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'So, it has come to this, two...small men with their...puny weapons, stand between me...and this Insignificant speck of a world....NOT that you comprehend what you face! I...Have unlocked the Secret of Red Mercury. I alone, understand its power, I...Am ONE with it! It flows through my veins! It fills me with the fury of a God and its Might! I am Rightful Ruler of the Earth, and YET you all defy...Your Paltry Weapons, your...Pathetic Armies. I WILL SHOW YOU THE FACE OF TRUE POWER! I will destroy you...All!' *Evil Laughter* -Kreel (Warhawk *PS1*)

Hello everyone, a new age had begun...and you know what? I want to do something a little bit different, I want to do some Sci-Fi, based on a game from my childhood, Warhawk *Not the PS3 game, the original PS1 Title that was among the Greatest Hits line-up* so I am going to try to make it.

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Warhawk The Red Mercury War

(Warhawk *PS1* was created by Singletrac *Later known as Incognito Entertainment, which disbanded into Eat, Sleep, Play and Lightbox Interactive* and Published by Sony Computer Entertainment of America, this is respect to the Old, Nostalgic, Frustrating, Tense AND Fun game from 1995-1996 *Depending on if you live in the NA, PAL, or JAP Regions*


The world is under threat of a seemingly unstoppable force led by the Megalomaniacal Kreel, using an unknown power source to power their war machines and super science. No ordinary army is any form of match against them, if something isn't done...The World as we know it will end, replaced instead by a world in his demented image.

This is where the United International Forces *UIF* come in, led by Commander Shayla Jassic, they are at the spearhead of the offensive against Kreel. You are a pilot of the Prototype Aircraft known as the XA-165, or as better known: WARHAWK. You are to be sent to a slew of battlefields with hopes of tipping the scales and making sure the World has a future.

Can you make the difference and save the world, or will you fail and doom the world?

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Hero, Anti-Hero, and the Non-Hero on 4/29/2017 11:31:14 AM

Another good example is Jar-Jar *You KNOW he was meant to be liked but WOW was he unnecessary and thanks to the critics and peoples complaining, Jar-Jar got far less screen time.*

Hero, Anti-Hero, and the Non-Hero on 4/29/2017 11:27:32 AM

SPONGEBOB....Now he may be a good hearted guy and originally he wasn't as outright REVILED in my eyes as he is at present....Then the creators flanderized him and suddenly he's someone you WANT to personally feed to a conveniently placed wood chipper, followed by burning the remaining pieces.

And the like only stretches to the original seasons *Before Hillenberg left*

Writing Prompts: Week # 4 on 1/26/2017 10:41:51 PM


Writing Prompts: Week # 4 on 1/26/2017 10:41:09 PM

For Prompt #3 Here we go!

The Church Bells ring as I lay, I'm looking at my own body and I have to admit...its a strange experience.

I remember the flames, the bursts of gunfire, though I also remember a fish talking to my bloated corpse so my memory is more or less a perfect imitation of Swiss Cheese, thus I'm left only with what I'm seeing at this current moment:

A priest saying his usual sermons and a few teary eyed people...Quite a few of them women but some I can clearly recognize as Crime Lords, Mercenaries, and even a Tyrant, ruled a whole nation and everything. Strangely only the Tyrant's tears out of that group of lowlifes is genuine. Was I a son to him? Or is there more going on? Not much to go on except for a few words.

The Eulogies given just fall flat though a few details stick....I remember who I was, though name isn't too important. I wasn't exactly the best person alive, a few words are thrown around, 'Saviour', 'Destroyer', 'Martyr', 'Murderer'. At the end of the day, I would have clarified but dead men tell no tales. Eventually we get down to a specific woman....Now HER I remember but not for any good reasons. Her tears are clearly fake, sympathy votes, of course the Tyrant seems to take great offense at her words and slaps her directly in the face.

No one clearly speaks up as he might note those later...His words tell me all I needed to know. I was the only man he ever respected, the one who would have been his replacement....I know I fought against him but he loved me for not being a sycophant, even as I opposed him. It was respect for a fallen foe at its finest, mixed with grief...I felt pangs of sympathy but all the same, I knew better...He was still the Tyrant he is at the end of the day. All the same, I see my body carted off and I'm following.

