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I am more of a reader than a writer. Though my mind has a lot of ideas, my hand can't seem to write it properly. But hopefully, I am able to write a story.

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This is my first story.. Please do not delete it.
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New games on 9/9/2015 11:53:09 PM

Congrats! well it is  good to see that there are less stories that are either too short or either not good.

Any games you're addicted to? on 9/9/2015 11:51:02 PM

well i played monster rancher 2 for a span of 13 years. knowing every trick you could use to have the perfect unlimited and undying monster.

recently clash of clans used up my time.

First game you ever rated? on 7/9/2015 8:30:25 PM

first game is necromancer. well i was a new one that time and i was very overwhelmed with the story.

do kids play electronics all the time? on 7/9/2015 8:16:57 PM

well it may also count for that. however, loading times of games is now faster compared to the 199x. it is just a common observation compared when we were kids well i do sure know that there are a lot of studies/research now.

Also we do also play electronics during those my preteens but the time consumed by kids on games today is much higher than before. tablet has become their virtual nanny now. 

do kids play electronics all the time? on 7/8/2015 10:54:54 PM

Well the problem with kids nowadays are they are too impatient and their attention span is very low because of electronics. i have notice a few kids playing games in tablet that switches games very often. also electronics became their nanny which may inhibits their social kids. though it is still a case to case basis. and everything in moderation is ok and good. 

Suzy's Strange Saga released! on 5/24/2015 8:29:18 PM

Want to congratulate you for making a great game. A little twisted but that is why i really like your stories. Creating multiple path and making a world of stories interconnected continues to amazed me. i still have not finished all the epilogues. thanks.

What are your favourite story games? on 2/11/2015 3:49:12 AM

well the best game for me was death song. though the prerequisite for it is to finish first necromancer. given endmaster is really a great writer and he has a lot of great stories here.

want to give props to simplesabbey for making the secret of daphne.. it was a very good game,


Story-game Contest EXTENSION UNTIL MAR 1 2015 on 1/20/2015 3:27:45 AM

looking forward reading a lot of stories next month.. well i am more of a reader than a writer but hopefully i am able to get the skills in writing a good game by reading these one..

Story-game Contest! [UPDATED 10/26/2014] on 10/28/2014 11:27:59 PM

You wont join the contest?

5 Floors on 10/22/2014 12:04:02 AM

i rate it as 5.. well that is the best that i can give. maybe you can edit to give it more story line and more option..