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Shiv Reddy is from Cambridge, USA. He made this interactive game for folks on the Internet who would like to learn about the Ramayana, the great Indian epic in a fun, involved manner. While the story itself is more elaborate, powerful and enriching than can ever be captured in an adaptation, the basic underlying principles of love, honesty and faith shines through any work based on the epic. Shiv attempts to tell the story of the Ramayana in a concise form for the average surfer with the hope that it intrigues enough to generate more than passing interest.


The Ramayana
This game is based on the famous Hindu epic - The Ramayana. Ram and Lakshman are in exile for fourteen years.

The Background:
Retiring King Dasaratha of Ayodhya chooses his son Rama as his heir. His second wife Kaikeyi asks that he appoint another son Bharata, instead. Kaikeyi pleads that he owes her two favors, and she feels misfortune will come upon her if he doesn't crown her own son, Bharata king and banish Rama to the forest for fourteen years. The king reluctantly agrees, so Rama goes with his beautiful wife, Sita, and his brother Lakshman, leaving their riches to live a simple life.

The Ramayana (The Journey of Rama) is perhaps the world's oldest literature. Cherished throughout India and Asia for millennia, it has been faithfully preserved and passed on in varied forms of popular expression—epic poems, folk tales, music, dance, drama, puppet shows, sculpture, painting, even films and comic books. Its story and characters have captured the hearts and minds of countless generations.

Despite its huge popularity in Eastern cultures, and even though it is recognized by many Western scholars as a literary masterpiece, most people in the West have never heard of Ramayana.

The story of Lord Rama is both a spellbinding adventure and a work of profound philosophy, offering answers to life's deepest questions. It tells of another time when gods and heroes walked among us, facing supernatural forces of evil and guided by powerful mystics and sages.

Revered throughout the ages for it's moral and spiritual wisdom, it is a beautiful and uplifting tale of romance and high adventure, recounting the odyssey of Rama, a great king of Ancient India. Rama, along with his beautiful wife, Sita, and faithful brother Lakshmana, is exiled to the forest for fourteen years, where Sita is kidnapped by the powerful demon Ravana. Along with his brother Lakshmana and a fantastic army of supernatural creatures, Rama embarks on a perilous quest to find his beloved Sita.

The Lord Himself says in Ramayana, "If one surrenders unto Me sincerely, saying, `My Lord, from this day I am fully surrendered unto You,' I always give him protection. That is My vow.” Since the ultimate benefit of hearing the Ramayana is increased faith in Lord Rama, everyone will want to read this important book.

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The Game:
Ravana is out to take Sita away from Rama and he succeeds. Your job is to help Ram stop him and win back Sita.

Are you upto it?

A word of caution:
The Ramayana epic is revered in India and other Hindu Kingdoms. During the course of the game please do not attempt to denigrate any of the characters involved in this famous epic.

A word in Conclusion:
This is said of those who tell the story of Rama!

"They will be free of sins and will have many sons. Women who listen to the Ramayana will be blessed with children like Rama and his brothers. All those who listen please Rama. Such is the glory of this story. May all who recite it or listen to it regularly find increased love, wisdom, and strength..."

God Speed and Good luck on your mission!

Shiv Reddy