Top 5 Best PC Games to Play on Your First Date

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Online dating is such a convenient way for singles to discover compatible partners. Anyone joining a date site like this will invariably be invited to list their hobbies and interests, which can then be browsed through by individuals looking for common ground. As well as icebreakers when it comes to online chat, these subjects can also form the basis of discussion or even activities when the time comes to meet in an offline setting. Topics that will bring daters together include food, movies, and music, but one that is even more universally popular is gaming. When it comes to your first date, here are the top five PC games for you to play.


Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is ideal for a couple's first date because it's character-based, rather than involving the relentless action and violence of a shoot-em-up. It remains a gritty choice, as the protagonist in question is a washed-up detective with a fondness for alcohol. So we're certainly not talking about a cliched hero, nor an equally-cliched anti-hero who is all attitude and no heart. This PC is all about getting into the dialogue as you interact and spar with a diverse range of characters. The game can turn on its head depending on what you opt to say, after making your selection for a list of dialogue choices. Here the outcome varies on what is said, not how effectively you deployed a piece of weaponry. It might be bleak at times, but Disco Elysium is also sharp and witty.


Murder by Numbers

This is another PC game that is so engrossing for a couple on their first date because there's so much to it. It's a fascinating meld of a visual novel and Picross puzzles (logic puzzles where squares on a grid gradually reveal a hidden picture,) underpinning a swirling narrative about drag queens and robots, not to mention a detective series. The uninitiated will soon get a handle on the problem-solving side of things, while you and your partner can also get involved in the detective work being undertaken by Honor, investigating a murder.


Hitman 2

If your ethos for your first date is for there never to be a dull moment, then Hitman 2 is the one for you. The concept may be an age-old trope – you are Agent 47, a professional assassin with various individuals to take out. But what makes it so entertaining are the lovingly-realized settings, from car chases through vibrant sun-baked Miami streets, to New Zealand beaches.



Bloodroots could never be described as a slice of romantic escapism for your first date. But it will get your adrenalin rushing every bit as much as taking your partner to the latest Tarantino flick. Here you're in an area where you're endeavoring to murder your targets with one hit. What might seem a fairly one-dimensional concept, mirrored in so many other PC games, is elevated by the imaginative setting, and the fact it's hilarious. This is a game where the main protagonist, Mr. Wolf, can use practically anything as a murder weapon. Carrots. Fence posts. It's all about using your imagination to grab whatever's handy as you rain death on your victims.


Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a captivating first date game, presenting a rich array of characters, each with distinctive abilities to master. There's a fun map for you to explore together, with the opportunity to clamber up walls or soar along a zipline, all the while pumping your trigger finger towards a multitude of targets. As escapist PC games go, this is a riot.

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