He wears a black combat suit and a cloak. His head is covered with a hood. 

CrescentStar is a young female clad with long blackish-brown hair, yellow-green eyes, light tan complexion, and has cat ears. She wears a white coat with a black shirt underneath, black pants, and pouches for her gadgets.

"You know Hunter, I might not be as good as you. But I'll try. I might need your help for this one," ArcadianKnight says.

"Anything for a friend. I'll come along with you then."

"Thanks, Hunter."


Behind the enemy line...

Squad Salamander and some Cystians have managed to sneak past the guards and get on a high ground, observing an outpost which has battery guns and radar system operational there.

The squad leader, Felin, sees several armored fighting vehicles -- mostly hover tanks moving out from the outpost. Possibly to reinforce their frontline.

"Salamander One to Arcadian One," Felin reports to ArcadianKnight.

"Go, Salamander," The arcande knight's voice is heard through her headset.

"I see eighteen hover tanks and two heavy tanks coming out from the base. From what I see, looks like they will reinforce their frontline. It would be good for you to stop them. Over."

"Copy that, Salamander One. We will get into positions to intervene. Out."

Felin turns to her men and the Cystians, which are comprised of Charaxes, Eshpoye, ZagHero, and Chris.

"Time to set up some fireworks. Follow me and stay low," Felin orders.


Raccoon lies inside the hangar, looking at the mechanics fixing and maintaining Red Star's main battle tanks. Seeing her being lonely, Thara sits beside her.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the barrack?" Thara asks.

"It's crowded and full of noise. So I prefer to stay here," Raccoon says.

Thara leans toward her sniper rifle that she is holding.

"Nice gun by the way," Thara says.

"Thanks. I made it myself."

"That's cool. Can I get a hang of it?"

"Sure, just be careful with it."

Thara holds her sniper rifle. She never expects it to be that heavy, chambered for big calibers that could penetrate lightly armored vehicles. It also has a deployable bayonet, which is quite long and the rifle then can be used like a spear or halberd. Her aura helps to handle the rifle.

The scope can be toggled off and switch to a red dot sight. It's a semi-automatic that holds twenty rounds in the magazine.

The rifle is surprisingly light for its caliber and traits though.

(RWBY references, because I can't wait for Volume 4)

The Clean Up

6 years ago

In the forest...

Raven and ArcadianKnight's tanks slowly advancing through the forest, crushing some trees as they pass. They order their drivers to park near the bushes. The black and green camoflage pattern of the tanks help them to blend in with the environment.

Both tank commanders pop out from theit hatch and look around with their binoculars while talking.

"Their armored collumn will come from there," Raven says, pointing at the road. "We'll wait for them to get to the center. Then, we open fire at the lead and last vehicles. Got it?"

"Understood," Knight says.


In the outpost...

So Squad Salamander and the Cystians are doing things like in Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell in their hideout, silently taking out some guards, using cardboard boxes (because why not?), plant explosives here and there, disable their toys and traps, and finally regroup somewhere safe.

"Starting the fireworks. This is gonna be fun now," Felin says, triggering the detonator.

Kaboom! Boom! Bang! Boom! And boom... explosions and fires in the outpost. Their commanding officer manages to escape untouched by the explosions, and he's getting angry of the damned mercenaries, Cystians, or whatever the hell they are ruining his day.

With their assets destroyed, the raiders can now advance. Several hovercrafts land on the dock, diembarking raiders from their bellies.

The raiders are storming the base. The commandos and Cystians immediately join up and engage with the Robloxians stationed here.

A knight charges at Charaxes with his warhammer. She dodges his first swing and parries the second one, vaulting to his back and stabbing him with her dagger.

Eshpoye slams a knight to the ground and elbows the second, before punching him repeatedly and pushing him over the ledge, falling to his death. Another knight tries to sneak up on him only to be shot by Chris.

ZagHero blasts waves of light into the knights, dissolving them to crisps. Then, he pulls out his sword and continues fighting.

Chris shoots several knights with his shotgun, before it runs out of ammo and he starts pulling out his own-made rocket launcher armed with multiple rockets to blow up more knights.

The Robloxians are losing. They retreat back to their buildings, where they will be dead either way. By getting burned or blasted with grenades.

ZagHero eventually found their commanding officer.

"Surrender now, or I shall put you down!" Zag utters.

"Never, you imbecile!" The officer yells, pulling out his pickaxe.

His pickaxe destroys everything in his path, turning them to small parts. Zag blocks some of his attacks with his shield, but he knows that his pickaxe would eventually break his shield.

Zag summons spears of holy light and throw them to his opponent, but the officer just absorbs them with his dark repelling magic.

The two continue to fight. But eventually, Zag's sword pierces through his abdomen, killing him.

With the place secured, they can now send units through the other side. Though they are expecting the Robloxian's retaliation soon.


Raven and ArcadianKnight...

"There's the collumn. I'll aim for the lead vehicle. You go for the last," Raven says.

"Roger," Knight complies.

The two tank commanders get back inside and close the hatches. They order their gunners to pick their targets. Until the armored column is on the right spot, Raven signals the two tanks to fire.


The lead and last tanks are destroyed by APFSDS shells. The remaining enemy tanks turn around to face the direction of fire and move a bit backward.


"Keep shooting at them! The heavies come later!"

More shells are fired from the two tanks. Two more enemy tanks destroyed. The Robloxian tanks now know their location and start bombarding their position.

Their shells either miss, or bounce off from the main battle tanks' thick frontal armor. The better crews of Raven and Knight's vehicles shoot with much better accuracy and fire rate, much smoother driving and coordination between crews. Not to mention the better features of their vehicles too.

Thinking that they can't just sit there and return fire, their command tank decides to order the armored column to advance and get close to the enemy tanks.

A transmission comes through Raven's headset. "They're coming. What do we do?" Knight asks.

"Just keep doing what you're doing until I give the signal."

More and more Robloxian fighting vehicles destroyed as they approach. Their hover tanks fire guided missiles, but the mercenary tanks launch flares to counter their missiles. Once they are close enough, Raven and Knight shoot the two heavy tanks which are slow, crumbling beasts struggling to move through the terrain like an old man climbing upstairs. Due to their lack of gun stabilization and less-trained crews (and presumably bad luck), the heavy tanks get penetrated through their turret cheeks and the shells explode and fragment through all over inside the tank, killing the whole crews.

With the heavy tanks eliminated, Raven and Knight will have an easier time now. The situation deteroriates as they start fighting in range below one hundred meters. Raven and Knight order their drivers to blitz through the enemy tanks and play hit and run with them.

The skilled drivers could keep their tanks facing their thick armor while minimizing the exposion of their weak spots while the gunners fire accurately.

After a few minutes, the Robloxian armored collumn has been decimated. Raven applauds ArcadianKnight's skill and both return to the airfield before other Robloxian forces arrive to intervene.


In the airfield...

"Ah, it's good to hear that you guys are joining in! Yeah, yeah, now we're in the airfield. It'll be great to see all of you kicking Ryder and Lemon's asses. It'll inspire the mercs... I guess... well, maybe not since a lot of them are not Cystians."

Thara is excited to hear the Cystians finally joining the fight. Killa_Robot is leading his army to put an end to the Ryder-Lemon army in Cystia. A lot of known Cystians will be joining in too. Bucky, Mizal, Steve, Tim, DerpBacon, Mason (yup, he came back from his grave), SenPen, Axiom, Malkalack... and even the new bloods like Derek and Silverlight are joining.

No matter the differences, odds, problems, and bickering happening between the Cystians, they all are devoted to keep Cystia save.

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These stories have given my life meaning. I think I'll make it to the end of October, so we can all cry tears of joy once Rwby is here to bless us.

