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Hey there!  I'm a non-new member here to see what's shakin'.  I'm a fan of manga, anime, writing, and drawing.  Currently working on...some CYOA thing.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion: You Can (Not) Wait

Everyone knows that art imitates life...but what will become of us when life struggles to imitate art?

All in-story links lead to tracks from the series on Youtube. If you find one, you can right-click it and open it in a new window or tab. Most pictures are either from the series as well, or random shots of places from Google. Now that that's out of the way...

This adventure isn't serious at all (so please don't take all the 'deep' stuff to heart). In fact, at first it doesn't even seem to be all that much about Neon Genesis Evangelion. You simply play as somebody who can't wait for the latest Evangelion film to come out.

Obviously this adventure is based on the aforementioned mind-bending, philosophical series, but you don't have to know anything about Evangelion to start reading except that the series is really weird...because this adventure tries to avoid spoilers and doesn't require prior knowledge of the series, even though it helps. Just know that this is a lot less cerebral than Evangelion itself.

There are 11 wildly different possible endings. Can you find them all!?

July 2016 Edits: Fixed broken images, titled all used Youtube videos in case their links break, fixed around two typos. It's been four years since I wrote this, and while some of my writing decisions are killing me inside...I refuse to edit those... If you stay calm and you treat your mother right, the results will be amazing.


This is a thing that's in progress. It will involve magic and demons and kids and pictures and RPG mechanics and a bunch of pictures. If you want to preview it, the thing is currently a very simplistic (but playable) map/navigation test.

I Wanna Learn How To Make An RPG Battle System
It's true. I really do.

Leviathan's Trig
A math game about the basic trigonometry I just learned at school. In this game, you play a middle-schooler struggling with math. You may be clueless now, but with help from a mysterious source, even you can go toe-to-toe with the daunting Leviathan - the Young Leviathan's Math Bowl, that is - and play to win! If you complete it, there's also a badge (yeah, I know, that's kind of riding the profile-badge wave of other recent adventures)!

NOTE: I recommend that you have a pencil, some paper, and a calculator with the buttons SIN, COS, TAN, and 2nd on it.

Torch (an Unfinished Experiment)
You can play this, if you want - it's short, but there's temporary "end game" links lying around in it. In this game, you're a castle torch living out your days in the murky depths. It's basically a test to see if I can actually write an alright storygame with this concept.

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Turn-based battles can be pretty hard to pull off on 4/7/2013 4:46:59 PM
Ah! I still haven't played a lot of games on this site. Not even the outstandingly good and famous ones. I didn't even think that one had turn-based combat in it, but hey it does. I noticed that more commands were done using the items than I'd previously realized, so maybe I can incorporate that into my experimentation. I should return here or contact BZ if I have any concrete questions Thank you!

Turn-based battles can be pretty hard to pull off on 4/7/2013 3:54:06 PM
Naw, not a Pokemon game. That's too too much. I usually just mess around with whatever small idea strikes my fancy, for food, fun, and enjoyment. And who's DS? BerkaZerka, the old flame. When things get rough out there, I'll contact you. When it's time.

Turn-based battles can be pretty hard to pull off on 4/6/2013 7:37:27 PM
I realize that I've tried to make some sort of RPG combat system multiple times, but, one way or another, they're flawed. I keep tripping myself up over various things. For example, if you're going to have a complex system with a lot of leveling, attack types, elements and so forth, a generic "random encounter" page would probably become crammed with variables.

Then I recently fiddled around with a different system that, for some reason, I thought might be easier to manage, wherein there are six spots on a die which correlate to different attacks. That led to a lengthy, somewhat confusing script differentiating first between the result of the die roll and then between what was on square 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, and then after that the result of the actual roll has to be filled in, and depending on how many attacks the player could potentially use in this thing, that would get tedious fast.

To some extent, that's just what comes with the territory of making a game like that in the first place. What I'm really searching for is a tried-and-true system of sorts: a reasonable method of where to put certain actions in relation to battling and blah blah blah bleh.

(On a totally different subject which is so unrelated that most reading it will have no idea what it means, I feel like I've ousted myself from the CYOA kingdom by - taking on a project I never finished (the usual) and - wanting to join a forum game that I still haven't gotten in on. If I make any headway on any of that stuff, nobody will hear about it until something substantial comes to pass.)

Oxymory the movie the game the movie on 3/9/2013 10:17:43 AM
I'm familiar with what this is based on, and I was incredibly afraid of trying, but it didn't frighten me at all (probably because I didn't get to any pee pants parts so I didn't ACTUALLY finish it). I was also pleased by the chatroom stuff not being ridiculously off the mark. It's obvious you knew what you were doing at least 1% of the time, so I wouldn't give it a 1, but it could use more method to the madness. Unless that ruins the joke? Might be worth noting that the first post Loon mentioned had text directly copy/pasted from the source material, so eh.

Can't edit my story PART II on 1/1/2013 12:42:16 PM
: 0

Well, it happened again just now. Then I went specifically to the 'My Storygames' section and clicked [edit] from there. Things went back to normal, like MAGIC. So like whatever I guess. If anyone else ever has that problem, they should try that!

God eater on 12/31/2012 11:16:36 PM
I haven't read Don't Blink, but depending on what things you need drawn, maybe I could draw something? But as a warning, I can only do cartoons. Also, I love the atmosphere of TWEWY. Gritty urban fantasy is just so cool. The core idea of this game sounds weird, and I wanna see what kind of plot it goes with. Good luck on this!

Arborell Windhammer Competition on 12/31/2012 9:13:53 PM
Looks interesting! I might have to read these gamebooks sometime. With no entry fee, it'd be worth it to enter whether my story turns out good enough or not.

Can't edit my story PART II on 12/31/2012 9:00:23 PM
I posted this topic a few short days ago. Today, I clicked the [edit] button again from the same screen ( and got the same message. Then I got the same message when I tried to edit any other story. Now I know that the problem is only temporary - or should I say 'was' because it was only going on for a few minutes - but I mainly post this out of curiosity, and also because it was closed with a message saying that they might look into it. Is it happening for any other members of the site? Is it related to server problems or strain!? Why do slightly inconvenient things happen to good people!?!?

Comics? on 12/30/2012 1:00:19 AM
Guhhhhhh! The thing about me is that I'm a slacker. I'm currently finishing up a project that I've had ample time to work on and haven't even started on the next comic. Tonight I'll try to push myself on that project, at least. So I'll keep the Mafia in my mind, but I won't make any promises until I actually create some kind of finished product. I'll apologize for putting up a date I can't make, though.

Weird stuff concerning variables and links on 12/28/2012 11:52:27 AM
Beautiful! It was tedious, but this step worked. Thank you yet again for your magical mystery help, my love.