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"I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hey I'm Gryphon!  The keenly observant among you will by now have realized that this is my profile page.

Some of my favorite works of fiction are:  Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the Dirk Gently books, The Lord of the Rings and especially The Hobbit, The Martian and Hail Mary, Star Trek/90s sci-fi in general but especially Deep Space Nine, Monty Python, and many of Brandon Sanderson's works.

In addition to writing and reading interactive storygames, I also enjoy writing fiction, hiking and camping in the woods, composing music, and I have an interest in the sciences.


Works by me:

Secrets of the Crag:  A traditional open-map dungeon crawl adventure.

Diplomat:  A cave-of-time story surrounding humanity's entrance into the galaxy.

Ruins of Anzar:  An item-based puzzle game surrounding the ruins of an ancient city.

Capture the Flag:  A cave-of-time story about a middle school capture the flag game.

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Capture the Flag

=For End Master's Manifest Destiny contest=

When Alexsis starts trying to steal your favorite seat in the school cafeteria, things get serious.  The pair of you decide to resolve this dispute in combat:  a game of capture the flag.  Can you beat your nemesis in a game of capture the flag, and reclaim what is rightfully yours?

This story is a short cave-of-time style game with seven possible victory endings.  Happy flag-hunting!

Featured Story Diplomat

As humanity begins to leave their corner of the galaxy for the first time, they encounter previously uncontacted alien races.  As one of earth's leading diplomats, you will play a key role in shaping the future of your species in this unfamiliar world.

A mostly cave-of-time style story with limited rebranching in a few places, and five victory endings.


Winner of End Master's Culture Clash Contest

RPG class quiz

Play this short interactive storygame to learn what traditional RPG class best fits your style and personality!

Possible results include: Fighter, ranger, rogue, mage, cleric, bard, paladin, and inventor.

Featured Story Ruins of Anzar

When a thunderbird attacks you while you search for the missing Professor Keirz, you crash-land on a plateau near the legendary ruins of a ruined Anzaran city.  You must make use of the resources around you to repair your damaged flyer, find your missing friend, and unlock the secrets of the ancient Anzaran temple.

An open-map item-based puzzle game with one good victory ending, and one great victory ending.  Good luck exploring the ancient Anzaran plateau!

For End Master's Manifest Destiny Contest

Featured Story Secrets of the Crag


Discover the dungeon's secrets, fight deadly monsters, learn magical spells, and more in this traditional dungeon crawl adventure!  Can you survive the dangers of the legendary Crag?


An open-map dungeon exploration game using player stats and items, with eleven victory epilogues, as indicated by the first two digits of your score.

Thanks to Nightwatch for the fantastic cover art!

The Sea of Legends

An unexpected supernatural disaster leaves you and your your younger cousins adrift in a strange sea full of mythical creatures and beings. Can you and your cousins escape, or will you succumb to the deadly sea?

Currently, this is a short cave-of-time style game with three victory endings. It is complete in its current form, consisting of the first of many planned "episodes" for the game.  It will eventually be expanded into an episodic gauntlet-style game.

Your score indicates which ending you reached.  0 for a death ending, and a score of 1, 2, or 3 corresponds to one the game's victory endings.

Articles Written

A Guide to Character Creation for Storygames
A general guide to character creation, and tips tailored specifically for characterization in an interactive format.

Coding Item-Based Battle Sequences
Use this system to code flexible battle sequences using items, link options, and player stats.

Creating an Equipping System
How to create a system that will keep track of which item a player has equipped into a specific slot, such as having a "sword" in a "weapon" slot.

Recent Posts

Best methods to organise random selections on 1/15/2023 7:58:01 AM

The best way would probably just to use if/then like Ugilick said. As in:


This is a lot of code for what you want, so you may prefer to use some different system. Or just put it in the global script. Alternatively, others may know a faster way of doing it.

To get a number between 15 and 50, do 1D35 + 15

Everything you ever wanted to know about CYS on 1/9/2023 7:23:02 PM

Props to Cel for spreading CYStian edicts to the land!

CSS and Javascript Questions on 1/6/2023 9:48:20 PM

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

Zake: Weird, I'm not sure why the text looks like that for you. On my screen it's showing up as regular text. What browser are you using?

Ogre: Thanks, I'll try that.

Elad: Thanks, I'll try that too.

Bradin: Thanks, I'll use the inspect tool for troubleshooting.