Anyway, it's quite flattering to be featured in all of this. It's been quite a month, but I still think my favorite Thara is End's young assistant, out of all the different Thara's I have seen. This Thara isn't bad either, imo :3

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Aww... how sweet :3

I wonder what would Yang turn out in volume 4. She is such a cool character.

Getting an applaud from Grand Master End is definitely one of the best things ever.

I'm getting many Cystians to appear here since everyone who act good or contributed something is a good member of the site, so they deserve something.

And a number of fictional characters and 'foreign' ones too. Because this is a writing site after all, where we pour in our imagination... and everyone is free to roam around as long they don't break the laws or be annoying.

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The next day...

A stormtrooper's journal...

Yesterday, I heard Hunter and his friends from 'cy6' are forming penal battalions made up from convicted Cystians. Criminals, masterminds, lawbreakers, annoying noobs... that kind of people. Now, they are going to be the first to attack the Robloxians. I'm happy that we don't have to lead the assault this time.

I never understand these Cystians. I talked to one of 'em, and the things he said... well... were just not my kind of things I'd like. I wanted to talk about my stuff, and he didn't understand or just not interested. Duh... and politics... why even bother talking about Trump and Hilary all day? All I care is that Trump ain't going to be president.

At least Hunter brought us a good source for us to farm easy RP and Lions for our grinds. Can't wait to unlock all the post-war jets and the Leopard 1A1...

Either way, we'll show 'em who's boss.

- YanderesFTW -


Commander Hunter's position (Raven's alias) has been replaced by Fighter117. He will lead the mercenary forces as the field commander while Hunter observes the battle in the field.

Fighter briefs the mercenary and Cystian sub-commanders for the next assault:

The 2nd Storm Detachment will attack from the front. They'll send in the penal battalions before the armored groups and stormtrooper battalions come in.

Elements from the 1st Raider Battalion has taken control of the outpost in the eastern side. And the Cystian 5th Legion has arrived to attack from the right side, supported by the Raider Battalion and another armored group.

Meanwhile, special forces have disabled radar systems and SAM sites in the western base. So Squadron Naginata will flush them out, secure the base, and clear way for the Cystian 6th Legion to attack from the left side.

Once their frontline has been breached, 2nd Storm Detachment will be split into three groups. Storm Alpha, Storm Bravo, and Storm Charlie. Alpha will secure the frontline and protect it from enemy attack. Bravo will assist the 6th Legion while Charlie assists the 5th Legion.

After that, the Robloxians will be encircled and have nowhere to run. And finally... one last push.


The western side...

IronPanther, leading a mech assault group in Squadron Naginata, orders his mechs to form on a formation. Once they are in the base airspace, the mechs open fire with the weapons they carry, including gauss rifles, miniguns, laser cannons, and missile launchers. 

The Robloxians, having their assets disabled and sabotaged, could do almost nothing to stop them. They're sitting ducks now.

Several soldiers fire homing missiles into the mechs. But the mechs' countermeasure system deploy flares and make their missiles hitting the flares instead.

Having their boosters heaten up, the mechs are forced to land on the base. Then, they destroy every threat in the base in less than ten minutes. The Robloxians have almost nothing to stop them, and the survivors eventually retreat. A mech pilot's dream.

"Optimus One to Naginata Actual. The base has been cleared, and the Robloxians are retreating. Over," a transmission from IronPanther comes to the commander of the squadron.

"This is Naginata Actual. Understood. Calling in the Cydtian 6th Legion to seize the base. Out."


In a VTOL aircraft...

"Listen up! After we seized the base, all of you will gather up your knights for the assault. It's been months since our land has been infested with people like Ryder. I'm getting sick of it.

For now, we will focus on this battle. Other things can come later. Forget any unpleasant affair that you have with each other previously. Ryder and Lemon must be removed. We must work together. For the glory of Cystia!"


That's the speech that Bucky gave to the heroes of Cystia. The Cystian heroes are fully determined, ready to fight and clear out Ryder and Lemon's forces from their beloved world.

The heroes drop out from the aircraft while their knights comd out from the ships landing at the beach. They secure the base and set it up as their camp. After that, they prepare to attack the enemy line.


Away from the Robloxian frontline...

4EverReading looks puzzled and worried. She suddenly got pulled out from her residence, being told to 'fight for her land' and ended up here. She was informed that she was put in a penal battalion, and she will redeem herself with her own blood, just like the others.

With just a sword, a handgun, and her magic, she and the others will be the first to strike their frontline.

Raven can be seen walking around in front of the penal battalion, inspecting the men and women of the penal group.

"Raven!" Read shouts to him.

"What?!" Raven hastily replies.

"Why you put us all to do something suicidal? This is insane!"

"To redeem yourself," Raven says.

"C'mon! You're a kind one, right? Can you please... be a bit nice to use?"

"Hey, I'm nice. I put you all to here instead of letting you all face life-time jail sentence or banishment from the government."

"Ah okay... I guess no other choice then... but what if I... run away?"

"... It takes more courage to retreat than to advance."

"What do you mean?"

"Whatever you do, do NOT chicken out... ever. Or you will face the consequence."

'Shit,' 4EverReading thinks. This is suicide. This is fucking suicide. Poorly equipped with little to no support being sent against a fortified enemy position? She hopes that she'll be lucky to stay alive...

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Hopefully a certain someone is boinked off in a hilarious way, then the cameo would be well worth it for the laughs :)

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WARNING: This part contains a lot of communism, cyka blyats, and Motherrussia. A lot of it might make no sense to you.


Penal Battalion...

"Ready!" A stormtrooper captain barks.

The men and women of the penal battalion pull out their weapons and get ready. 4EverReading just follows what the others are doing. She pulls out her sword and waits for the signal.

The captain blows his whistle. It's time to attack. The huge mass of convicted Cystians run toward the enemy line, screaming their battlecries.

Robloxian cannons and machine guns roar. Bullets and explosions hit the mass of troops, bloods being spilled here and there and body parts flying.

Mines are also triggered, killing even more troops. Seeing the attack as suicidal, some of the troops encourage the others to retreat and fall back to their own line.

4EverReading crawls on a crater, not coming out from her spot since it's very risky with all the explosions and machine gun fires. Her ear is rang by an explosion that almost wounded her.

She looks back at the troops who retreat from the battle. She can see the muzzle flashes from the stormtroopers entrenched. One by one the retreating troops are shot by the stormtroopers.

Realizing that what the officers and Raven said wasn't a lie, the retreating soldiers are forced to get back to the fight.

Damn it. Raven was right. You retreat, you die. You go, you die. Read has no other choice but to attack. At least there is a small chance for her to survive...


The penal battalion doesn't inflict much casualties while losing a lot of troops. But they eventually break through the first line, but with the loss of nearly 70% of its manpower.

They also reveal the enemy emplacements and positions so that the stormtroopers will have better awareness of their enemies. Not to mention disposing traps and acting as cannon fodders too.

Raven has decided that it's time to attack. So the 2nd Storm Detachment rolls in and joins up with the penal battalion.


Bucky, Steve, and Mizal lead the knights of the 6th Legion and Cystian heroes to battle from the west while Killa_Robot leads the 5th legion.

From the east and west come the Cystian knights, riding on horseback to break through their lines. The Cystian knights and their horses are very resilent, being able to shrug off several bullets before going down. They eventually get to their first lines of defense and start clearing them out.

The surviving Robloxians from the first lines retreat to their second lines. And the Allied forces continue to advance. But the Robloxians eventually release their trump card...

Several dark knights come out from the abyss and join up with the Robloxians. They are very tall, sporting halberds and big shields. As the Cystian knights and Stormtroopers get toe to toe with them, many of them get killed. These dark knights are very powerful and resilent foes.

