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Tracking on 3/6/2018 9:09:44 PM

My short answer would be: No.

My long answer would be: Pretty sure that if you know what you are doing, you CAN code it, but I'm not sure if the site would let your code run, or if you could put it in the right place, as:
1. You don't own the server/site.
2. Collecting data like that could be viewed as a breach of privacy for the readers and security for the site (ie. letting ppl run their own code that is tied with what users to this extent). Pretty sure that is why profiles lost the ability to be heavily edited w/ html.

Then again, I don't know anywhere near enough about Java and the Site's editor's interaction with it.
I am, however, curious to know if my answer is close enough to the correct one, even if I got some of the jargon wrong.

Tumble the Bounty Hunter Part One on 3/4/2018 12:35:13 AM

My personal theory is that the orc used to have another name, but during the war, he ended up 'tumbling' into Scourge, which is when he killed him, completely on accident.
So, since previously he was a nobody, he could take on a new name. He chose 'Tumble' for good luck.

Anyway, we shall see if my theory is correct in the second part.
What I expect is that Tumble will probably use the same method that lead to his victory over Scourge, ie, trying to take his dagger out from his boot, but then tripping over himself and tumbling into his target, barely gripping the dagger but getting a lucky killing blow regardless.
The Lord is probably a renowned fighter, so when the guards see how easily Tumble takes him out, they'll all run away.

Well, either that, or this isn't a comedy, and Tumble is actually awesome in another way.
Guess we'll see?

Game ideas? on 3/2/2018 10:51:59 PM

I'd just like to warn you about chasing after idols, the WAL*MART game is definitely not something that'll be easy to 'follow'.

With that said, feel free to go for it, just know that the game being set in WAL*MART was not what made it so good, it was a whole host of things. But don't be discouraged, just know that effort is what makes a story good, rather than just a single thing, like the genre/theme/setting etc.

Mentioning this since you're relatively new here, and some things that might seem obvious when you think about it can be very obscure if you don't.

Anyway good luck.

This doesn't need a TL;DR, right?

Writing/art collaborations! on 2/18/2018 2:26:59 AM

"Your word count pretty much determines what quality you want your art piece to be. 50 words is prolly only gonna get you a sketch or something, whereas a multi thousand word short story is prolly going to have a pretty cool piece with it."

This is a 318 word quality drawing... that took almost 3 hours to make.
Would love to see a multi thousand word quality drawing... but how long would it to take to make!

Jokes aside, I assume another 318 word story wouldn't get the same level of work put into it's drawing, since this is the first one you are putting here, which undoubtedly puts some pressure on you for making it pretty darn good.

Also, I really doubt the drawings scale in some linear fashion regarding the length of the story they are made for, but, I'm sure that it does still play some role in how much effort the artist will put into the drawing.

P.S. Feel sorry for whoever has to follow this drawing up w/ one of theirs, since I know my 'drawings' don't come anywhere close. (Granted, I'm sure someone willing to draw something would probably do better than I could, but still!)

P.P.S. Also +1 for giving the person with the gun yellow eyes as described in the story.

Tips? on 2/17/2018 8:14:42 PM

I don't really have experience with issue format, so this advice might be a bit general.

Remember that with purely written stories, you can have a lot more vagueness. Stuff like time, when things happen, is going to be a lot more vague than in say, a movie.
Time vagueness is probably present in comics, but less so since readers will probably fill in the transitions between panels with their imagination.

The way things actually look can be surprisingly vague, given the prevalence of description. Note that you don't have to describe a character perfectly, describing each piece of their outfit and features will take a while if you go overboard. Same thing goes for the location the scene is in, it can be vaguely described.
In comics, since you draw things, character outfits and the locations will be a lot more concrete, less imagination in that regard on the readers part.

Granted, all this isn't a rule, it is more of a common path (from what I gather). Depending on your style, you can describe characters looks a whole lot, and you can describe the locations a lot. Heck, even with time you can get more specific (although I feel this will be a bit more difficult to achieve compared to the other two).

Anyway, the main point I'm trying to make, I suppose, is that you should keep in mind that different mediums have different strengths. Try to play to these strengths, or at least keep them in mind, it might help you when trying to figure out how to go about translating your ideas into writing.

If you have the spare time, try taking a look at a movie adaptation of a book, and then read the book (or the other way around), and play spot the difference.
Obviously comic to novel is going to be different, but it might help you get over the issue with converting between two mediums.

