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Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago
Find me storygame references to:


I dunno why, I'm just kind of hungry I guess. These must be published storygames and you have a week. You get a comm for participation and whoever finds the most gets 40 points. Be prepared to cite the location (storygame, page, paragraph) in detail or it doesn't count.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago

I feel like scum. It feels like cheating. Time to jog my memory a bit. I'll be impressed if someone finds 11. (Please don't, I wanna have a new shiny expert scrivener title)

The book of vanishing tales

  • The last item is a dark glass bottle of perfume in the shape of a rocking horse with one red hoof. You are sure the Empress has many fine perfumes, but this is a one-of-a-kind signature scent, "Scarlet Hoof," made by the perfumer Callius before his death. Supposedly safe to wear around horses without disturbing them, it's an exotic blend of woody oils, apple, horse sweat, amber, and elevated florals. The proprietor offers some further juicy details: Callius actually designed the perfume for the Empress herself, but the two had a falling out before he could present it at her birthday, and instead he met an untimely end by the claws of one of her tigers.
  • Buying a gift for the Empress

The butter bear. Counts twice as it's apple pie

  • She answered, and soon they were chatting away like old friends about how pretty the autumn leaves were and how they'd both love a slice of apple pie right now. "Or a piece of warm bread," the Bear added. "I always have some butter!" And he wiped a little form his hairy head with one hairy finger, and stuck it right in his mouth! "Deee-licious!" he burbled.
  • "Yes I was, Mr. Bear!"

Forgot about all those animal stories: The Cat and the Crow

  • "John?" An elderly woman came in, holding a basket with vegetables fresh from the market. "Ah, and the cat is here too." She set her things on the kitchen counter and unwrapped the bread from its cloth. There was a slice of cheese, too. Mrs. Manson added in a cup of milk and passed to her husband the breakfast.
  • Back to Mr. Manson's.

Another one from Mara The Capi's Band & the Missing Instruments

  • The kitchen is small and spotless with beautifully painted pots of thousands of colours, full of carnations and aromatic plants.
    The big red iron kettle makes a nice noise, and the milk chocolate and cinnamon boil happily as Madame Coon stirs them with a large wooden spoon.
  • Warmth

Silver Horn, Silver Hooves - your own game lol

  • When you relate your thoughts to the little spirit it only laughs at you. 'I will be a fat tabby drinking milk from a saucer in this very spot, before the children born today of the men with the axes are old enough to swing axes of their own.'
  • His problems are not yours, and he nearly killed you, after all.

The ballad of the orchard

  • The meeting
  • You've done this for a thousand years

    Pears, apples, cherries, and plums

    Your only purpose, to serve the fruits

    But it is lonely, nobody ever comes

The pie

  • Page 1: the pie
  • They all wander around, asking you your opinions of things, but do you care?  Meh, not really.  Another sound catches your ears.  And from out of some random chamber comes a short girl with orange hair. 

    "Ah, my cherry pie," you say as you kiss her on the forehead.

A Tale of Farms and Fairs

  • Page 2
  • You consider this. You love the little Nigerian Dwarf goats, meant for milk. With a Nigerian Dwarf, you can also have baby goats. You could also get a Boer [pronounced BO-ur] goat, considered a meat goat. You could sell your Boer. You can't sell your Nigerian Dwarf, but you could sell their milk.

The price of freedom innocence lost 

  • Chapter 7: The Sting of the Whip
  • Eventually, he takes the apple, seeming almost reluctant about it. When you nod to indicate that you want him to have it though, Zeru finally takes a bite. After finishing his mouthful, Zeru gives you a single word of approval. "Good," is all he says to show his gratitude.

The Duke of Winslow

  • Page: Read the letter again
  • Paragraph: Oh help us all, the mother's milk, I hear the voices sing to me, the elder gods, their song.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago
I'll duel you for double or nothing

EDIT: Also, what is Duke of Winslow? Never read it. Sounds gay

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago
I'm happy to provide a prompt. The Thunderdome has been shuttered for too long.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago

Do you really want to win twice? 