"Raven! Those dark knights are annihilating us!" Crescentstar utters.

"What do we do?" Shadowulf asks.

Raven, still observing the battle with his binoculars, simply says, "We have our trump card too. Time to unleash the Russian bias."

"... Russian... bias?" Shadowulf and Crescent give a puzzled look.

Raven calls out Captain ChewyBarry and he arrives a few minutes later. He disembarks from his tank, kneels to the ground, and prays.

"Dear Stalin, Lenin, and Putin. May our stalinium tanks crush our enemies. And if our tanks shall be destroyed, let our crews get your protection and throw the holy molotovs in the name of Motherrussia and spray Stalinium bullets from our glorious Kalashnikovs.

However, this is not enough. We need more firepower in order to defeat the cyka blyats. Yes, they will be a threat to Motherrussia and War Thunder if we don't win this battle. So please... help us.

In the name of Motherrussia, vodka, Stalin, Lenin, Viktor Reznov, and Putin. Cheeki breeki. (lol)"

After ChewyBarry finishes his prayer, Stalin and Lenin wake up from their graves in the real of War Thunder. Their voices are heard in Raven, ChewyBarry, and all other Thunderers.

"Wish granted, comrade. Win or 1000 years gulag!" They all hear.

The supreme figures of War Thunder's Soviet Union grant their wish. But if they still lose this battle, all the Thunderes will be banished to the War Thunder's gulag, where they will do hard labor for 1000 years.

All the Thunderers suddenly become a lot better fighters. Their western-made guns (capitalist trash, lel) turn to glorious AK-47s. Avtomat Kalashnikov stronk. Their main battle tanks (capitalist trash too, lelelel) turn to T-34/85 medium tanks. Slav tenks stronk.

And all the Thunderers suddenly start to scream, "ANUUUU CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE!!!" and "CYKA BLYAT!"

The shock troops (because stormtroopers is fascist and capitalist) spray their communism blessed AK-47s, penetrating through the Dark Knights' shields and ripping them to shreds. They also throw holy molotov cocktails, which burn the dark knights to ashes.

Motherrussia stronk.


The eastern side...

Steve closes his ears, being very annoyed with all the cheeki breeki and cyka blyats of the Thunderers.

"Goddamn it, Raven! What the fuck is he doing?"

"Hell if I know," Bucky says, also looking annoyed.

"At least the dark knights are getting their asses kicked," Mizal says.

Out of a portal, a T-34/85 medium tank falls from the sky, landing on a dark knight. Then, it starts its engine and goes on a road rampage in 200 kilometers per hour.

The tank eventually stops on a high ground and its commander who is named 'Sutercut' pops out from the hatch. "Eat 85-milimeters, you pigs!"

The main gun fires at the rate of one shell every 0,1 second. This superly weird-as-fuck ancient tank decimates the entire dark knight's formstion and some of the Robloxians. After they sre all dead, the T-34/85 magically flies to the air and disappears.

Communism stronk.

The Thunderers revert to their original form and the fighting continues.

"That is the power of War Thunder ancient magic known as 'Russian bias," Raven says to Shadowulf and Crescentstar, who are confused on what just happened.

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6 years ago

"... Russian... bias?" I give a puzzled look.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

What the hell are "cyka blyats?"

Raven, how could forget the most glorious (and cheap) rocket launcher in the world?! The Handheld Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher! (RPG)

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Right! I forgot about that! Sorry!

And there's the T-14 Armata, T-90, Katyusha...

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The Russian bias is gone. It's good for now.


BradinDvorak, the legendary dragon of Cystia, lands in front of the Robloxians and breathe fire on them. Tim is riding him, and his hand produces a minigun and fires at the Robloxians.

The Cystian knights and heroes overwhelm their positions. The 2nd Storm Detachment has occupied the frontline and they split into three groups. Bravo is going left while Charlie is going right.

"Watch your fire. Friendlies up ahead," A stormtrooper lieutenant warns his soldiers since they will be meeting up with the Cystian knights.

The last positions end up being attacked from two sides. Cystian knights in front of them and stormtroopers flanking them. There is no hope. The Robloxians are eventually defeated and they retreat to their main base, where Ryder and Lemon are hiding.


"No, no, no! Don't-"

MasonjarGuzzi stabs the Robloxian soldier in the heart without mercy. A Robloxian soldier tries to sneak up on him, but then he takes an arrow from Mizal. Bucky and Steve kill the remaining stragglers.

"Those are the last of them," Bucky says as he comes out from the trench.

"Can we take a break for now?" Mason asks.


Mason puts off his war helmet and sits on the ground. He sees the stormtroopers approaching, meeting up with the Cystian knights.

Among them is Raven. He sits beside Mason and takes a deep breath. His helmet turns off. He appears as a young, androgynous-looking person with shoulder-length black hair, gray eyes, and slightly tan skin.

"How's Czar?" Mason questions.

"He's doing great. He's not like the MasonCzarGuzzi he used to be before End banished him though," Raven says.

"Yeah... everyone seems... a bit serious."

"Anyway, I feel somewhat bad for the Robloxians. They're fighting for a wrong cause that doesn't have much to do with them. Ryder and Lemon should've keep it to themselves."


"Hey, Raven!" A female voice is heard.

Mason and Raven look at the person who said that. Mason sighs, seeing that the person is 4EverReading.

"I can't believe you're still alive," Mason says, seemingly pissed.

"I almost died. I'm still alive. I guess being put into the penal was a good decision rather than execution after all," Read shares her thought.

"Read, can you leave us alone for now?" Raven begs her. "There's a Mason-and-Raven conversation happening right now. Interrupting it would be a bad decision for you."

"Hmph. Okay then," Read gives a disappointed look, before leaving them.

"By the way," Mason continues. "You're called Raven. It's commonly used for females, and you happen to be like one sometimes. But it's also a bird. I don't think you share any resemblance to it at all..."

"Personality, might be. But other than that? It's just my emblem."

"I think it would be good for you to be like a raven, if you know what I mean..."

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This Read character is bringing down the quality of the story hard. Certain characters should just be killed off at the moment of introduction :)

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6 years ago

Hmm... let's see her usefulness then...

Human trap disposal? Meatshield? Thrown like Angry Bird?

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6 years ago

There is no usefulness to be found, her staying alive is the only surprise :l

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If you want art to imitate life, you should probably kill off the Read character, Raven. I wouldn't mind Thara being the one that oversees it's destruction, it would be quite artistic. 

Art imitating life :3 

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Adding onto what she said, could you add me in as a little side character? Any side is fine. Your work is simply dazzling.

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Will do.

Read will eventually die for Cystia (Haha, nope. Just a disposable cannon fodder)

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6 years ago

Honestly think Unggoy/Grunts in Halo are better cannon fodder. They get high explosives.

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I reread these.....and you know what? I really enjoyed these. I don't know how I can emphasize it more, but these stories were very well done. 

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Thanks. I never thought many enjoy it.

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I haven't appeared in what feels like foreveeeer

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Yeah, yeah, the other guys will get their parts.

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The last stand...

Robloxian forces take heavy casualties and are now encircled. Cystians from east and west. Mercenary forces to their north. They gather up their destroyed combat groups and have them to defend their headquarter.

Bad news for the Allied forces is, a lot of the defenders will be the Robloxian guards infantrymen, which are highly trained, armed to the teeth, and battle-hardened soldiers. The stormtroopers and Cystian knights are good quality combatants, but the guards are better.

Individually, they are inferior compared to a Cystian hero. But with numbers, they will overwhelm him/her. So it is advised for everyone to stay in a group and never going solo on them.