The Mercenaries give me a strange look before walking off, my body is soon commissioned to the earth after a few tearful words and everyone leaves, I'm gone for a little while, changing out of the funeral garments and wearing a different set of clothes, something very unassuming...As I drink, every memory comes back and I knew where to go....I see my own grave one last time before walking away with a special woman, while I know who she truly is, she was already commissioned into the earth a long time ago, at least that's what the world thought.

As I left with her, I voiced my own opinion to her, a truth I realized as I felt the burden of my old life falling away....

"I never thought I'd enjoy my own funeral so much."

Writing Prompt: Week #3 on 1/16/2017 10:15:21 PM

Eh, I was pretty content with how it turned out in the end.

Writing Prompt: Week #3 on 1/16/2017 7:34:16 PM

Am I too 'Marauder' for people to notice me now? :'(

Writing Prompt: Week #3 on 1/16/2017 5:49:46 PM

I'll throw my hat into this: Prompt 3 is what I'm going for so....


"Is revenge a science or an art?"

I remember someone saying this to me, what a ponderous question, in a world where people get wronged every minute of every day, there's always a recompense. A man steals your lunch, you take their cash, which in turn leads to people seeking recompense for that, worsening ever slightly until eventually it becomes something far more....In a sense, it can be an art.

However, there is the matter of revenge in general as a science, planning has to go into the very creation of this revenge so as to ensure no retaliation or any trace of the culprit, that's those who try to keep their revenge in their head and not out in the open, the creation of the tools of such a dark trade, yet another science, needs to be applied along with probability. Reaching a singular point where in revenge is exacted.....

If you were to ask me if I thought it was both...Well, as I stand above this man who lay bleeding before me, the man who posed this question, the man responsible for the ruination of my life, which started very benign and grew to this level, in my hand a lighter, just a single drop and it all goes in smoke...The preparation of such a thing through the science of death....My last words, both to him and the world, will be the answer....

Let Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi. There it is....

"I believe it's both."

cdrive1's Storygame: Warhawk The Red Mercury War on 1/16/2017 2:06:40 PM

But yeah....Lets see....I am going to have 4 Co-Pilots each with their own set of skills. 2 are going to be guys, 2 are going to be girls because equality!

But yeah, now I am wondering 'Who's path do I start FIRST?' Because its a one step at a time motion....

The 4 are as follows: *Tell me where I should do a specific change or two*

Kaplan *Quick Reflexes, Good with Missiles, Terrible Shot and Not as Calm*

Donner *Exact Opposite, Good Aim, Able to do a tricky bit of aerial acrobatics with greater ease, Slow to shoot, Hesitant.*

Lana *Knows how to find the bombs and use them to full effect, Not good against Aircraft and Machine Guns are weaker due to configuration*

and Mary *Has good Anti-Air Capability *Meaning STRONGER MISSILES AND MACHINE GUN* and knows how to find Missiles, Not good against Ground Targets and Bombs are almost entirely out of the question.*

*ALSO The quote on my Profile Page is from Warhawk *PS1* and could be used as a bit for a dramatic trailer.*

cdrive1's Storygame: Warhawk The Red Mercury War on 1/13/2017 6:49:53 PM

Currently I'm thinking *Because I LOVE detail and Warhawk had some pretty brutal things in it for a game rated for Kids to Adults! *The 7 and up rating back in the day before the proper E for everyone rating* It would probably be a maturity level of 6 *Aren't you a little Old to be Trick or Treating* MAYBE 7, we will properly determine when beta is thrown about....Lets see: I know alot about the obscure game so details I can recall, Now Warhawk the game made for the PS3? *which I am incorporating some aspects of into this* THAT I don't know, so that's where I can call on you...*Replace one side with an army led by...well, here's a video for you:*

cdrive1's Storygame: Warhawk The Red Mercury War on 1/13/2017 6:34:10 PM

Right right, sorry about that ^.^'