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My profile picture is from the brilliant MHD! She's the best artist. Go check out her commissions and artworks!

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Hi there! My CYS name is Mystic Warrior, so feel free to call me that or any other variation of my name you prefer. 



So far, I've written six storygames: 


(For those of you who are in the midst of playing A Hunted and Haunted Halloween, here's a walkthrough)

Hope you enjoy them!

MHD's brilliant artwork, she never fails to amaze

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Featured Story A Hunted and Haunted Halloween

For End Master's Manifest Destiny Contest.

"Welcome to the experiment. A man is dead, and you have to find his killer. There will be a list of rules in your room once this briefing is over, but all you really need to know is this: There are five of you, but only one can solve the mystery. You will be given five days. Each night, one of you will die - no more, no less.

Ready? Even if you're not, it doesn't matter. You're in my world now."

H&H more complex version rsz.png

This is also a War on Intfiction contribution.

Note: Aside from a few references to Dreamtruder characters/ events, this storygame is a standalone.

It is my first time writing a mystery storygame on this site, so I would appreciate if you could leave feedback on whether this mystery was too easy/ difficult to solve. If you find yourself stuck, don't hesitate to message me directly. That being said, do not feel discouraged if you are bewildered at first; as you progress further in the game, the clues and secrets would make everything clearer. Eventually, the secrets you find would allow you to make sense of most clues except a few, and these would point to the killer.

Make use of the notebook, which would keep track of the information you gained from the interviews and the secrets you may find out. Also, check the item descriptions of all the objects since some of these would have to be 'used' in order to access some clues.

Once you've solved the mystery, there are 3 possible endings you could get. Only one of these actually results in returning back to the 'real world'. If you're looking for this 'true ending', it requires you to play through the last of the five days rather than just skipping to the end and guessing the answer.

Good luck surviving the Halloween experiment!

Featured Story Breaker

Beneath the seas, hidden from the Ones Above, our society goes about our normal, routinely lives. I cannot help but feel bored with all that is going on, until I find the letter. A letter that sends me on a journey to deliver a magical item to the group of people that have been villainized over the years, the letter that challenges everything I thought I knew. But which side is on the side of good? How can I break out of the only world I have ever known? Should I join the heroic villains or the villainous hero? I have finally gotten the adventure I always needed, but not exactly the one I wanted.

(Edit - note from the author: I'll be going through the process of fixing any bugs/ problems in this storygame soon, like the inescapable loops, so apologies for those who encounter these or any other issues caused by the upcoming changes).




























Note: This game was created for Camelon's break contest. During the part where a specialist is assigned to the breakers, there are three different paths (Lawbreaker, Breaker of People and Breaker and Enterer). Due to time constraints, for those who would like to know, Breaker of People is the longest path, followed by Lawbreaker and Breaker and Enterer, but aside from the epilogues, it all leads to the same chapter 5. As before, feel free to comment or message me if you encounter any issues or problems that I should fix.


"The delicate balance between the dream world and the real world is disrupted. You intruded and messed up the dream of an innocent. By talking about this with an Unknowing, the possibility of the dreamstage being unveiled is now greater than ever. The Jury has made a decision - we have no choice but to send you to The Jungle..."




Life was hard, balancing work and relaxation. Then the nightmares came, and all I ever wanted was to be free of them. Yet, I never accounted for this - finding out the truth about the dream world, exploring the vast plane of the imagination...only to be whisked away to the longest nightmare ever. 

Think a jungle's bad? Try a fictional jungle, where literally anything can happen, and the most creative minds have conspired to give you a hard time.




Note: This game was created for Mizal's 'Welcome to the Jungle' contest. There are several epilogues, and while the main one is the normal Dreamtruder path, others include Dream director, Dreamcaster, Dreamediator, and Dreamhero. Fancy a challenge? Try completing the Jungle challenge without picking up any dreampowers - it's possible, but requires a bit of thinking and planning ahead. Also, for some items, click the 'use' button as a link would not be provided (if this is the case, it would be specified in the object description)

Since this would be my first published storygame, I am still relatively new to this. Feel free to message me or spam the comments if you encounter any issues, have any suggestions for improvement, or just have something you want to say.


Fall to Hopelessness

A quest doomed from the start. A man with an unwavering yet unusual moral compass. A daughter in the darkest depths of the night sky.

It isn't truly over until all hope is lost.

Fall to Hopelessness (storygame poster).jpg























'Good and evil, heroes and villains… they are all fantasies created by the world. There are only two types of people: the people you care about, and the people you don’t.'

Arnold Cyzila's best life may have been long since over, but he would do anything to save his daughter from the clutches of her confinement. Even stealing an airplane, killing the innocent, and entering a dangerous world where death is almost guaranteed. 

[Warning: There are some mentions of murder, deaths and several dark themes, so if those things make you uncomfortable, perhaps it is better not to read this story.]