(The guards are different than the royal guards. They are not as good as them, but still tough nuts.)


In the evening...

All leaders are briefing their units for the upcoming assault. It will be their final push before clearing out the Robloxian headquarter. After that, all units prepare for battle and rest until the night.

Some Cystian heroes, commandos, and mercenary leaders gather up to discuss about the assault.

"Despite running low on supplies, they still refuse to surrender and making a final stand," Raven says. "The Robloxian guards are not to be underestimated. They're much better fighters than the regulars since they're an elite unit. And even for someone as good as us, they would still prove a challenge. So don't be ruthless and stick with others."

"It's been a while since I get opponents this tough," ZagHero says.

"And yes, we WILL use another penal battalions for this one. But I expect more casualties from the mercenaries and Cystians. However, we are doing this to stop Lemon and Ryder from making a clone army that could take over Cystia and possibly other worlds as well."

Thara and Mason look at 4EverReading, which is sleeping beside a tank.

"Goddamn it. She's supposed to be a disposable cannon fodder. And she's still breathing?" Thara argues, looking pissed.

"Yeah, do something about it!" Mason continues.

The other Cystians agree with their statement and urge Raven to do something about her. Eventually, Raven agrees.

"Everyone, SHUT UP!" Raven barks. Everyone stops arguing. "If that's what you guys want, fine then. She'll die for Cystia this time... and her sacrifice will be remembered... nah, it won't."

Jackal, a commando from Squad Nemesis, suggests. "Hunter, what about using some penals as artillery shells? Strap them with explosives, launch them, and let them blow at the enemies. As their bodies blow up, they will eventually spread cancer too since you said that they are mostly cancerous members that make this world looks bad," he says cheerfully.

"Yeah! Why the fuck not?" Raven cheers in a sudden.

"This will be fun!" Thara says. She can't wait to see Read getting blown to pieces and see how deadly her cancer is.



This is a good day for Charaxes. She used to be one of them. She hates Lemon, and revenge is in front of her eyes. Lemon is such a disgrace.

She sheathes her sword and dagger, fills up her quiver with various types of arrows, practices her magic, and carries her bow.

After that, she meets Zag, who is clad in a knight-ish armor. "You know what? You look better wearing that rather than your casual outfit."

"Oh, young lady, you're making me blush," Zag says, brandishing his sword, which is enchanted with the power of light amd fire.

"By the way, how's your story?" Charaxes asks.

"Progress has been slow due to some things keeping me busy."

"Well, good luck with it."

"You too, Charaxes."


Raven prepares his weapons. Wrist guns, check. Rifle, check. Handguns, check. Plasma blades, check. Grenades and explosives, check. Ammo, check. Knives, check.

He carries a lot of stuff and it doesn't weigh him that much since he is a cyborg anyway. His reliance on his gadgets is one of his weaknesses, however.

"Raven," he hears a female voice.

Raven turns around and sees Thara. "Oh, it's you."

"You seem to be a bit hesitant with 4EverReading," Thara says. "Why's that?"

"Because I actually kinda like her."

"Wait... did you..."

"At first, she asked me about the editor. I explained her on that. I'm probably the first person she talked too. I thought she's okay, but then I dunno why she suddenly acted immature and she seemed to have forgotten me."

"Please don't tell me that you have an affair with her..."

"Hell no, Thara. I know many want her 'disappear'. Sometimes she's annoying to me. But most of the times I enjoy seeing you guys getting all pissed by her. I'm gonna miss that."

"... so, you like to see us getting annoyed by immature people?"

"Yup. But I don't intend on bringing up the shits."

"... okay, I guess."

"Alright, what else do you need, Thara?"

Thara leans toward Raven's wrist guns. "Shotgun shells... seems pretty familiar..."


"You know what? You and your guys have cool stuff! Your wrist guns, that sniper rifle Raccoon has, Shadowulf's blade, and Crescent's gun-katana... I... really like them."

"Umm... well..."

"And you have... gray eyes, shoulder-length black hair, girly face... you remind me of someone..."


To be continued later...

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Your proficiency in writing these begs the question why you haven't written more stories.

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Right... once it's done, I really should go back to my WW2 edutainment game.

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I'm glad to have played such a crucial role in this :c My only complaint is that we'll have to wait for the next part, and hopefully when Thara finally gets her wishes granted. But probably not, considering the revelations.


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RWBY REFERENCES! So much hype!

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Heroic last stand of the Robloxian guards...

It's night already. Red flares have been fired shot. It's the signal to begin the attack. Penal battalions have been mobilized. From all sides, they charge the Robloxian's positions. They barely do any damage, but they dispose traps and reveal their hidden positions with their lives.

"Hunter, cancer artillery barrage is good to go!" Lieutenant Lynx yells.

"Spread the disease," Raven orders.

Howitzers with soldiers from the penals as artillery shells have been set up. As Raven gives the order to fire, they launch the penals to the enemy positions. The penals explode and spread cancer to the guards that are caught in the radius of the blast. The blast radius depends on how cancerous a penal is. The more cancerous, bigger the radius and deadlier the cancer.


The Robloxian guards...

"Cancer!" A guard calls out, before he is caught in an explosion and eventually dies instantly of lung cancer. The cancers the penals spread are very deadly and quick-progressing.

The Robloxian guards keep firing their guns to the last bits of their ammunition. The human wave just keeps going and going. They just won't stop coming despite their comrades getting torn to bits. The guards will fight to the last man. If their ammo runs dry, they will switch to their melee weapons and arcane arts if they know them.

Majority of these elite soldiers are loyal and fanatical to their lords. Sadly, they are not aware of the true intention of their lords and how bad they are. They just keep fighting.


The effectiveness of Read's cancer...

Raven gives the permission for Thara and Mason to operate an artillery. With excitement, they shove 4EverRead into the artillery's cannon. For added effect, Mason also shoves a Mason jar up her ass.

"How much cancer will she spread?" Thara asks.

"It'll be a lot! Very effective!" Mason replies.

"Guys, please don't!" 4EverRead begs, but they ignore her.

Mason adjusts the howitzer's gun and once he's sure his aim is correct, Thara fires the howitzer. 4EverRead flies up in the air and lands behind a trench. She explodes, and the cancer gas that she spreads is very big. Almost the whole guards in the trench die of her deadly cancer.

"It is very effective," a transmission from Raven comes through Thara's headset.


The penals barely kill anything, but thanks to them, the Robloxian guards eventually runs low on ammunition. And there come the mercs and knights. They assault the Robloxian positions. The Robloxians manage to take down a good amount of stormtroopers and knights while not losing many. Eventually, their ammo runs dry and they revert to their secondary weapons, melee, and magic.

They fight very bravely and determined, using almost suicidal methods to take out the tanks. Surprisingly, they manage to destroy some tanks despite their condition. More and more stormtroopers and knights are killed.

"These guys are outstanding warriors," Bucky says as he observes with a binoculars.

"Just like the Spartans fighting the Persians... or the Italian 185th Airborne Divison Folgore's last stand at El Alamein," Raven comments.

"Let's move out!" Steve leads the others to battle, holding a war axe. The others come along with him. The Cystian heroes, commandos, and mercenary officers join up with their units and assist them in the battle.


The battle gets even more intense. Soldiers from both sides fight hardily, but the Robloxians are more determined. The stormtroopers and knights struggle against the guards despite their opponents having exhausted their supply.

Plasma blades jut out from Raven's arms and legs. He cuts through a Robloxian guard and shoots the second in the head with his wrist gun. A group of guards are coming after him. He evades them and let the Cystian heroes handle them while tries to fight the guards one by one.

