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A man alone in the middle of nowhere. Use your wits, your mettle, and of course, your hatchet.


You are trapped in cell divided into two rooms by an unbreakable glass wall, you and your fellow prisoner must
find a way to escape, or meet a gruesome fate.


A story of survival amidst a zombie apocalypse,
your choices have consequences, it will take skill, courage, and intellect.

Are you ready to begin at the end?


Your name is David Hayes, husband and father of four. You wrote and published a book in your free time and it met with fairly decent success. You quit your job at a well known retail chain and committed to writing full time. Amid your busy yet peaceful life in the rural northwest something foreboding is brewing, and you and the lives of your family will never be the same.

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Proofreading and first impressions on 8/27/2021 4:19:57 PM

Gotcha, thanks!

Proofreading and first impressions on 8/27/2021 3:05:16 AM

Looking for someone to review a story I'm working on, "Varfell".

Want to make sure it's coming out coherent enough and flows right, etc.

I believe it can be found and played from my profie even though it's a wip?

If not, maybe try this link.

(in)Active members on 9/20/2017 1:09:24 AM

Writing can be draining for sure, good writing especially, thinking up stories comes easy, translating your brain into English however, is exhausting

(in)Active members on 9/20/2017 1:06:35 AM

I can see myself disappearing for a year, life can get busy, hopefully he'll be back,

(in)Active members on 9/20/2017 1:00:22 AM

I've been stalking the forums, his name comes up often. What do you miss about him?

(in)Active members on 9/20/2017 12:51:38 AM

Seems like a large percentage of stories I've read have authors that have not been active since publishing, which leaves me wondering, how many of us are actually here?

Sadly, we appear to be a dying breed.

Storygame Movie on 9/19/2017 8:56:59 PM

Thanks for the reply, thought I was way outside the loop.

Storygame Movie on 9/19/2017 4:30:16 PM

I'm trying to play Locked Out (The Movie), and in the description it states: 

Note: You will need to enable the Windows Media Player add-on for this storygame to function correctly.

I'm not familiar with the "WMP add-on" and/or how to use it to view the storygame properly.

I would greatly appreciate if some kind soul would either explain how to go about obtaining and using said item, or point me to the correct forum that contains that info, I've search the forums already but without success. 


Lazy Readers? on 9/19/2017 12:40:39 AM

Challenge accepted.

Old Noob on 9/18/2017 3:34:10 PM

Wow, I must be a bit tired, because I saw " have you ever had READ Velvet Cheesecake" then promptly when to search for it in storygames...