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Profile picWho doesn’t like Bunnies?Hi! I am an animal lover from Puyallup, and I love reading, playing with my bird and beating my siblings in Mariokart. I want to say a quick shoutout to Cricket and Mystic_Warrior for helping me out as a beginner. Also, I am working on two story games, Lost Girl, and also The secret of the wishing well. Another thing I love is making new friends and chatting with them, so if you send me a message I will Definitly respond. My game, lost girl, is already so much better than my first one. It is a HUGE improvement, and my first game was codswallop. Well, I am sooo cool, so yah


A day in the life of a rich girl

So, this is my very first game, so please excuse the mess ups. It isn’t very complicated, and probably a really bad game, but I am working on it. If you have and ideas to make it better, please comment, I will read them for sure.So, in this game you are a girl, and you live in a family of seven. The Mistletons are good friends of yours, and at the ball you hang out with the daughter your age. So please play my game and comment, I would love to have you also rate it. Thank you!!!

Lost Girl

You are living on a deserted island, under a leafy green canopy and monkeys. Alone. Why were you deserted? When? And most of all: Who are you?

Solo Tia- the wish of the elf

This is the first edition in my solo Tia series! Please like or comment below giving me your opinion of this action packed, thrilling magical game. Complete the quest for the magical wishing well, and save the fortelling Warriors of Katanga!

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Nice to meet you!! on 2/6/2020 11:38:41 PM

Okey-Dokey will do!!!

Nice to meet you!! on 2/5/2020 11:55:05 PM

To be honest, I hate my game and think it is horrible. Me and I and myself unanimously voted that it is horrible, and my next one will be so much better. I explored other story games more, and now I think I have got it. Feel free to beat up my game, or maybe choke it. Even better, make it have a long and horrible death, in which it is tortured!! JK (;

Nice to meet you!! on 2/5/2020 7:58:59 PM

Yo, y’all! How ya doin? I’m QuailHeart77 and I just wanted to explain myself. I posted uno storygames, a day in the life of a rich girl, which is sooo horrible. I am twelve and ain’t lost at mariokart to me brother and sister yet. (;