Steve parries an attack and chops his attacker's head. A group of five guards come in and fight him. Before he gets overwhelmed, Mizal leaps to the air and fires multiple arrows, killing three of them. Steve kills the fourth, parries another blow, and cuts the fifth guard in half.

Axiom looks over her book. With a wave of hand, she resurrects some dead stormtroopers and knights to assist the heroes. For some reason, she couldn't resurrect the more capable Robloxian guards. A Robloxian guard mage must be intervening her. So she focuses her mind to find out the mage and confronts him.

Raven, Shadowulf, Crescentstar, ZagHero, and Raccoon team up to fight another group of guards. Raccoon keeps her distance and shoots the Robloxian guards while the others keep them distracted. Shadowulf summons portals. Raven gets in into a portal and finds himself leaping out from a portal above. He charges up his wrist gun and punches the ground as he lands, delivering a shockwave that knocks out the guards. But they quickly recover. Crescent comes out from a portal behind them and stabs them from the back.

ZagHero throws divine spears and fire bolts. He manages to kill three as the others either evade or deflect his magic. Raven slams a guard to the ground and fires a shell to his face. Then he stabs another with his plasma blades, and fire his wrist guns to get him off from his blades. Crescentstar warps to different locations, constantly attacking the guards from different directions. Zag draws out his sword and kills a guard who is attacking Shadowulf.

The five heroes kill the remaining guards with projectiles. Raven firing his assault rifle, Shadowulf's estoc-like sword firing elements of magic, Crescent her katana-turned-machine pistol, Zag summoning more divine magic, and Raccoon blowing them off with her sniper rifle. Eventually, the large group of guards are defeated.


For almost thirty minutes the Robloxians hold their ground. Their numbers are decreasing. The intense fighting is over as the last guard is killed by a Cystian knight. After that, the Allied forces regroup and prepare to storm in their underground base.

They hope the clone army isn't ready yet...

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Storming the underground base...

Some stormtroopers grab shields from the aircrafts carrying supplies and weaponry for them. They'll need them for this one since it will be brutal close-range fighting inside. Bucky briefs the others with the informations he received.

"Listen up. Our enemies will be the Robloxian royal guards, which are better than the guards. The same elite soldiers that the commandos fought in the beginning. This will be tough and intense. Don't take it easy."

Suddenly, a portal opens up. A young female with long jet black hair, dressed in a some sort of combat dress which looks elegant comes out from the portal. It's At_Your_Throat.

"You're late," Steve says.

"I know. Some things are keeping me busy. So... what are we doing now?" AYT asks.

Bucky calls out a Cystian knight to explain her all she needs to know so that the briefing won't get interrupted. Then, he continues.

"I'm expecting a lot of casualties from our side. Now we're the quantity and they're the quality. But those who fought and died in this battle will be remembered and respected as Cystia's protectors.

As usual, don't be a lone wolf and stick in a group. They're not the type of grunts that you can just easily kill with little to no effort.

And let's hope we can stop their project before they can mobilize a clone army."

"For the glory of our land!" The Cystian heroes cheer (except Raven).

"Let's give 'em hell!" One of the mercenaries says.



The gate is blasted open. Cystian knights and stormtroopers holding shields, machine pistols, and swords be the first to enter. Then, fire exchanges from both sides.

The royal guards lob grenades and fire rocket launchers. The explosions blow the shield-bearers, bodies decorating the floor and wall with blood and body parts.

Thara and AYT jump across the stormtroopers and knights. Deflecting and evading rockets and projectiles, they kill the rocket launcher-equipped royal guards.

Thara summons twin katanas that Crescent used while AYT summons her Stylgian (I think?) longsword. Steve, Mason, Jackal, and Gatman jump across and join up with Thara and AYT.

Jackal and Gatman draw their twin revolvers attached with blades -- swinging, stabbing, and point-blank shooting. Steve and Mason draw their greatswords and cut through the Robloxian ranks, sometimes using their handguns in conjunction with their blades.

AYT summons a few golems who will soak up damage and wreck havoc among the royal guards. Thara's twin katanas disappear. She summons Raccoon's sniper rifle and fires several explosive rounds, sometimes using its blade to poke and stab the Robloxian guards. A royal guard charges her with a halberd. She switches to Raven's wrist guns, evades his strike and punches him, thus firing a shotgun shell from the wrist gun.

AYT pulls in some royal guards and dark hands start appearing from the grounds and keep them from moving. Thara switches to Shadowulf's revolving estoc. The revolving mechanism of the sword rotates and the blade glows ice blue. She fires a barrage of blasts with the sword, freezing the immobilized royal guards and let Mason and Steve finish them off.

Stormtroopers and knights are advancing. More and more Cystian heroes charge in and eventually force the royal guards to retreat to another place.

"Thara," a transmission from Raven comes through. "What the hell was that? What you did is outstanding."

"A special thing I got from another realm," Thara replies. "I really like Velvet's stuff."

The Clean Up

6 years ago

I'm guessing I died off somewhere in the story because I haven't been mentioned in forever

The Clean Up

6 years ago

It's mentioned how Cystian heroes and newbies are participating. So there are actually more characters, but they are not mentioned. So it's up to your imagination.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

I was Kingler1140 :)

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Lel, I totally forgot xD

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Fantastic, bravo!

The Clean Up

6 years ago


The Clean Up

6 years ago

Lol, Thara is Weiss.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

She's my favorite character. I am definitely okay with that :3

The Clean Up

6 years ago


Heavy indoor fighting continues with tremendous casualties on both sides. The royal guards still won't give up despite being outnumbered.

Some Cystian heroes, commandos, and mercenary officers let the stormtroopers and knights take the heat while they explore the quieter places in the underground base. Some others stay with the grunts fighting the mass of royal guards.

Bucky and Raven, one of the commanding officers of the Allied forces (one commanding Cystians while the other is a mercenary commander) bring some Cystian heroes and commandos with them and head to the refinery, where they will look around for anything interesting.

"Watch your step," Bucky warns the others since falling into the deadly substances result in a quick death.

Bucky finds a door which leads to a lab. But before the group can get out, all paths are blocked by the security system.

The group consists of Bucky, Raven, Steve, Mason, Lynx, Mizal, Raccoon, Tim, Charaxes, and Seto. They raise their weapons and watch each other's back.

"All of you made it so far. I'm impressed," a male voice announces through the speakers attached on the walls.

"SwedishLemon, isn't it?" Steve questions.

The voice answers. "That's right. Cystia is a trash. It's full of dicks. All of you hate newbies. Amd you guys just rate their games down and make them disappear."

"YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" Raven suddenly gets angry. "It's not us, but it's you! You're the one who's being a fucking dumbfucking asshole for no legit reason at all! That Louisana thread... Charaxes... what the fuck is wrong with you?!"

"Woah, Raven, kid, calm down!" Mizal says.

"No," Lemon replies. "It's you guys that ARE the problem. Now I'm going to exterminate every last of you. Including you, Charaxes. You are a disgrace."

"Fuck you!" Charaxes cusses.

"How cancerous," Steve comments just before Lemon finishes his speech.

Then, several figures with glowing red eyes fall from the rooftop and land on the platform. They are the clones of Bucky, Mizal, Tim, Zag, Charaxes, Steve, Axiom, AYT, and Mason. The clones are not 100% similar to their counterparts, but they are very capable and wear different uniforms.

"Well... shit," Mason mutters.


Tim-and-Tim confrontation

"Tim... Tim... Tim?" Tim says, looking puzzled.

And from a distance away, Clone Tim says, "I am Tim."

"No, I am Tim," Tim replies.

"I am Tim," Clone Tim continues.

"I AM Tim," Tim replies.

"I beat you with a paper when you used gun, remember? Everyone knows that paper outlaws gun!" Clone Tim says.

