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Adventures With Raven
You are Raven, Trickster/Creator God of the Northwestern tribes, particularly the Inuits of Alaska and Canada areas. You are walking on the earth, going here and there, doing this and that. Encounters are not always dangerous, and not always fun, but you make the best of you time on Earth, after all, you created it as a joke :-)

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re:Ideas for site on 4/7/2004 5:40:27 AM
Ah.. yeah.. found a problem.. site isn't there :-) Really interested in seeing what you got as well.

re:Adventures with Raven completed on 11/21/2002 6:30:58 PM
Yes, it is. The game is based on two ledgens with one of them holding two common variations on the ledgen. That's why there are two possible outcomes, depending on your choices at the time.

I like the idea of having seperate stories, side treks if you will, like you have in Dungeons and Dragons and other roll playing games. The main quest is well known, but as you are going through to the end of the game, there are small places you can go off to and get in trouble or just learn something new.

I study a lot of mythology, and Raven is one of my favorite persons/gods/trouble makers out there.

Thanks for the feed back. Perhaps I'll be able to make another one soon.


Adventures with Raven completed on 11/17/2002 9:41:13 PM
Just completed Adventures with Raven. Any of you with time and comments I would be interested in seeing them on the game. It's my first attempt at this type of game, though I've been doing setups similar for a few years now. Anyway, enjoy and have fun.