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Okay, considering I was being so stupid in the Forums, I've lost any traces of respect from everyone. I understand how the whole "You're Bob!" thing is a joke, but you guys must hate me anyway. Therefore, I will not use the Forums until I get the respect I need by building up my two greatest ideas ever: My "keeper" storygames. I will no PM's or duels, and I will exist only to create stories... until my career here actualy becomes worthwhile.

Even though Roy has rarely been on in a long time, we are still going to work on the TV Show series. We are working on Episode 2, and have ideas for Episodes 3 and 4.

The world's easiest maze shown below!

World's Easiest Maze!

Trophies Earned

Earning 100 Points Earning 500 Points


The Spooky Hotel!

You are in the spooky hotel. It is a huge, wood hotel that seems very old, and you are (for the most part) alone. There is a captive, secret rooms, and a variety of odd quests. Aided by Power Points, you must escape.

TV Show: Madness of Seal

This is a TV Show called TV show. This is the first episode. It is called Madness Of Seal. It is about two people, Macky and Joe, (plus some bonus characters) and a funny seal named Seth. Enjoy their adventures!


I understand this is very short and hardly a CYOA... deal with it. Chances are you will like it if you read every word on every page.

PLEASE do not tell me how bad this game is... leave positive feedback! (And maybe some from a microphone.) In your comment, please post your favorite part of the story so I can use similar jokes in the next episode!

I apologize for any spelling errors, there were quite a few. 



I hardly did anything!


TV Show: Season 1, Episode 1

Company Wars

Choose a weapon and fight your co-workers to the death!


   In one town...
   Where the people are divided by popularity...
   Lived one loser...

Basically, you live in a town where people are either losers or popular (pop). Everything was divided like that: A pop store and loser store, etc. You are a loser with a horrible clock. Make the best of this day.

   ...a day in the life of a loser.
Have fun.


You have been put in prison. In your cell, there is only a sink, bed, and clock. Find your way out... without getting caught.

And here's a minigame: See how quickly you can beat this! I've added a score minigame. Try to beat the game in the least amount of links! Your SCORE on commenting will tell you how many links you clicked since 100. Try to get the highest SCORE level possible by clicking the least links possible! So far, the highest possible score is 82.

Expander Stories, Co.

The Battles


Orange: You

Blue: Police

Olive: Pencil Vendor

Sky Blue: Cashier

Pink: Bank Owner

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locked out 2? on 4/6/2009 7:32:20 PM

Yes, you were JOKING. I'd like to hear someone believe you whose not as retarded as yourself or 3J. Or any of your friends for that matter.

locked out 2? on 4/6/2009 7:31:02 PM

Replying to the "Wow you must take stupidity with you wherever you go" thing, yes I do. I failed computer science and am taking a college class on it. Why? Because I like computers. I'm just too stupid to know a lot about them.

And I asked for HELP with a GAME and you told my I was a sucky arse. Big help you are.

Dear Site Members on 4/6/2009 7:10:10 PM

I blokced the direct link to your profile. Same with 3J's because both of you treat lower class members like maggot dung, and you smell like it. You know, when you judge someone you're really judging yourself.

This thread was created by the arse with the head of a robotic retard.

locked out 2? on 4/5/2009 7:33:16 PM

I rated that game a negative infinity because I think it deserved that rating. And I changed my avatar because I finally found a decent picture of that guy. Haven't you also realised that

locked out 2? on 4/5/2009 5:16:21 PM


locked out 2? on 4/4/2009 7:50:33 PM

Youre all retards

locked out 2? on 4/2/2009 7:46:26 PM

Can't beat it... I got the quarters, but that's when I got stuck...

Stupidity War on 3/29/2009 3:23:44 PM

   Objective: Say something stupider than all the posts above.
   Rules: No double-posting, and no judging for yourself -- I will be the judge.

   My post is:

   "You're stupid."
   "Oh yeah? Well you're redarded!"

Sick Sick Sick on 3/29/2009 9:05:18 AM

   Yeah I know this is old, but you all asked for the joke and I couldn't find the original thread, so I just made this one. The old one probably died anyway.

   Anyway, after passing out, I couldn't ven remember the joke! Jay, my friend who told it to me, was seriously concerned and said he wouldn't tell me another joke for 6 months. I don't remember if it's been six months, but he told me what happened, and I still was laughing so hard.

   It actually wasn't a joke. It was more of a "hey look at me I'm so awesome oh God I'm gonna break my head I'm falling..." kind of thing. He was studying gravity and friction and all that crap, and he made a calculation, handed me a stopwatch, and said he would jump from the top of a really tall tree and hit the ground in 3.67 seconds from when he said go to jump. Of course he used the 9.8 meters per second squared crap we all were forced to learn, but our science teachers never really described with us interferences.

   Well, he jumped from the top of the tree. I started the timer. It didn't take him 3.67 seconds to hit the ground. Upon jumping his shirt caught on a branch and he was dangling there at the top of this tree -- and it was a pretty tall tree. It took about three minutes for the branch to snap, and when he fell, I was being questioned by a teacher about how I should be inside. I told him "Idiot. I have all my classes in the morning. So does Jay. Quit bugging me."

   Anyway, he was ratting me out. I was still laughing aboout Jay getting caught in the tree when I heard SNAP... "GAAAAHH!!!!!" Next thing I knew, Jay came down on the teacher, I looked down laughing, there was a HUGE pool of blood and stomach contents, I yelled out scratchily, and passed out.

   Jay said I was laughing, inhaled kind of hard, and threw up all the food I'd had in about a week and 3 minutes' worth of blood pumped from my heart. Dang, that was SCARY when he told me. He just told me Thursday, and I haven't been on the computer since yesterday, and I forgot to post this. Well, there's the "joke"... Hope you enjoyed and weren't too grossed out.

   Also, I suggest not using the Internet April 1st, there's a virus going around that almost immediately shuts down your computer and it will never run again, unless it is dismantled and a new hard drive is inserted. I know this because I take computers. Anyway, be careful and enjoy the site as much as you can.

Kill the above user on 3/29/2009 7:58:51 AM

I force a pencil sharpener down Anubis's throat.