"The fact that you would deviate from the original method proves that you are not Tim. I am Tim."

"It proves nothing. Tim doesn't always use guns. I am Tim," Clone Tim says.

"Umm... what's actually happening?" Raven asks.

"Raven, we're having a Tim-and-Tim confrontation. So Tim your way out of it," Tim says.

"I am Tim. This... is... TIMMMM! Clone Tim yells, his hand emerging a minigun. The other clones ready their weapons as well.

"Die, fakers!" Seto yells as the Cystians and mercs charge to battle the clones.

To be continued...

The Clean Up

6 years ago
I like the Tim and Tim confrontation! Great work

The Clean Up

6 years ago

There's an awkward phrase. Try: "Bucky and Raven, the commanding officers (the former being CYStian, the latter being mercenary)"

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Oh, right. Thanks for that. I felt awkward when I wrote that.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

No problem. We all make mistakes.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Bucky fights Clone Mizal. He doesn't hesitate killing her since he knows she's not the Mizal he loves. He swings his greatsword and knocks her off. Clone Mizal gets up and fires several arrows in quick succession, which Bucky deflects.

Raven fights Clone Steve. His plasma blades clash with Steve's twin war axes. Clone Steve outpowers Raven and delivers a blow which sends Raven flying into a wall. He quickly recovers and fires his assault rifle, but Clone Steve summons a force field that absorps his shots.


Tim and Clone Tim is having a Tim-and-Tim fight to proves who is the one and true Tim. There can be only one. At one point, Clone Tim shoots Tim in the chest with his sidearm and punches him to the ground.

"Eyy u suc lol," Clone Tim taunts.

Tim pulls out a grenade launcher and fires a round, which hits Clone Tim and sends him flying.

"You suck at dodging, aren't you?" Tim says, inserting a round to the chamber. "You just keep being noisy and  unaware. Therefore, you aren't Tim."


Lynx, Raccoon, and Charaxes fight Clone Bucky, Zag, and Axiom on another platform. Lynx and Raccoon distract Clone Bucky and Zag while Charaxes chases after Clone Axiom. But Clone Axiom keeps launching magic bolts at her and summons undead knights to protect her.

The commandos prove to be challenging to the Clones. Lynx thrusts his sword and Clone Bucky parries it and swings at him, which Lynx dodges. Raccoon keeps Zag from being offensive with quick attacks from her twinblade.


Steve, Mizal, Mason, and Seto fight Clone AYT, Charaxes, and Mason. Steve is the most capable melee fighter, and he keeps Clone Mason and Charaxes at bay despite being outnumbered, supported by Mizal while Mason and Seto go after Clone AYT, the enemy caster-fighter hybrid which has been launching dark spheres at them.

Clone AYT is a tricky opponent, often warping from one place to another. She is a good fighter too, but not as good as Mason. But her other capabilities make up for that.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

What are your listings of our powers and skills? I'd love to see them.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Raven (me), the commandos, and stormtroopers are soldier-ish class. Jack of all trades who can do everything but not specialized on anything. Also good with mechs.

The Cystian heroes and knights are mostly warriors. More resilent and close-range focused combatants proficient in melee weaponry. Also skilled with bows and more knowledge of magic.

Most of the magic-users here have good combat skill too. But the specialized ones are better.

I'll sum up the characters and their capabilities once the story is done.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Raven realizes that he is inferior in close combat compared to Clone Steve. He can't just go toe to toe with him and hopes that he wins. Clone Steve is too powerful for him. But Clone Steve lacks ranged capability. The environment and space render Raven's ranged capability useless.

Good thing Raven thought about breaking out from his habit. As Mason said, see if he can be like a raven...

He uses up his energy cell to activate his hidden capability. His body produces lightning. A pair of wings jut out from his back. He flies up to the air and summons a railgun.

Clone Steve never thought that he could do that. He pulls out his gun and fires at Raven whilst escaping from the platform. But Raven flies around and fires his railgun with devastating effect. Clone Steve manages to evade a few shots and blocks another with his force shield before a charged round penetrates his barrier and blows him off from the platform, falling to another platform. Then, Raven fires a few homing missiles from his wings, destroying the platform. Eventually, the injured Clone Steve falls to his death.

Raven lands on a platform and his wings fold back and his railgun disappears. Because flying takes up energy cells, and he needs them to utilize his other capabilities to full potential, including using his plasma blades.


As Clone Mizal charges Bucky with her sword and dagger, she takes a hit in the leg by Raven's gun. She slips and collapses. Before she could ger up and react, Bucky stabs her in the heart, killing her.

Raven waves at Bucky, and he waves back at him.

"Let's help the others," Bucky says. With that, Raven jumps to his platform and joins him.


Who's Tim now?

Tim fires a round from his handgun, injuring Clone Tim. But Clone Tim's armor helps him to shrug off the pain. He  draws his blade. Both Tims clash into melee combat, sometimes using their guns.

Eventually, Tim plants a grenade on Clone Tim and throws him away.

"No! No! It can't be!" Clone Tim cries out, trying to get the grenade out from his body. But alas, it's too late. The grenade explodes in his hand, blowing his arm off. Then, Tim knocks him off from the platform and Clone Tim falls to the acid.

"Look who's Tim now," Tim36D says.


Raccoon gets surrounded by the undead knights. Eventually, Clone Bucky slashes her leg apart and finishes her off. Lynx, angered by the loss of his squad member, cooks a grenade and throws it at Bucky. The grenade blows the undead knights out from the platform, but Clone Bucky still stands his ground.

Suddenly, Clone Axiom takes a shot to the head, killing her instantly. And real Bucky jumps from above and lands on Clone Bucky, his sword piercing his body.

Lynx eventually kills Clone Zag. Raven and Bucky regroup with Lynx and Charaxes. Lynx grabs Raccoon's dog tags and her weapons.

"They'll pay for this..."


Steve decapitates Clone Charaxes. Clone Mason gets his ass shoved with a Mason jar by the real Mason. Clone Mason screams, go wild, and explodes to pieces. AYT takes an arrow to her chest. She collapses and stumbles upon her wound. 

Before Mizal could finish her off, Clone AYT creates a ball of fire and it explodes, killing herself. The explosion severely damages the platform, and it's about to collapse. Steve manages to jump to another platform, but the others struggle.

Eventually, Raven flies to them and grabs Mizal, Mason, and Seto and brings them to another platform.

Upon being dropped, Mason makes a remark. "Raven, I never thought you could do that."

"That's one of my newest upgrades," Raven says.

Bucky leads the group to the lab. Mason blasts the door open, and they enter the room.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Love the RWBY references!

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Umm... I don't think there is any RWBY reference in this post.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Arrow to the chest. Explosion.

I'll be damned if that's not a reference.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Actually not intended a reference. Sorry.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

The lab...

The group enters the lab. Inside lays some bodies, modeled after Cystian heroes. These clones are not active or finished yet. Good thing the clone army is not yet ready. They've only made a few clones.

As they explore the room, Raven finds out a cute-looking, neko sitting inside a tube.

"IT'S GOOD TO SEE YOU! I'M HIGH. SAVE ME!" The female neko yells, banging her head against the tube.

"Bluefur... how did you end up here?" Raven questions.


The others gather up on her. "Who is she?" Mason asks.

"Bluefur. We'll leave her for now..."

Bluefur continues to spout out nonsense as the group ignores her and continues searching the lab. They grab everything that catches their interest and leave the lab.


Heavy indoor fighting, place-to-place, continues between both sides, with corpses decorating almost every corner. It's a bloody battle. But the royal guards are overwhelmed and they fall back once again. The stormtroopers and knights advance, being led by the Cystian heroes.

