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(Please look for grammar and typos as you read so I can fix them.) 

Your name is Eric and you are from Iowa moving to Germany in Europe. They offered you a good job tha will allow you to have an easy life. It is a normal flight until it crashes and you find yourself in a different universe. They don't have the technology that you have. The city is ruled by a cruel man and if you want to get home you are going to have to kill him, but to get to him you are going to have to weaken him by taking out his supporters. There are only two endings and the a choice near the end determines it so make your choice wisely.

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What was the last book that ever made you cry? on 3/5/2016 9:48:25 PM

I remember that. I basically just threw my tablet on the floor, and decided I hated life. The movie is almost in theaters. I wonder if they are going to change that.

Strangest things that happened to you? on 3/4/2016 8:08:56 PM

Woah man, that... was really good. You a must be a great friend, not taking advantage of her when she is poor situation, and help her through a tough time in her life. That is a true friend. We may not always get along, but at least now I know there is a great guy on the other side of that screen. Sorry for all the shitty things I said to you in our previous arguments.

Strangest things that happened to you? on 3/3/2016 8:34:11 PM

Do you like her more than a friend, or just as friends?

Strangest things that happened to you? on 3/3/2016 4:36:17 PM

Strangest thing to have happened to me... maybe when I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and when I woke up, I was seeing two of everyone, and everything. I felt as high as a cloud too, so that didn't help. It was bizarre. 

Hey, newfag here who intends to torture himself on 3/2/2016 7:58:43 PM

I have to say, that is the toughest job for a writer, is trying to keep interest in it. Then you lose interest, delete it, then have interest in it again. I have done that a few times. Drives me crazy, just don't do what I do. Resist the urge to delete it.

Hey, newfag here who intends to torture himself on 3/2/2016 3:52:24 PM

That is going to take a hell of a lot of time. "Player freedom remains our absolute number one goal." - Todd Howard,

If you can do that, I will be very impressed.

Hey, newfag here who intends to torture himself on 3/2/2016 2:08:26 PM

Will we be able to fight for one of the factions, or our we (the player) trying to stop/avoid the war?

Random Events on 2/28/2016 4:34:56 PM

Well, it certainly can make the game more interesting, but is not necessary. You might want to skip it for the Riddles, and Puzzles deadline, but when not when not in a competition, and have the available time, then you should.

Is there a way to make items edit variables on 2/25/2016 8:14:28 PM

This might belong into the advanced editor part of the Forums.

Yet another death on 2/23/2016 8:24:36 PM

We talked about her other book that was just recently published. Our teacher didn't believe that Lee wanted to actually put that book out there because she already had enough money, and didn't feel that the book would be necessary. Once she got a new financial manager though, that is when the rumors of a second book came about. Did Lee ever want that book to come out? We will never know the true answer now.