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Here to have fun and write. Good times.

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Hold It Together

You are a strong willed fighter, referred to as Boss, in the post apocalyptic remains of the world after a zombie plague breaks society as we know it down to nothing.  Your objectives:

1.) Build Up Your Forces

2.) Keep Your Crew Safe

3.) Survive

Running At Night

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Play a serious game of survival as you struggle to keep yourself and your team alive on a mission to destroy aliens that have invaded earth.  Carry out your mission in your own way. There are multiple endings to be discovered in this game that you can unlock according to your priorities.




In 2013 a large spaceship crashed into the North American arctic. Humans reacted in terror as creatures emerged from the depths of the ship and waged war. The fight against the invaders consumed North America, and humans were horribly outmatched against the merciless enemy. The aliens were quickly named Reapers as they brought nothing but death with them.  Along with Reapers were other species of aliens named Crawlers, Banshees and Dragons, each with their own dangers. Reapers seemed to be the most intelligent and dominant of all the alien species.  Soon the fight against the new threat consumed the entire earth.  The humans that survived the first years of the war against the aliens were forced underground, into bunkers where they could hide. For years the war raged between the humans and the invaders until only a few bunkers were left. Forests were turned to ash, seas boiled, cities were reduced to rubble and deserts froze, but humans remained.  


 You remember the initial attack on earth very clearly, despite being young at the time.  Your family was killed, but you managed to escape to the relative safety of a military strong hold with the help of a soldier.  He saw to it that you were looked after.  Upon his death you demanded you be allowed to fight along side the soldiers.  Civilians did not usually take part in the battle against the aliens, but as times got worse and the military dwindled and became desperate you, along with others, were allowed to join in.

Years passed and you grew to be a trusted soldier. You relocated from the bunker on the east coast that you had grown up in to one in the Midwest. It did not take you long to find your niche there and gather people around you that you love and care about.


[Story, concept and all that by TaraPhoenix.  Trish just proofreaded!]

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Johnny Castaway in the fanfiction section (even though its supposed to be castaway) really isn't that fan fiction-y.  Just a thought.

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Yeah I know.  Its not like I am bothered by it being in the fantasy section, I just don't really think its fantasy. No big deal.

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I don't know if its anything, but I don't think that the "Cave of Doom" game should be in Fantasy adventure. Seems more like a modern game, or maybe just a "everything else" game. Like I said, don't know if it warrents attention, it just caught my eye.

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Nah its okay.

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Good tip. I hadn't even thought of that.

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I mean putting it in the workshop one

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No one would get uptight over that?


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Well, not to bug you lots then, but would you have a look at what I have so far? (you can totally tell me no) Its not very long, and I havent even started editing for spelling and grammer, but my style is there, and that is what I am most worried about.

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Cool Cool. Just wanted to make sure. I don't want to annoy anyone on my first day.  I'm just over eager I guess to see if I am creating something that is semi-acceptible to read :P You know how it is.

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Then I guess I don't feel as bad tossing out another question.  Is there a specific forum where its acceptable to put out a link to an unfinished game, just to get some initial feedback? Or is it just something you do with friends you make?