As was suggested, give writing without planning a go. You don't necessarily have to try and do this with your main ideas, but just writing anything might help you figure out ways to plan better in the future.

Writing/art collaborations is a thread by CrashAndDive that you might want to give a shot. Try asking for a prompt, and writing something for it. If you are the first one who does this you are pretty much guaranteed a drawing!
Why do I suggest this? Well seeing the way people translate your writing into a drawing could be interesting, specially since you might already have a good idea of what would look nice given your prior experience. It should also highlight the vagueness I mentioned earlier, as the drawer will have to use their own imagination to do a lot of the work (assuming it is more than just a sketch).

Another thing you can try and do is to write in issue format without the pictures, and then doing paragraph breaks for the different panels. Then just add in some description for what would be seen in the pictures if they were there.

Have you heard the saying, a picture tells a thousand words? Keep that in mind, since you probably don't want to be writing a thousand words each time (since the scene might not change much, or it might end up ruining the pacing). This sort of relates to the vagueness of description I mentioned earlier, it is a useful skill to be able to make use of the reader's imagination. Obviously but, do what works for you, as there really are many ways to go about writing.

I should also mention, don't be overly critical on yourself either, perfect writing without redrafts/proofreading is pretty much impossible the first time around. Also, while it is important to spot the mistakes in your writing, you don't want to forget about the good parts. Not to mention that if you constantly focus on the negative, you'll probably find motivation harder to find as well, which is never fun.

Another thing, I suggest starting on the smaller end, since CYOAs really aren't the easiest thing to write. They have all the hurdles of regular stories, but then you add in a bunch of CYOA specific ones. This is another reason to try the thread I linked above, as it won't be a CYOA (meaning it should be considerably easier to write).

There are many ways to go about writing, above is just my advice based on how I understood some things.
Remember to look for the good in your writing, can help motivation, is also a good thing to do.
Play to the strengths of the medium (ie. vagueness and using the readers imagination, but there is a lot more to it than just this).

Short stories on 2/13/2018 12:31:38 AM

See, people here can't block you, they can only disable pms...

Tho yeah, idk, maybe they misunderstood your feedback and took it as an attack.

I find it a bit strange that they would respond only to block you right after it. Seems inefficient to me, if you're going to block someone, spending time on a reply beforehand seems like a waste.

Anyway, in defence of that site, one bad experience shouldn't make you regret joining it, there might be people there who would really appreciate good feedback and you just stumbled upon someone who is a bit different.

Short stories on 2/12/2018 5:56:44 PM

The 5 active members is all you need if the feedback they give is good.

Granted, it might depend on the sort of feedback you are looking for as well.

As such, make it easy to give feedback, by stating what you want specifically (ie, grammar, punctuation, pacing, etc), otherwise you'll end up with more general advice (in my opinion). There really is a lot to writing, and trying to go in depth for all of it will take forever without generalising a lot.

Anyway, still put it up since if the story is good you might get a commendation, totally worth it right?

Short stories on 2/12/2018 5:50:16 PM

I don't know of any short story sites of the top of my head, so...

"Creative Corner
Share your short stories, poems, collaborative works, original artwork and more."

Share it here, I'm sure people won't mind, given the above description.

Unfinished Storygames: Do You Have Them? on 2/7/2018 2:19:57 AM

I got some:
9,277 for generic fantasy.
9,454 for generic fantasy on boats.
11,316 for generic fantasy with a dash of fantasy sci-fi.

Mentioning these since I recall their stories the most vividly when I scroll through my storygames.

Now for the main one.
30,285 for generic fantasy, the branching layout for this one looks real nice on twinery. Also this is probably older than all the others, if I recall.

Honourable mention goes to 7,055 for a super hero story, as an unofficial entry into the super hero contest (since it was made due to that). I didn't officially enter tho, since I'm too attached to my points.
Mentioning this story here since I'd consider it finished. However, a number of issues leave it lacking in too many ways to get published, but I guess it technically meets the minimum site requirements (ignoring the rating criteria).

Anyway... feels good to mention this stuff. It is also interesting to see the replies of others.

Review this story game? on 1/15/2018 5:16:57 AM

Well I might as well put a link here (for convenience): Experiment Gone Wrong?

If anyone is up for a challenge, pm me for your instructions. ;)