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My name is Legion, for we are many.
(Mark 5:9)

Just a normal guy that enjoys the occasional manga.

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Eternal: Shadow Guard Expansion is now available! on 7/26/2012 12:08:44 PM

Herp da derp derp derp.

Anime on 7/22/2012 4:16:19 PM

Manga yes, anime not so much.

DayZ - Zombie Survival on 7/21/2012 4:49:26 AM

The funny thing is that nobody knows about the game, just the mod. I find that funny lol :)

Dark Knight Shooting in Denver on 7/20/2012 7:33:24 PM

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSp2KGMQEk8 :)

Eternal: Shadow Guard Expansion is now available! on 7/18/2012 11:13:49 AM

Found them all now. Out of them all I really liked Eternal Messiah. Out of the three endings it was a sort of "balance" between the extremes of the other two. For the sake of spoilers, I won't say what they are, but I thoroughly enjoyed them all.

One last thing: I died laughing at "Uncle Shadow's home for lost girls."

Eternal: Shadow Guard Expansion is now available! on 7/18/2012 6:11:04 AM

I've found those two, but I've yet to find eternal terror :( still looking though

Zero Punctuation on 7/16/2012 7:58:14 PM

It's a video series where a guy named Yahtzee reviews popular video games. What makes this series interesting is that A) He's Australian/British and B) He is usually absolutely brutal. For instance take the popular game Dead Space. In his review Yahtzee... you know, I'll link it and let you see for yourself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5GFyIHhpgg&feature=g-vrec

The Burned Man on 7/14/2012 10:24:46 AM

I play as a sorta lone wolf. The companion perks are nice, but I really have enough to keep me occupied with keeping myself alive let alone another person or two. It's nice, but not nice enough in my opinion. For me, trying to keep my companions alive is like trying to enter Vault 87 from the surface. It just isn't going to happen; well, at least not easily. (for those who don't know, Vault 87 is HIGHLY irradiated on it's surface, with the indicator topping out at 3,500 rads per second. So, in ~1/3 a second you die of radiation poisoning.)

Gone for a bit. on 7/13/2012 7:19:56 AM

For we are legion. And we have returned. Turns out it all blew over without any input needed on my part. (insert not bad obama rage comic here...) anyways, I will be gone again around august cuz i'm getting my wisdoms pulled (yippee -_-).

Gone for a bit. on 7/11/2012 11:57:09 PM

I'm really, REALLY sorry about this, but I'm going to be AWOL for a few days. I'm going to try and find a source of calm in the storm that is my life at this moment. Brb, I swear.