CSS and Javascript Questions on 1/6/2023 1:01:44 PM

This is probably a thread I'll be updating periodically, as I'm sure to have more than one question relevant to this subject.

1) I've recently learned HTML and CSS, and am now learning javascript, and testing how CSS works in the editor (only just disabled the white box text editor). I could get the text to turn blue using style="color:blue" inside the

opening tag, but when I tried to define a class with the following code, it didn't work:


text that should be blue but isn't

I copy pasted the code into an HTML/CSS/javascript testing site and it worked the way it was supposed to, so I suspect this is a CYS-specific issue. Does CYS not let you define classes? Is there something else I'm doing wrong?

2) Also, are there any general resources for using CSS and javascript on CYS? I checked the articles but didn't find anything other than Peng's article on HTML. Does CYS allow for the use of functions, objects, etc., or is the use of CSS and javascript limited to affecting the text as it appears?

This thread will probably be updated with more questions as I learn more javascript.

Interest check & beta reader request on 1/4/2023 5:29:43 PM

Oh hey, thanks for your response! Only just saw it. Published now

Time Management on 12/30/2022 3:19:49 PM

Here's some general advice on crafting a schedule to suit your writing style:

1) Don't be too ambitious. I agree with Ninja that three hours is a lot, particularly since you've never done a schedule before, so that is going to put you at a strong risk of burnout. My goal for the past three weeks has been 100 words daily, which is very low, but it's working out to an average of 844 daily, since the hard part is just getting started. So I strongly recommend under-setting your goal rather than over-setting it. The usual recommended starter's amount is 15 minutes, or 100 words if you're doing a word-count based goal.

2) Have a backup plan. If you're not meeting your goal, pick a smaller goal rather than giving up on it altogether.

3) Some people do better with time-based schedules, others prefer word-count-based ones. If you find yourself having difficulty committing to a set chunk of time, you might want to switch to a word count goal. Experiment with both and see what works best for you.

4) Know your writing moods. Do you have a specific time of day you write best during? Do you like to eat before or after eating/sleeping/exercising? Do you need to get your writing done before doing work/homework, or can you not focus on writing until you get other tasks done?

5) Count writing only. Brainstorming, editing, and researching is fun, but I recommend against counting it towards your daily writing goals. Too much brainstorming/researching/editing without writing to match it can suffocate your work.

6) Have a project in mind. If you're writing 3000 words a day, but each day you're writing "chapter one" of a new story, you're not getting anything done. Pick an idea you're excited enough about that you don't mind committing to it for the long haul. If you're not excited enough about your idea to write about it every day for months, you should be picking an idea that excites you more. (Unless you're writing short stories--then you can afford to be less focused.)

7) Keep track of your progress. Have a document where you write down how much time/how many words you do every day. Watching your progress accumulate is a big motivator.

Should CYS become a business? on 12/25/2022 12:02:54 PM

Lol, should've guessed :)

I do still think there should be some scripting available for free, particularly because broke children are usually the ones with the time and dedication to make heavy scripting games. It would be very cool to get some more features on the editor, but I can see where this would be particularly difficult to fund since there's no way to know how profitable it would be until it was done.

Should CYS become a business? on 12/25/2022 11:34:13 AM

Hmm. Not sure I like the idea of charging for the advanced editor. There's a bunch of broke/cheap/minors (like me) who use it a lot but wouldn't want/be able to pay. There's also the problem that I don't think enough CYStians actually use the advanced editor to fund that kind of initiative.

Updates would be nice though. I'd love to be able to build functions in the editor.

Interest check & beta reader request on 12/25/2022 10:02:08 AM

Thanks for letting me know! Should be fixed now.

Interest check & beta reader request on 12/24/2022 12:45:58 PM

Hey guys!

So a while ago I started working on a project that I intended to have follow the lifetime of a protagonist, while still allowing the player lots of options to choose from in terms of class and how your life played out. Unsurprisingly, this didn't happen--I realized after I'd finished level one that this was going to take a really, really, long time to do, and frankly, just wasn't worth the effort. So I wrote secrets of the crag instead.

I did finish level one, however, and I realized recently that with a few edits, it could easily be turned into a "which RPG class are you?" quiz. I've made the edits, and am now looking for feedback as to how this game works as a quiz instead of a "chapter one" type thing.

I know CYStians typically shun and mock quizzes as low-effort, but I'm hoping that since this quiz plays like a normal storygame, this issue might be avoided.

Here's the storygame

I'd greatly appreciate it if a few people could give it a playthrough and tell me what they think!