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Hi. This is Mazeman, and TheGameGuy, and TheGamingGuy. I'm back yet again, to make stupid, nonsensical games for your enjoyment.

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Lost Keys
It starts out as you losing your keys. Pretty soon you may give a creep a butt-whooping, or you could be stealing cars like in Grand Theft Auto! You might even kill a locksmith with a tank! It's all here! Have fun!

The Mall
You decide to go to the mall. What you do there is up to you. It also helps to be in a bad mood when you play this game, so I suggest playing this game on a Macintosh.

And this is mazeman, so expect the game to be offensive, crude, and inappropriate.

This game is much more serious than my other games. Don't worry though---it's fun.
Your school has taken a trip to the city museum, a four story building full of learning and fun. Yeah right. You are on the fourth floor, playing an arcade game in the Game Room, the only fun game. Then you notice its quiet. Too quiet. The school has left without you! You try the elevators and they are stuck!
Have fun!

You're having a crappy day. Crap rating: 9.5/10. So you feel like going around and being mean to people and crap. Enjoy!


How Well Do You Know Jim Carrey?
How well do you think you know Jim Carrey? Take this test to find out!

Night on the Town
You are bored, so you decide to go out on the town and drive around. What you do is up to you. Along the way you'll run into weird characters, including the ever-present Timothy, from "The Day" (Yes, I'm trying to plug a previous game into this one, so sue me), and also weird events. It's The Gaming Guy here, so get ready for a weird, nonsensical (is that a word?) journey through the town.

Well, it's a day. But it's The Day. I don't know what that means, but it certainly is a weird day. Well, I've confused you enough. Just click play.

The Teachers

You and your friend stay after school to finish a project. The teachers aren't all that they seem, though.

And what do I mean by that awkward sentence? Oh, you'll find out. Seriously though, you will. Just play the game.

Play it.

The Teachers Attack

This game is about kids in high school who accidently discover their teachers are monsters!

Oh boy!

Also, it's a game about self-importance, friendship, relations, becoming an adult, and hairy backs. Aren't those gross, though?

Tutorial Game

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re:Mazeman is back... again on 8/8/2004 10:10:05 PM
Uh.. yeah, my game The Mall is done being edited. So, its available for playing. It's in the "Modern Adventure" section.

Funny, I can actually hear you not care.

re:Mazeman is back... again on 8/6/2004 9:50:52 PM
Wow. Thank you very very much. I owe you.
Well, that's all I wanted to have.... now i'm hard at work with another game. Thanks.
Mazeman out!

(i wanted to think of a trademark sign-out quote... but i don't think that one sounds too great)

re:Mazeman is back... again on 8/5/2004 6:30:04 PM
Wait, wait. For those of you who care (hi, mom) I am pulling my game back to make it "a bit longer" courtesy of Nate. He's right. No game of mine should be short.

And, god this is a huge favor, Alex, do you think you could put all my games (The Weird Day, Lost Keys, The Worst Day of Your Life, Trapped, My Name is Davis, The Day, How Well Do You Know Jim Carrey, and The Mall) under Maze_Man? So when you look at my author page you get all my games. If ya can't, then that's fine, no biggy. But if you can, then that's fine, no biggy.

re:Mazeman is back... again on 8/4/2004 1:18:11 PM
I agree. I'm totally for it, too. I plan on actually staying on this site for awhile, as well, so I'll be here with ideas.

Is it just me, or are half the games in the "Everything Else" and the "Modern Adventure" category just bullsh*t inside joke games?

Although I probably shouldn't complain about that, I think I started that whole trend... lol

Mazeman is back... again on 8/4/2004 12:21:09 AM
Hi, this is Mazeman aka Maze_man, TheGameGuy, and TheGamingGuy. i'm back again (i can't stay away from this site!)and i made another game entitled "The Mall". It's just like my other games, so make sure to have some tissues after you play my game because chances are you'll have taken a dump on all your electrical equipment.
For those of you who enjoy wiping feces off of things, the game is in the "Modern Adventure" section.