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A bard, a poisoner, a dominant lover... I can be everything you want. If you sell your soul to me.

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Featured Story Elvis At The Beauty Contest

Seriously this game won't be made without @mizal support editing and asking for a children game.


"If you're going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

You are Sera, a best-selling author who goes to a luxurious spa on a natural park on Maine until  Nature happens.  And Sera have to go through her own personal hell. Dead, betrayal,  old gods and demoniac voices.

DISCLAIMER SWEARS, VIOLENCE allusions to sex and gore. No for children

Special thanks to Shadowdrake27 and CYS Discord.

Liquid Metal

A small game for The tiny topia. Special thanks to enterpride and Cys discord.

Disclaimer I know Liquid is with I not with Y. But I used the Y for stylistic reasons of the font.

Messiah for hire
Planet Mopper sequel, it is advisable to read the first volume, but it is not necessary. Guybrush MacPorridge now enjoys the joys of being a God with his own planet. But when the Gods of the Empire forced him to undergo a series of tests to acquire his official Imperial God license. His entire world will once again be engulfed in chaos. -Three possible messiahs recruits. A clue, sometimes you have to know how to re-touch the tapestry of life. Special thanks to Cys discord and especially to Corgi and MHD who drew me incredible art with the Necromancer eating buffalo wings.

Phoenix Whip

My second game for the IS Endmaster contest

Planet Mopper

This is my entry to the Year's End Contest. My prompt consists of Create a fantasy or science fiction world from scratch. The story must include a map of the relevant locality. In a world in which everyone has powers that the rest of the Galaxy considers sacred, heroes fight every year to death to become God and create their own planets ... But that's not your case, you stand a humble space janitor cleaning up the arena day after day. Until something changes your life forever. Would you go partying to space cruisers, bet on fighting pits or battle for your life against a psychotic clown? Will you create your own planet and become a god? or would you continue with your boring life? Thanks to my proofreaders and Shadowdrake The choice asks about Loom, same as The name Scumm bar are easter eggs, inspired by the Game Monkey Island.

There are three possible vampire clans you could end being part of them.

The Capi's Band & the Missing Instruments

Entry into End Master's Manifest Destiny Contest (2021).

A stand-alone sequel to: Elvis At The Beauty Contest.

Join Miz, Matt, and Mandy as Madame Coon recounts the tale of the Capi's band and their missing instruments!

The Cursed Night

My first entry for the Endmaster IS contest.


The Warped Castle

Game is written for the Break contest hosted by Camelon. The prompt is the number 6Aliens of diverse backgrounds come together to challenge the most secure financial facility in the galaxy.

You are The wasteland warrior prince, with your atomic-powered war motorcycle Babieca, your Best friend Tibba and a Snob Urbanite mage are fighting for the survival of your Tribal empire until a Giant dimensional portal absorb you three and your bike, to participate in the Race of your lives.

There is a canon real ending that will be continued in the next part of the series.

DisclaimerUse of swears and minor adult topics.

Expecial thanks to Deadkin, the CYS discord for supporting me every day and Eiwynn.

Credits Hallelujah, The Song composer: Leonard Cohen Hallelujah poems © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC I didn't have any rights to it.

Venetian's tears
This is my project for Saint Valentine's Day writing jam. With a limit of 2,000 words. It has 4 endings. You are in a bunker down Venetia, after human extinction. And you have to deal with that fact, loneliness and need of love. I want to give specific thanks to @Killa_zilla and @TheDeadKin for proofreading for me.

Broken Hunger

Death Nature

I make this to participate in a 1,000 words limit contest with the theme Environment. You are The Galactic empire Lord Worldslayer preparing to consume until the last drop of your 53 planet

Heavy Metal

No escape the unlucky 21

Red are the Roses

Segway to heaven
Humour satire for my writing Jam in Saint Valentine's Day. Max 2,000 words. Thanks for proofreading to @3iguy Re-edit with grammar fixes and title.

Sylicon Lipstic

The Revenge of Turkey Loco

Kansas 50s a farm in the middle of nowhere. An experimental Turkey plots its revenge against the human who kills its mother.

Venetian's Requiem part 1
First part of the game deviced for the Tiny topia jam. Limit 2k Especial thanks to Eiwynn, Corgi enterpride and the Cys discord.

Yellow is the happiest color
My entry for the 2020 Sci-Fi speed writing event. Made in a 3 hours and a half speed jam 24 June. 1,500 words a small story of a kid dress in yellow and his day to day life

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I vote for the first one

Battle of the Joes on 9/17/2021 8:31:30 AM
This has inspired me to write a small duel story about 2k. We could make a tiny topia of this event

Battle of the Joes on 9/16/2021 8:03:40 AM
I can not see poor kiddo in literature danger without offering help. It is a flaw I have. They remind me of stray kittens lost in the city.

Battle of the Joes on 9/16/2021 7:28:23 AM
Can I help, the kiddo with his story? I feel sad for him.

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Can I fake to be another joe?

Escape the Dark Sector - Team Alpha on 9/14/2021 9:26:08 AM
Wow! I have never thought that Abbot and Cook would escape. Incredible party.

Kona’s Kinky Kronicle on 9/12/2021 2:02:17 AM
Kona clenches her fists, imaging at least five different ways of kill mother. But know what it is her actual origin give Kona a purpose in life. Someday she would plotting and return home and recovery the nobility Tequila legacy that had been robbed from her. But for that, she needs all the power of shadows and become one of the Thieves guild members. A spy and climb up in the ranks.

Kona’s Kinky Kronicle on 9/8/2021 4:21:35 PM
Kona confronts her mother for the tiara

Kona’s Kinky Kronicle on 9/8/2021 4:20:21 PM
How she dares! Kona clenches her fists, imagining her mother dead beneath them. She will pay for steal Demeanor, and that trinket tiara will be Kona's one way or the other. Her parents are a nuisance that sooner than later she will have to deal with it. But for now, she just ran to put on different clothes and Deal with Mother shopping spree.

Taking a little break on 9/7/2021 8:09:12 AM
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