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How do you outline? on 9/20/2022 2:24:14 PM

I'm finding it a struggle to plan for a choice story when there's so many different directions it can go.

Not that I'm having trouble coming up with ideas, but it's noting it all down in an organized way is just a big mess. Does anyone have any special methods or apps they use?

For example the main story I'm working on now, you're a member of the royal guard in an underwater city and you learn the youngest princess has snuck off again and needs to be found. You search different places for her (which I use as a way to explain information about the setting) and then when you find her she tells you she's overheard a suspicious conversation. And this is the point where I just start to get lost, because you can believe her or not believe her and go about investigating in different ways, and when you learn clues you're supposed to have different things you can do with THOSE, and it's hard to keep it all together in my head. I've tried drawing boxes with lines and all of that I've seen suggested before but for anything other than a small story there's just too much information to store that way. 

Do your best! on 8/7/2022 10:56:04 AM

I thought it would be easy to turn something in too, but when I started looking over what I had written there was a BIG problem. The first half of the story I had written a long time ago and my writing has matured past that since I've grown older, it made me cringe just to look at it.  

Other parts of the setting and characters I'd come up with a a young child, and I realized too late how unrealistic they were. I have been trying to work on a complete rewrite but it's coming along slowly. I'm sorry to have disappointed you. :(

Do your best! on 7/20/2022 10:45:22 AM


Do your best! on 6/16/2022 10:04:20 AM

I wonder how everyone is doing so far. I haven't been able to write in over a week but I still think I'll finish before the end of the month. 

Do your best! on 5/28/2022 2:00:32 PM

I just want to say good luck to everyone in the contest! Remember if you are in Endmaster's contest, you are in an immortal part of CYS HISTORY! Let's everyone write the best story we can and all of us publish on time, 50 new stories will make a big difference for the site and I know we can do it!

I am out of school for three days and I will write the entire time! 


(Everyone can use this thread if you want to give a word of enciuragement to your fellow writers or an inspirational quote. Writing is hard but remember to keep a positive attitude!)



EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 5/21/2022 9:54:42 AM
el locko

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 5/21/2022 9:54:29 AM
42! If it's okay to use a story I already started.

SUP I’M A HUGE FAGGOT on 6/12/2021 11:42:09 AM
This thread is hilarious. :D

A Small Story (vote) on 5/12/2021 9:10:36 PM
YES, death to bees!.l ...Serena? *thinking* 1. Ask about the magic Serena uses. 2. Ask if she can teach it to you. 3. Ask if you can travel with them.

Combat? on 5/12/2021 9:07:59 PM
I'll keep working at it...