I'll duel you after the contest is over, might as well

Edit: you don't have to honestly. Tbf you've stomached through the werewolf story and the time travel one, you kinda deserve a break. Btw. In my next story you'll have a cameo too. Common courtesy.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago
1. Storygame: Elvis At The Beauty Contest
Page: Madame Coon prepares everything for the party.
Paragraph: Whistling a song Madame Coon mixes the ice cream, milk, a splash of potent vanilla from a little brown bottle, and a pinch of salt in the blender. She really wants to taste the milkshake, but she knows she has to wait for her friends to come.

2. Storygame: Red Fools
Page: Passive Plan
Paragraph: " yellow idiots." the janitor says, pulling an apple from his pocket. You and Rodney are in silent amazement. The apple has a face and mouth like you and him.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago
Makes perfect sense.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago
mod does not live on storygame alone.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago

I found one of each!

Apple: True Life
Page Title: Mr. Andrew Richardson (the first page)
"Your eyes turn to your overseer. In this case, it’s not your cunt of an editor, Mr. Washborn. That’s mister, and don’t you forget it. It’s never Hiya Jerry, howya doin? Good weekend with the kids? Fuck no. It’s Good morning, Mr. Washborn. Yes sir, Mr. Washborn. Ha ha, very good, Mr. Washborn. You gotta play ball, and at the Sterling Press there are plenty of up-and-comers, minor league players, who want a shot at the majors. Nothing more American than analogies regarding the ol pastime. It’s right up there with apple pie and a bottle of Bud."

Pie: A Story of Love, Death, and Eggs
Page Title: The Cake is a Pie
"They smile wide and whip their arm around, splatting a pie right in your face. It hurt for a second, with pie going in every face hole, but then it tasted really good."

Milk: Surviving Pre-School
Page Title: To Kiddie "School"
"Your eyes bolt awake. You remember that place called "school." It is a horrible, evil place! There are other crying babies there. There are no instructions, you just get in trouble for everything. And worst of all, there's no mommy there and that means no milk for you! You start crying as you think about the horror that you're going to have to suffer at the hands of those silly non-milk producing non-mommies."

For anyone who wants a commendation but don't know where to start, here's a hint: there's a mention of apple in Spell of Slumber. It's somewhere in the chapter titled The Solar Kingdoms.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago
Commended by EndMaster on 9/4/2023 12:47:15 AM



And it's the only one that came to mind immediately. Not bothering to look for anything else since I don't need to and Darius already killed the original intent of the thread by being an overachiever who couldn't keep his dick licker shut long enough for others to guess.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago

What was the intent other than a little busy work? It did make me read some new stories I guess.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago

I dunno, I just felt like calling you a dick licker.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago
Commended by EndMaster on 9/4/2023 1:34:06 AM

Love SICK, in 'bide your time and invite them in'.

“We really don’t require anything."
“But I insist!” you say a little intimidatingly.
“Erm…okay I guess milk or water would be fine.”
“Great! I’ll be right back!” you say and head to the kitchen.

You sure wish they drank something a lot darker, because its gonna be a bitch trying to mix pills in the shit without it being noticable. You check the fridge and fortunately sis remembered to get milk, you can work with that somewhat. You take some pills out of your pockets and mix it in the milk good, then you return and urge them to drink.

“Mm, this milk tastes…different.”
“Yeah, its goat’s milk, so what were you saying about Joseph Smith?”


It's a Boy, in 'he had to slay the second wolf'.

The wolf paused for a brief second before answering. The almost casual tone of his voice made it look like as if he was talking about milking the cows than threatening someone.


This doesn't qualify due to being unpublished, but I did find this mildly amusing description while searching.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago

Lol, I can't believe I forgot that one from Love SICK. Thanks.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago
I forgot all about this thread. Darius wins, obviously. I'll give out points and comms when I get home.

And clearly we need something more challenging for next time.

Sunday Night Scavenger Hunt

10 months ago

I like that the food in particular symbolized the daughters (Milk for Cricket and Apples for Thara)