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"Oh, beat the drum slowly, and play the fife lowly..."

Entrant in Endmaster's Prompt Contest.
Prompt: A story set in the Wild West. (Weird West Optional)

This game is not made with love. It is made with pure spite.

However, in my blind stubbornness, I got a little too ambitious compared to my actual writing skill, so the game is only half finished. But I will update the game still.

Thanks for reading.


Noir story in a cyberpunk dystopia. Four types of endings: deaths, bad endings, good endings, and one perfect ending. See if you can find them all, it shouldn't be too hard. Endings are tracked using the score variable: zero means death, one means bad, two means good, three means perfect.

Special thanks to:
Tim36D - For listening to me ramble on about the idea, making suggestions, and writing a few pages.
ISentinelPenguinI - For playtesting.

Finally, if you notice any bugs, please PM me and I'll get to work on them as soon as I can (though I do believe they've all been worked out, can never be too sure).

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The 2nd Annual MHD Appreciation Week! on 7/15/2022 9:17:43 AM


She had a very menacing walk.

The 2nd Annual MHD Appreciation Week! on 7/14/2022 7:27:05 PM

A conflict as old as conflict itself.

The most recent iteration of the Spork-Pudding wars was not the first time history has repeated itself, and it will not be the last. Decades, centuries, millennia has the battle between eating utensils and fruity desserts raged. While the origins of this feud are unknown, historians and archeologists across the globe find more and more evidence of protracted campaigns between these two parties. Though the names and location change, the fundamentals remain.

One of the most notable instances, and the one we currently know the most about, happened in Japan somewhere around the 15th-16th century. An adeptly skilled ronin, StrawHatter'sDaughter, had introduced some kind of traditional wagashi based on foreign fruits, while at the same time a powerful samurai, IBushidoPenguinI, invented a new kind of chopstick pairing, with one being spiked and the other having a bowl-like depression. The proceeding war had cost the lives of thousands, and caused untold amounts of damage to the land.

Below is an artist's rendition of the final battle between the two, which occurred on the outskirts of Osaka. The victor is unknown.

(People did Dark Souls/Elden Ring and Bloodborne, so I did Sekiro so that we could have a complete set.)

Happy MHD Appreciation Week.

Prompt Contest Results on 7/14/2022 12:45:11 AM

Oh, yeah, I will after about a week or so. Don't want to just take it down immediately after the contest.

Thanks for your feedback, by the way.

Prompt Contest Results on 7/14/2022 12:41:06 AM

Hi, Stunned.

I'm Tim.

Prompt Contest Results on 7/13/2022 11:00:38 AM

Whoa. Third place. Pretty neato for half a story. Good job, everyone.

I finally got my last 2 RPS choices.

The 2nd Annual MHD Appreciation Week! on 7/11/2022 5:17:54 PM

Up the fuck shut.

Porn on 7/7/2022 8:02:54 PM


EndMaster's Prompt Contest completed entries on 7/7/2022 7:57:23 PM

I'm currently still reading the entries, but I guess I will also do a reflection thing so that Cel will not be alone.

25) A story set in the Wild West. And once again yes, if you don't want to strictly adhere to proper history, you can fill it with "weird west" shit.

I'm not going to lie, I was still a bit spiteful and stubborn when I chose this prompt from the available prompts and didn't really put much thought into the premise. I just said "fuck it, cowboy story, it's gonna be GREAT and AWESOME with NO MENTION OF APES WHATSOEVER", and then realized that I had no outline or ideas or anything at all. I didn't even know how I could start it, but I did know that I wanted it to be like the classic books where, really, only the first few choices are major ones, and the rest sort of are "right or wrong" ones. Seemed simple enough, but I needed to research more into cowboy times. So I did what any sensible person would do in my situation: Watch a lot of western movies.

And I mean like a lot of western movies.

The classic Clint Eastwood ones, naturally (The Dollars Trilogy, The Outlaw Josey Wales, etc), but also some newer ones (The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, 3:10 to Yuma (the remake), Magnificent Seven (Also a remake, but pretty wildly different), etc.) not only for inspiration, but also for just getting down the way cowboys talked and stuff. I don't think I got it perfectly, but I at least got it very stereotypical. I also decided to make a bunch of references to other works as a sort of funny joke, so props if you guys caught them all.

Anyway, after watching these movies, I decided to go with the simple "stranger wanders into town" thing, and start off with the classic saloon scene that literally every western movie has. I also decided to have four major paths, based on the generic western protagonists: Quippy Sociopath, Serious Gunslinger, Asshole Loner, and Comic Relief. I also wanted to have two seperate stories, with two of the paths being one story and the other two being the other. The Ranger is one of four fundamentally different people, and experiences the world differently based on the personality.

You can see how that turned out.

So yeah, I thought I was hot stuff, completing the Saloon section in only a week, and then started working on the first path like "damn, I'm on a roll, this'll be a breeze." Then several times as I'm writing this, I just couldn't think of what to write EVEN THOUGH I had an OUTLINE OF CHOICES AND EVENTS. But I guess that's just how my brain was working. So yeah, it took me almost the rest of the month to finish one path, then a day to start the other one, and then 11 hours straight of writing to finish the path before the deadline. Had to cut the other alternate story and the two remaining Rangers, but I'll finish em.

Anyway, that's pretty much what happened when I wrote my story. I kinda wanna hear about how you other fine peoples fared in writing as well.

... Well, except maybe miz, because I already know the story behind that one. Enter, too, actually.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest completed entries on 7/5/2022 5:23:02 PM

Too generic.  I'm going to confuse this game with the 5- other stories entitled "Ranger" or some variant thereof.

It's hot dog and hamburger day in the USA wooooooo on 7/4/2022 6:04:36 PM