Note: I initially did not plan on joining this contest, yet I'm glad I did since it has motivated me to publish a new storygame. It is related to Dreamtruder in a way… well, you’ll see. While this story may not be as long as my previous two, it was interesting to write a shorter project. 

Just like all my other storygames, commenting and rating this story are both highly welcomed and appreciated. Also, as I have used quite a lot of variables in several fight scenes, let me know if you ever encounter a page where there are no visible links. 

Lastly, there are a few different epilogues but the 'main' one would be an epilogue which mirrors the start of the story (you'll know it when you see it). There are three possible ways to reach that. Even though I may consider it to be the true ending, it is not a typical happy ending.

Featured Story In Moonlit Waters

For EndMaster's Prompt Contest

Prompt: A story involving an old Oriental style setting

Cover Page


A simple quest for revenge turns into a deadly competition.

The Shi Empires, governed by the Ten Emperors, appear to be undefeatable. But Liu Longyi's desire to avenge Mother tranports her to four deadly battles, marked by the sudden appearance of a chaos deity.

As she battles competitors for the throne, Liu Longyi learns the truth about the mighty Shi Empires, along with the most closely guarded secret of Yue Palace. 

Author's Notes:

1. This story makes use of delayed consequences, so replaying would grant different outcomes, even if they aren't always visible at first.
2. There are some instances of violent and slightly mature content, so reader's discretion is advised.
3. If you prefer to read the storygame in the same browser, you could click the title page instead of the 'play' button.

Hope you enjoy the storygame!

Featured Story Spell of Slumber

For EndMaster's Prompt Contest 2

Prompt: A story involving fairies in some way


"Save your breath. We both know how this story ends."


As a spellsinger from an illustrious family, Aubrynne Spelwinter has always sought greatness. Yet, in an attempt to shatter a notorious curse, she becomes one of its casters.

In seven days, the curse will take effect. However, Aubrynne's mission leads to an unlikely alliance with the Cursed King, with whom she races against the clock to save her kingdom from conquests and faceless enemies.

Author's notes: 

1. There are 5 epilogues and it'll be obvious which the 'main' one is. 
2. This is a retelling of a classic fairytale, Sleeping Beauty, although aside from a few plot points, it features unique characters, settings, and narratives.
3. If you prefer to read the storygame in the same browser, you could click the title page instead of the 'play' button.

Hope you enjoy the storygame!

Link to video trailer:



Dear fellow Earthians and Utopians #05

If you don't like letters, extremely short stories or cliched moral lessons, don't read this. I found it when I was browsing through the old storygames I had created a long time ago. If I'm not mistaken, this was made for Mizal's Tiny 'Topias jam although I never really thought it was good enough to add to the thread. I don't think I'll publish this, but it's completed if anyone happens to browse my profile and wants to read it.

Walkthrough: A Hunted and Haunted Halloween

On a dark and chilly night, you visit the Skeleton to ask for hints in order to solve the mystery of 'A Hunted and Haunted Halloween'.

Promo (Lighter) (2).png

If you find yourself stuck while trying to complete A Hunted and Haunted Halloween, this is the guide for you! Since it is a walkthrough, there are bound to be spoilers, so I recommend reading the storygame before referring to this.

Do let me know if you find any inconsistencies between the storygame and this walkthrough. As this would remain unpublished, I should be able to fix errors rather quickly.

That's all from me. Enjoy!

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The Damned and the SHAMED on 10/29/2023 10:53:24 AM

Locked. Good luck with your entry!

The CYS Review Competition! on 10/8/2023 1:06:42 PM

Thanks, Mizal! Commending myself feels too much like misusing my power.

The CYS Review Competition! on 10/8/2023 1:03:33 PM

Congratulations to SummerSparrow for the well-deserved win! Well done to Fresh and Peng for second and third place! I would also like to thank everyone who submitted a review for this mini-competition.

Kudos to Ninja for reading and judging these reviews! Even though the competition is over, I still encourage everyone to check out his storygame; it won a contest.

Quick question: If we make this a somewhat regular thing, how likely are you all to join? I'm not sure if I should continue hosting review competitions or keep this as a one-off event to save the limited productivity of CYS members for other things, e.g. Thunderdome duels or storygame contests. Also, there's the issue of it encouraging super long reviews when it might be more effective to host something which promotes writing a lot of reviews for many different stories. But let me know what you think :)

Halloweeeeenn on 10/6/2023 11:54:04 AM

If I can find my fake-spider box, I'll play pranks on my friends and lecturers.

The CYS Review Competition! on 10/6/2023 11:39:37 AM

Time to officially conclude this contest. 

Well done to the 5 people who wrote actual reviews, even if one of you got banned! And a slightly lesser congrats to the 3 people who submitted not-so-serious comments, which led to reviews of not just the storygame, but of other reviews too! Truly a strange phenomena.

Overall, I'll say it was a small success, considering how this thread managed to motivate some people to perform the ever-so-challenging act of reviewing. There were some really good ones here too. 

