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AI Nightmare

This is my first storygame, so I hope you guys enjoy it. This game is a cyberpunk adventure set on a derelict ship in outer space. You are Miranda Hoffman, leader of a paramilitary force that patrols the galaxy to keep order for the Galactic Empire. Your team has found an abandoned ship in an uncharted point of space and has gone to investigate. Little did they know that the AI on that ship has taken over and has turned the entire crew into cyborgs. The cyborgs attack, and in the chaos, you're split up from your team. Your job is to go around killing cyborgs, find your teammates, and stop the malevolent AI. This is not a game focused on story. The focus is more on making the right choices, taking in the atmosphere, and absorbing cyberpunk themes. The best way to describe this game is a mix of System Shock 2 and Neuromancer. Enjoy!

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How do I load a saved game? I don't see a button for it.