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Hi! I'm just a kid who likes writing, pro wrestling, anime and video games (especially Nintendo :p). I grew up on a potato farm, so that's kinda cool too, I guess.

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December Contest on 12/11/2017 11:06:55 PM

I'm pretty sure you can enter even if you don't have 100 points. It'll just take you down to the negatives.

Band Games? on 12/6/2017 3:28:51 PM

I think most people here are willing to entertain almost any premise, provided that the resulting game is quality. Half-baked games really suck. 

December Contest - Prompt 7 on 12/5/2017 9:44:11 PM

10/10 will ask for names again

December Contest - Prompt 7 on 12/5/2017 9:41:35 PM

No, Protag is confused as to why he is in Hell. He is informed that he is a dick. As a dick, he was unaware that he was a dick.

December Contest - Prompt 7 on 12/5/2017 7:48:09 PM

I'm almost finished the first few pages. I've got a bit over 1000 words written so far. I pretty much know where I want to go from here too, so I'm thinking I can pump out 1000 more tomorrow.

So basically, you play as the currently unnamed protagonist, who finds himself in Hell. He's told by one of Satan's messenger boys that he's kind of a dick and therefore has been sentenced to eternity in the underworld. In a surprise twist, however, he's told that Satan issues an open challenge to every new resident of Hell. All our protagonist has to do is traverse the depths of Hell, reach Satan's castle, and defeat the Demon King in a duel. If he is successful, he is granted entry into the Heavens.

I'm planning a few bad endings, one good ending, and one "true" ending,so it should be fun. Hopefully.

Also, any name suggestions for our protagonist? Can't guarantee I'll use it, but your ideas can't be any worse than mine (I was going to call him James).

December Contest on 12/3/2017 9:58:06 PM

Thanks. Yeah, I'm surprised it was still there. Seems like one of the easier ones.

December Contest on 12/3/2017 9:46:13 PM

edit lock

December Contest on 12/3/2017 9:44:28 PM

Is it too late to enter?

If not, could I have prompt 7) An arrogant prick of a man, a godless heathen, but not quite an outright cunt, you find yourself on the periphery of hell. True to your nature, the only reasonable option left is to kill the god of the underworld and fight your way to FREEDOM!