The commendations have already been given out, and for the sake of fairness and transparency and all that, I'd let @Ninjapitka announce the winners of this contest! He already sent me the rankings, so you shouldn't be kept in suspense for too long. Your point prizes will mysteriously appear in your CYS bank account after that :)

The CYS Review Competition! on 9/29/2023 11:12:26 AM

Enthusiasm seems to be dying down, so I'll raise the stakes: the winner gets to choose the next storygame of the week! At the very least, you'll likely get one or two new reviews on a storygame of your choice, along with a Mystic review™.

Also, third place is currently between three joke reviews so you might as well write a bare minimum review and claim your 20 points!

First Glance: Fear the RNG on 9/29/2023 10:59:40 AM

Sounds fun, I've always enjoyed judging a book by its cover.

First impressions:

It has a rather generic title, possibly written by one of those wannabe edgelord kids. The description is off-putting. You know it's going to be a bad game when the author apologizes for mistakes and hides behind the excuse of writing something for the first time. Seriously, "Its a piece of junk"? At least use proper grammar! (Or 'grammer', as the author puts it)

Not capitalizing "i"? Telling us "sometimes this story would not make sense'? Forgetting the quotation mark when saying "Dont expect much from me"? You're 14, for goodness sake! I'm sure my five year old cousin could do a better job. And it's not like he's a genius: he believes we can make candy appear using "magic". (Or maybe he's only playing along to get candy from us, and is actually super smart, but anyway, that's besides the point).

Also, the audacity to assume we're all 14 year old kids smh.

We're only given one short line of actual description: "This is a story about a sad boy named Drex with supernatural happenings around him." Surprisingly enough, it's the only sentence so far without a grammatical error!

Other stats

I'm surprised the rating isn't lower. If I'm still feeling antagonistic later, I may even click through the story later to see if it should be unpublished. The "walk in the park" part might not be accurate - I have a feeling it'll be difficult to even decipher what you're reading upon clicking the play button. The maturity description checks out given the author's age. And the tag...well, it made me laugh. It has to be satire, surely?

First page (because I'm a tryhard)

Let's see...infodump, bad grammar, telling not showing, tense switches, failed attempts at edginess (called it!). There's probably more I didn't catch at a glance. I would say that, as with a lot of new writers, this idea is creative and could result in something better, but the execution leaves much to be desired. 

But a quick look at the author's profile shows he probably won't be coming back anytime soon. 

So, will I read the rest of it? Lol no. And it's not like this thread was about reading anyway, I shouldn't have expected anyone to do that in my other thread. 

The CYS Review Competition! on 9/25/2023 7:30:47 PM

For all you know, I could have started this review competition because I had a 5,000 words review of Safe and wanted an excuse to give myself 50 points :)

Edit: Just kidding, of course. Did you seriously think I'll do something like that? Now that I'm a productivity mini-mod, I can just award myself points whenever I want.

But in the spirit of promoting productivity and such affairs, I would procrastinate more generously allow the rest of you to compete amongst yourselves.

It's not Cricket, lol. on 9/25/2023 7:27:32 PM

Alright, this has gone on for long enough, time to reveal myself as the anonymous point giver!

I thought I made it really obvious by only posting a lot in the forums whenever I messed with your points. Then I had to use CYS while logged out so that if you were to have checked my 'last active' post, it would've been a bit helpful. Also, I left a subtle hint (maybe too subtle) by alluding to the difference between ^-^ and ^_^.

Didn't want to make it too easy, so I framed Avery, then Ford. But then I realized it might be too difficult to guess, so the part about the faces being a distraction was meant to impliedly counteract the previous message and eliminate Ford (through the kappa). The review competition and various post commendations was, in part, there to demonstrate I could give out points.

Your next hint would have been:

Two more guesses left. Hint: I've posted in the forums everytime I've played with your points :/

And the last one was going to be:

Alright, I'll make it obvious. Last hint: you've analysed my writing style in detail :)

(The use of 'analysed' as opposed to the Americanized 'analyzed' was going to be a very minor hint too). 

Anyway, I wanted to practice doing some light trolling, sorry if it made you seethe. But thanks for trying to guess the "mod". This thread made me laugh so much more than I expected.

The CYS Review Competition! on 9/25/2023 11:23:43 AM

Welcome to the first (un)official CYS review competition!

You have one week to read a storygame and write the best review you can. Easy enough, right? Winners will be chosen by the author and/or impartial judges of their choice. And yes, that means if you're the only one who joins, then your one line review of "sucks, is bad" will automatically win by default. 

Potential Rewards:

  • Winner: 50 points
  • First runner-up: 30 points
  • Second runner-up: 20 points

(Note: if any of the mods are reading this, feel free to let me know if these point rewards are too high/ low, as I'll probably make this a weekly thing). 

Participants will also get commendations! Provided, of course, the review has some modicum of effort put in. And for the high achievers among you, aim for those 3 featured review spots!

Storygame of the Week:

Safe (by Ninjapitka):


You have until the end of next Monday. To join, post your review of Safe as a reply to this thread. Good luck!