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There's, uh, nothing here right now. Someday I should probably find a balance between the old text wall, and...this. (she drew my avatar you know!)

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You harvest in the Arena. Every machine needs a function, and that is yours. Written for the Tiny 'Topia challenge.

A Stack of Cats
You are a man on a mission. The cats, they must be stacked.

A puzzling math and logic game I made just to put some of the scripting practice I've been doing to use. Have fun and please let me know if you encounter any bugs.

Should be solvable by middle schoolers, or those with same basic level of intelligence as a middle schooler.

Agent of Order
Orbiting a barren planetoid in a system full of nothing just past the edge of the frontier, The Last Outpost is just another refueling station. Strategically important, true, but on a routine stop you never expected to spend longer than a couple hours there, let alone a couple of days fighting for your life...

There are five epilogues, but some may be difficult to discover. Note that actions have consequences, but not always immediate ones. (And if you just need an End Game link, go play around with the probe.)

Facts About the Planet and the Solar System
A compilation of some little known facts about the solar system, as well as the debunking of a few myths.

In addition to the scientific explanations, there's a small story dramatizing it all.

Hopefully young readers will find this fun as well as educational. :)

(Might not be the greatest story ever written, but consider this: it got me 200 points.)

Featured Story Inseparable
It doesn't matter what they say...

Love is for the Birds
...and the squirrels. Sort of.

Written in six hours, for no other reason than to avoid consignment to the SHAME pit after my other Romance contest entry didn't want to cooperate.

Now You Gotta Deal With This S***

A tale told in verse. A text from your sister requesting a pick up from a party leads to a night of strangeness.

Inspired by Bucky's ballad contest. Though...I wouldn't call this a ballad. I'm not sure what I'd call it, actually, other than exceedingly stupid, and fun to write.

(Don't pay any attention to the scores, they're just for me to track which endings reviewers get.)

Read My Stories or Die!












Silver Horn, Silver Hooves
When the weather is fine, you've been coming to this grove to drink from the pool for centuries now. Today, you meet a stranger and hear a story that changes all that...

A fairy tale adventure.

Another Damn Wolf Story
I have no idea why I wrote this. All I can say in my defense is that it seemed like a good idea at the ti--wait no that's a lie, I said, repeatedly that this was stupid and shameful every time I mentioned working on it.

The truth is I needed to publish something before the end of the year and there is CLEARLY a burning need for wolf stories in the psyche of children using the internet. But then they write them badly, or make their wolves behave like clans of cats. So here is a simple straightfoward story of a young wolf leaving his pack in search of a better life. Maybe no one will ever feel the need to write another one now, or if nothing else maybe this will give them ideas for how to do it in slightly more minimum-standards-meeting ways.

Final conclusion however is that writing about some dumb animal with no agency is not something I'd recommend.

Character Creator
If you don't know what this is for, then it isn't for you.

Don't Get Date Raped!
A short, educational piece. Please remain sensitive and respectful in the comment section. (I'd hate to have to report you to an admin for bullying me.)

(DO NOT READ if you're at all easily offended or lacking in a sense of humor. There's nothing graphic at all in here, but seriously, I still cannot stress it enough, this story is not for you.)

WOWSERS! Triggers ahead!

Dedicated to the good people of COG.

Articles Written

A List of Storygames for People Who Like to Read
A list of storygames with substantial effort put in, all written in the last couple of years and sorely in need of ratings and reviews.

CYS Forum Advice and Etiquette
A modernized guide to the forums. The path to internet popularity and happiness, and a few CYS specific do's and don'ts.

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Songbird Editor - A new tool for IF writers on 4/1/2023 10:52:33 AM
I'm actually less interested in the "code free" part than what can be done to add more gamelike elements like RPG encounters and inventories, or if there are plans in that direction.

Songbird Editor - A new tool for IF writers on 4/1/2023 10:47:38 AM
I haven't been able to test it out yet, but Cavus has been talking about it a lot on a couple of IF servers and it seems like a pretty cool tool in concept. @AzBaz may be interested if he ever wanders back in. And various people have been talked about wanting to make downloadable games over the years.

Hello humans on 4/1/2023 10:07:06 AM
Oh hi. Just put it in the Lounge, that's all anyone looks at anyway.

Hello! on 4/1/2023 8:38:53 AM
Welcome! Let us know if you have any questions.

ALL HAIL THE NEWEST ADMIN! on 4/1/2023 6:14:43 AM
End mentioned he should've just made you a mod to clear them out yourself, then I DMed him "you know what, why not just make Sherb a mod for realz?" And he was like "brilliant idea Mizal!" and then I clicked the button to ascend you, and I think he did at the same time. You were double ascended, you must have a great destiny. Also, you may find the New Users and Recent Users pages of help in your quest, if you haven't noticed them yet.

The Owl's Challenge - Week Ten on 3/31/2023 11:12:51 PM
Forgot Thara wasn't roaming these threads commending everyone who sneezed on a keyboard anymore, guess I'll have to check them on occasion. I like the thing Anthraxus did with the continuing story, and the fact he's not a Warden posting two sentences and then dumbly sitting back waiting on a headpat.

BOT DESTRUCTION THREAD on 3/31/2023 4:40:55 PM
Your great service, and your years of unassuming wholesomeness and all the cute cats you share and that weird thing where you actually read storygames has been noted and duly rewarded.

My pu$$y wetter than a fish bowl on 3/31/2023 4:42:51 AM
I guess in fairness these stories should be presented anonymously for judging, we'll send them to @Darius_Conwright who can make the new thread for Gower.

My pu$$y wetter than a fish bowl on 3/30/2023 7:38:40 PM
Comments are always welcome, and yeah if you feel like doing something with the same prompt afterwards, go for it. A lot of times we do open voting after the stories are posted anonymously, but certain people have been known to go on DM campaigns to fix votes when the results would be extremely funny. And Gower's character is spotless and his judgement without peer. (Gower, pick me!)

My pu$$y wetter than a fish bowl on 3/30/2023 7:14:22 PM
IIRC it was a combination of getting too many annoying weebs, and some malicious beady eyed trannies invading it and my Adrift server to look for screenshots for the Intfiction mods. And just the general realization that some people (Sabley) have posted a lot of personal info about their work and kids over the last few years.