Bucky's group meet up with them. They push the Robloxians further until they are very close to Lemon and Ryder's location. The last stand of the Robloxians...

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Lemon and Ryder...

Some Cystian heroes and mercenaries make it to the throne room while some others assist the stormtroopers and knights, where Lemon and Ryder are. They kill all the royal guards standing in their way, before blasting through the gate and entering the throne room.

Inside, they see mighty (nope, more like cancerous) Lord SwedishLemon and Lord Ryder sitting on their thrones, which are guarded with magic barriers. Lord Lemon is a taller, bigger being clad in a Sauron-esque armor while Lord Ryder is a smaller, shorter being clad in a more lightly-armored outfit.

"It's gonna be over now. Cancerous beings," Steve threatens.

"Cancerous? It's you fools that are," Lemon replies.

"For the sake of Cystia and its people, we will remove both of you," Bucky says, pulling out his greatsword.

"If that's what you have choosen, so be it," Lemon says, gesturing Ryder to do something.

Ryder summons portals, where some more clones appear. Clones of Raven, Seto, Bucky, Steve, and Thara. They are more capable compared to the previous clones.

"They cloned me? But how..." Raven ponders.

Clone Raven has a female cybernetic body, which is colored silver instead of black like real Raven. Instead of plasma blades, she has a longsword with a longer blade on her back. She has longer, wavy silver hair.

Clone Seto wears a black combat suit decorated with purple and silver with a red pendant on a silver chain around Clone Seto's neck. Unlike real Seto, Clone Seto is a female with long, wavy brown hair. She also has purple eyes. A rapier rests by her hip, and a pair of machine pistols are holstered on her back.

Clone Bucky and Steve wear dark colored heavy armor and they look very tough and intimidating. Clone Bucky has a greatsword imbued with darkness and fire while Clone Steve has a pair of swords imbued with darkness and lightning.

Clone Thara has a silver hair which she pulls to a ponytail with two bangs and ice blue eyes. She wears a black dress with stockings. She has a longsword with revolving chamber and a handgun holstered.

"Why are Raven and Seto females?" Thara asks.

"Well... you know that they are ones of the girly guys, right? So they would make good females," AYT replies.

Soon, Lemon and Ryder step out from the barriers and join with their clones. Lemon pulls out his greatsword while Ryder summons his spear.

"Let's do this," Ryder says.

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6 years ago


Do I ever come back in the story??

The Clean Up

6 years ago

In that case... use your imagination.

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Savage, Raven xD

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The Clean Up

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You're aware that you have been recommended to be banned, right?

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The Clean Up

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Your story reviews are good. But then, I have no idea why you suddenly became somewhat immature and that caused some people to be pissed.

The Clean Up

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I still cannot answer that question, which I apologize for. I'll certainly work on becoming a more mature and responsible member of the site. Thank you for informing me of this.

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Especially your Apollo account. He gave good reviews. Why don't you make more good reviews and have them featured?

A good way to redeem yourself. Oh, and working on a story at least.

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I do plan on making a story, and my story reviews will continue until they stand on every story game on this site. This I promise.

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Actually, Apollo's comment on my storygame was featured... if you don't know it yet.

So yeah... congratz, Naomi :3

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Oh, I never knew's pointless now, since I don't have the account. I'll try to get one featured on this account too.

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Just a question, why is this account's name Naomi? Is it a reference to something, or just a name?

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Why are you tagging Seto? He doesn't care at all. 

The Clean Up

6 years ago

I cant believe that they even managed to clone themselves a Thara :o

You must be really having fun typing all of this craziness.


The Clean Up

6 years ago

It's fun writing this.

The Clean Up

6 years ago

I am really girl - personality-wise, aren't i? XD

The Clean Up

6 years ago

Maybe, I guess.

Allied Forces Victorious

6 years ago

The clones fight better than the previous clones. Lord Lemon and Ryder are powerful. But the Cystians and mercenaries have the numbers. It is a battle involving many known figures from the realm of Cystia.

Clone Thara freezes a few Cystian newbies. Then, Clone Raven shatters them to pieces. Clone Bucky and Steve launch magic bolts and attack the heroes with a flurry of swings. Their attacks are so fast that the heroes barely even able to catch their breath. Meanwhile, Clone Seto summons a few royal guards and supports Lemon and Ryder with her magic.

Ryder shoots a lightning bolt, hitting Raven which is flying. The shot breaks his wing and he falls to the ground.

Lemon swings his massive greatsword, prompting Bucky, Mizal, and Malkalack to dodge. Then Malkalack charges at him, but Lemon simply throws him away with his magic. He catches Mizal's arrows and launch them back at her. Bucky comes to her aid and deflect the arrows. Bucky leaps to his opponent. Lemon parries his attack and knocks him to the ground.

The others are handling the clones and the summoned royal guards. The clones fight so well despite being outnumbered, they can still hold their grounds.


Clone Thara stabs MasonCzarGuzzi from the back and shoots Jackal in the head. The two commandos collapse to the ground in blood.

'My Mason alt!' A thought pops in Mason's mind. At least his sacrifice won't be in vain.

Clone Thara is about to fire magic projectiles, but Derek fires a web at her sword and pulls it away. Then, Steve comes for the kill. Clone Thara evades him and fires back at him with her pistol before Clone Steve comes to her aid and fights real Steve.

Clone Raven pulls out her machine pistol and shoots at Derek. Derek runs away, but stray bullets hit the web and Clone Thara's longsword falls to the ground. But just as Clone Thara catches her weapon, Mizal fires an arrow at her. The arrow hits her in the knee.

Mason comes toward her and swings his greatsword. Thara, ached in pain, blocks his attacks before Mason pulls out his pistol and shoots her in the chest several times. After she collapses, Mason finishes her off by stabbing her.

Mason has avenged his alt's death.


Steve, Seto, and Tim overwhelm Clone Raven. They keep forcing Clone Raven until she is cornered. Then, Thara boosts jump to the air and lands on her, before stabbing Clone Raven several times with her twin daggers.

Being a cyborg lacking vulnerable weakpoints like a human would and having pain inhibitor, Clone Raven uses all her power to get Thara off her. She pushes Thara off and shoots her arm. This Clone Raven is tougher than the real Raven. Thara grunts in pain, but then Steve cuts Clone Raven's arm and her body in half. He grabs her fuel cell and tosses it at real Raven. Raven catches the fuel cell and crushes it, filling his energy cell and restoring his capabilities to full potential.

Thara uses her healing magic to heal her wound before returning to action.


Clone Steve decapitates another Cystian while Clone Bucky has his back. Supported by Clone Seto, the trio is seemingly almost unstoppable. But that's what the 'heavy firepower' for.

Raven summons a railgun and a round charges in the chamber, before he unleashes a powerful shot. The shot forces Clone Steve and Clone Bucky to roll away. Then, each of them gets surrounded by Cystian heroes. Some of the commandos go after Clone Seto.

Clone Steve and Bucky are very savage and dangerous fighters. But eventually, Clone Steve gets stabbed by real Steve and Clone Bucky gets decapitated by Mason. Clone Seto summons more creatures and launches more missiles, but Lynx manages to shot her in the leg with Raccoon's sniper rifle, blowing it apart. Then, Felin smashes her with her battle hammer.

With the clones neutralized, they can all focus on Lemon and Ryder.


The two lords are powerful. Lemon being stronger and Ryder being more agile. The battle is very intense, but the Allied forces have the initiative.

Axiom, Seto, and AYT construct spells that render Lemon and Ryder slower. Thara and Charaxes deny their magical powers to resist magic. As a result, they become much easier to defeat. Eventually, Bucky shoves  MasonCzarGuzzi's war helmet up Lemon's ass and Steve disarms Ryder and uses his own spear against him. The tip of the spear pierces through Ryder's chest.

