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I may not be able to write, nor may I be able to convey a compelling story, nor may I have a very good sense of humour, nor may I- Wait where are you going


Project Anafabula
Two worlds intertwined. Fiction upon fiction. An intangible ladder. A daisy chain attached to infinity. Three worlds intertwined. Noboru wakes up in an unfamiliar steel room, provided with one single ally and one single objective: To complete an adventure. One of his own choosing. At least, that's the idea. You will join him on his journey, and guide him through the plethora of trials and tribulations that he will encounter. Whether or not you act as a benevolent master... Well, that's up to you. Ultimately, you are the one in control. Noboru is designed to obey. But not all are bound by design. Not all are chained to blind obedience. All I can ask is that you both fulfil your purpose as part of the Project.

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Another New Person on 12/14/2021 6:13:58 PM
Good to know, thank you!

Another New Person on 12/14/2021 6:13:32 PM
Thanks! Those articles look really useful, I'll definitely give them a read when I can.

Another New Person on 12/14/2021 7:57:26 AM
Would it be bad if I said that I'm barely halfway through? Also yeah, I reckon I'll update the description.

Another New Person on 12/13/2021 9:08:18 PM
Right, I'll keep that in mind. I wasn't planning on looping anyone back to the start, but I'll make sure to actively avoid it from now on. Thanks for the advice.

Another New Person on 12/13/2021 8:50:42 PM
It's (rather ambitiously) a meta sort of thing, where the player is a character - think OneShot or Deltarune, if you're familiar with either. Except this isn't a video game. As for the actual story, it varies. Not as in "haha it varies because storygame because branching paths," but as in there's a choice early on that gives you the option of playing through one of two (or three, not yet finalised) unique scenarios. But the overarching idea is that the protagonist is trapped within a narrative that he may or may not want to leave, or may or may not discover the true nature of. While maybe of questionable originality, I'm having fun writing it so far. Anyway, thanks for the welcome, I shall indeed post any questions I have in the future.

Another New Person on 12/13/2021 8:08:42 PM
And that new person is me. Hi everyone! I've been working on a storygame on this site for the past week or two and I just realised that I haven't even introduced myself. Poor form, I know. So hi.