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Walkthrough for The Poem

8 years ago

Are you confused by what the poem is telling you? Don't worry, everyone has been. Here I'll explain how to solve the puzzle.

Poem 1

Hint 1- You are looking for "a hidden note", as is said in the first part of the poem. It's a secret message!
Hint 2- The top part is the key, the bottom part is the message
Hint 3- Look at the rhyme scheme of the poem...

Solution- When you write out the rhyme scheme for  the top, you get all 26 letters. Then you find which ones rhyme in the bottom, and discover the hidden message. LOOKINTHELIGHTER

Poem 2

Hint 1- Try a similar process of Poem 1
Hint 2- If you discovered he language, it is Latin. (You can just google it, but the basic terms are pretty easy to see just from looking at it. Negativa, quadratae formula, etc.
Hint 3- You use the quadratic formula

Solution- The numbers are Roman Numerals, and will be: x^2-6x-391. When you perform the quadratic formula, you get 23 and a different number that is negative. On the box, it says: Non est negativa, or not a negative in latin. The Rug just says "this is the key, referring to the latin language. Of course, you enter the answer as XXIII because the question started with Roman Numerals.


Poem 3

Hint 1- Yes, it has the basic elements of the first one, just a bit different
Hint 2- The "the letter is" lines should be taken literally
Hint 3- Look at first letters of the lines

Solution- You look at the poem provided, and find where it rhymes with the original key from Poem 1. Then, look at the beginning of the lines, the first letter that is, and that is your letter  for the  line. BEHINDPAINTING will be your answer.



Poem 4

Hint 1- Look at the last lines
Hint 2-  Look for mistakes
Hint 3- The ls is actually LS, not IS

Solution- When you find all of the added  letters, you will discover the solution: HELIOS



Poem 5

Hint 1- It is a simple math problem
Hint 2- You need the answer to the second puzzle
Hint 3- You do as the poem says

Solution- Do the simple math and discover you must add NEGATIVETWO


I hope this helped!

Walkthrough for The Poem

6 years ago

Well, thanks for posting the walkthrough. But it still doesn't really help.

Can you please elaborate on how you get the solution to the first riddle based on the rhyme scheme of the top and bottom part of the poem in more detail?


Walkthrough for The Poem

6 years ago
Since this thread is over a year old, and he hasn't logged on since April of 2016, and iirc is actually banned...probably not?

Walkthrough for The Poem

6 years ago

Ah, I see, too bad then. Because I just can't seem to match HIS answer with the rhyme scheme. wink

Walkthrough for The Poem

6 years ago

So, none of the lines in the top poem rhyme at all. Therefore, trying to apply a "rhyme scheme" to the 26-line poem would just get you the letters A through Z, all in a row. The intent was that you'd then go through each line in the bottom poem and see which line rhymes with which from the top poem. The bottom's first line rhymes with the top's twelfth (the "L" of the rhyme scheme), and so on.

Walkthrough for The Poem

6 years ago

Ah great! I'm most thankful that you helped me solve this riddle that was giving me a headache! If I could give you thumbs up or send free virtue coins I'll be grateful to do so! laughyesyes