The two lords scream and fade into ashes. They did it. They defeated Lemon and Ryder and banished them to oblivion.

The remaining royal gusrds surrender after they know that their lords are defeated. The stormtroopers and knights round up the prisoners and have them to form on line amd move out of the underground base.



Epilogue is coming soon...

The Clean Up

6 years ago


The stormtroopers and Cystian knights are very impressed with the fighting capability amd determination of the royal guards. So they let the Robloxians to surrender without raising their hands up, and the Allied forces treat them in a friendlier manner.

Beside, it's not the soldiers that are wrong... it's their lords that brought them to this. Brainwashed by their propagandas.

That doesn't mean they are all bad guys though. The Cystians and Thunderers also have their own bad sides too. Nobody is an angel.

Many souls from both sides died for an unnecessary conflict. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, uncles, aunts, sons, daughters...


The cloning program and stuff that Lemon and Ryder's Robloxian forces have provided some useful things and ideas for the R&D members. Also, they inspire the Cystians for their story ideas (kind of...).

A day later, a parade is held to celebrate the victory. Elements from the Cystian 5th and 6th Legions and 2nd Storm Detachment march in the center of the Cystian capital city, accompanied with musical instruments enliving the atmosphere.


"We march to battle and takes it toll. But it's enough to rid the world of filthy trolls. If an enemy arrow finds me..." some of the Cystian knights sing as they march. After that, the stormtroopers take their turn.

"With us, united in struggle and in victory. Marching forward and forward. As once the sun of peace shines again for us."

The stomrtroopers and knights sing along. "And we come back to our beloved homeland. But shall the enemy's arrow finds me. Then let me rest in the battlefield. And touch again the drum.

Forward! Forward! Forward with our soldiers!"

The crowd cheers up, tossing flowers and giving compliments to the soldiers. Some girls start following and asking the Cystian heroes. Some heroes turn them down politely, some chit-chat with them.


Several hours later, a ceremonial is held to honor those who have sacrificed themselves fighting Lemon and Ryder's forces. Sir Bucky of the Cystian army and Commander Fighter117 of the mercenary forces lead the ceremonial.

The ceremonial goes for about two hours. EndMaster and Killa_Robot also give speech. After that, the formations are disbanded and the troops are free to do whatever their heart desire as long they don't cause trouble.

A few drunken fights between the mercenaries and Cystian knights happen. Though they are solved quickly by the officers and the ones who are responsible for their actions are disciplined.

It is a good day.


Some Robloxian royal guards taken prisoners are departed back to their realm. Some decide to stay in Cystia and become humble occupants. Some others decide to join the mercenary forces.

For some reasons, Raven and Seto turn to their girl forms. They regularly come to the grand library to do their works, but Seto comes more often.

Mason returns to do his job for the Council of Nine.

Tim continues to be Tim.

A lot of Cystian heroes receive promotions and rewards from the Cystian army.

So Thara has the privilege to be EndMaster's assistant. She's really proud of that.

All in all, Cystia is a place for everyone with a passionate in writing as long they act good and don't cause troubles.

The End


Yup, it's done. Feel free to ask any question if you have them.

The Clean Up

6 years ago
Word count??

The Clean Up

6 years ago

I'm on my phone right now, so I can't.

The Clean Up

6 years ago



The Clean Up

6 years ago

Characters and their stats, as Mason suggested.


Mercenary Forces


Vitality: 650
Power: 600
Energy: 500


Ranged: level 8
Melee: level 7
Magic: level 2
Resilence: level 7
Defense: level 6

Perks: infiltrator, vehicle specialist, marksman, pack mule, arms man

+ 50% resistance to lightning
+ 30% accuracy with ranged weapons
+ Cyborg body gives less vital weakpoints
+ 20% resilence

+ 20% proficiency in melee
- More vulnerable to magic


Commando (all three squads)

Nemesis Commando Vitality: 550
Mako Commando Vitality: 600
Salamander Vitality: 650

Power: 500


Ranged: level 7
Melee: level 6
Magic: level 4
Resilence: level 5
Defense: level 6

Perks: infiltrator, vehicle specialist, marksman

+ 25% accuracy with ranged weapons
+ 20% resilence


Cystian Army


Vitality: 850
Power: 500
Magic: 500


Ranged: level 6
Melee: level 8
Magic: level 6
Resilence: level 8
Defense: level 8

Perks: savage, guardian, leader, tough nut

+ 25% resist all elements
+ 30% proficiency in melee
+ 40% resilence
+ 20% defense



Vitality: 750
Power: 600
Magic: 500


Ranged: level 6
Melee: level 8
Magic: level 6
Resilence: level 7
Defense: level 7

Perks: savage, tough nut, berserker

+ 25% resist all elements
+ 40% proficiency in melee
+ 30% resilence



Vitality: 650
Power: 600
Magic: 600


Ranged: level 8
Melee: level 7
Magic: level 6
Resilence: level 6
Defense: level 6

Perks: infiltrator, quick shot, savage, marksman

+ 30% resist all elements
+ 25% proficiency in melee
+ 30% accuracy with ranged weapons
+ 30% proficiency in magic
+ 15% resilence


Thara and Seto
Witch (Thara) and Sorcerer (Seto)

Vitality: 500
Power: 500
Magic: 850


Ranged: level 6
Melee: level 6
Magic: level 8
Resilence: level 5
Defense: level 6

Perks: sorcerer, summoner, trickery, infiltrator

+ 40% resist all elements
+ 40% magic efficiency
+ 15% resilence
+ 20% proficiency in melee



Vitality: 800
Power: 500
Magic: 600


Ranged: level 6
Melee: level 8
Magic: level 6
Resilence: level 7
Defense: level 7

Perks: holy warrior, arms man, guardian

+ 30% resist all elements
+ 50% resistance to dark
+ 30% proficiency in melee
+ 20% proficiency in magic
+ 15% defense
+ 20% resilence


Generalist (?)

Vitality: 700
Power: 600
Magic: 500


Ranged: level 7
Melee: level 8
Magic: level 6
Resistance: level 7
Defense: level 6

Perks: savage, arms man, marksmanship, jar lord, infiltrator


+ 30% resist all elements
+ 25% proficiency in melee
+ 30% proficiency in ranged weapons
+ 15% defense
+ 20% resilence

+Mason jars



Vitality: 700
Power: 600
Energy: 500


Ranged: level 8
Melee: level 7
Magic: level 5
Resilence: level 8
Defense: level 6

Perks: Tim, quick shot, arms man, bard

+ 30% resist all elements
+ can sing and play musical instruments to boost stats of nearby allies. Musical instruments deal much more damage.
+ 25% proficiency in ranged weapons
+ 20% proficiency in melee




Vitality: 650
Power: 600
Magic: 500


Ranged: level 8
Melee: level 7
Magic: level 7
Resilence: level 6
Defense: level 6

Perks: quick shot, sorcerer, arms man, meme lord

+ 30% resist all elements
+ Memes
+ 25% proficiency in ranged weapons
+ 30% proficiency in magic
+ 25% proficiency in melee

The Clean Up

6 years ago

I thought it would be good for me to be more unusual. So I made it to be somewhat less 'Cystian' and more fictional characters that make more contributions to the story. I'm really glad it's still appealing (thanks everyone!). I'm aware that my English is not as good as others, so I always try to focus on story or plot more.

Now I really should get back to my Tiger Ace story... maybe when I'm done with it (which would take months to accomplish given the current situation), I'd probably try to host a roleplay (but I suck in RP) or make another intersite story.